How to Get New Clients in Salon in 2023

Whether you’re a new business or an established salon, you’re probably wondering how to get new clients in a salon. Gaining loyal clients should undoubtedly be a crucial part of your marketing strategy, but to keep your business growing, you need to consistently attract new clients.

How to increase salon clientele can feel really overwhelming. Thankfully, successful and effective salon marketing ideas don’t need to be complicated or expensive. With a few clever tactics and well thought out execution you can focus your efforts on building clientele and how to make your salon business grow.

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In this article you will learn how to get new clients as a hairstylist, and some truly effective beauty salon advertising ideas. To find out more, keep reading.

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How To Make Your Salon Business Grow


Growing your business doesn’t just boil down to one thing. A number of different factors influence how well your salon does and how to get your salon noticed. If you’re wondering how to get clients back into the salon, it’s essential you carefully consider customer experience, creativity, hygiene and how well what you’re offering matches the local area.

If you’re curious how to get the types of clients in a salon that you need for your business to thrive, keep reading for some helpful, actionable tips and tricks.

How To Get New Clients As a hairstylist

  • 1. Contact Your Old Clients

    If you want to know how to get clients back into the salon, a great place to start is your old contact lists. Communication is a key component to running a successful business. Even if your client hasn’t visited your salon in a really long time, they still know you — they once trusted you with their precious hair!

  • 2. Google My Business

    To increase your salon's marketing potential, make sure you’re keeping the company’s Google My Business up-to-date. This means when someone Googles your salon, they’ll immediately access your contact details, which means they can book in with you easily and quickly.

  • 3. Hand Out Leaflets And Business Cards

    If you’re wondering how to get clients in a new salon one of the best things you can do is hand out leaflets and business cards. Though you might think focussing on social media is the most effective approach, there’s something personal about receiving a leaflet or business card — especially if you're a new business.

  • 4. Post on Forums Online

    Joining sites like gives you a chance to get to know potential clients in your local area. You can interact directly with people and the forum is small enough for you to make a meaningful connection. If you’re looking for fresh ways to get new clients in your salon, this could be it.

  • 5. Add Your Business to Local Business Directories

    Sit’es such as and Bing for Business might now seem as important as Google, but when you need to attract new clients, being visible should be your main focus. This will help potential clients find you and the fact that they see you everywhere will work in your favor too.

  • 6. Add to Market Places Where You Pay a Success Fee For a New Appointment

    Online offerings such as Zolmi, Booksy, Styleseat, Treatwell (in Europe), Bookwell (Australia) can be an incredibly cost effective way to get the word out about your business. They do take a fee if someone books an appointment through them, but they are generally at the top of Google for all salon search related keywords that people use, so it’s worth it.

  • 7. Visit Local Businesses

    Running a salon means you run a social business. You and your staff members are constantly striking up conversations with strangers, so why not extend that to the other local businesses in your area? You will get to know the employees (and maybe offer them a ‘staff’ discount) and get to know the customers that visit the business.

  • 8. Maximize Referrals

    A marketing and PR trick that’s as old as time, word of mouth is pretty priceless advertising. Offer your family and friends a discount if they encourage people to book an appointment with you. The more people speak positively about your business, the better.

  • 9. Checkout Google to Find Blog Writers

    Blog writers always need new things to write about. If you find a local blog that writes about hair salons, reach out and let your presence be known! They could add you to their list and you could end up getting free press.

  • 10. Use Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts Thoughtfully

    As well as posting beautiful images that show off your brand, you can use your social channels to directly interact with new and potential clients. Make it personal though — if it sounds like you’re a chatbot people won’t like it.

  • 11. Check Forums Such as Reddit And Quora

    Always check forums and answer questions if people are looking for a salon in your area. Suggest your salon and you could also offer an exclusive, one-off discount if you’re wondering how to get more clients in a salon.

  • 12. Join Local Facebook Groups

    Local expats groups or mothers groups on Facebook are a great way to tap into a new bunch of clients. Build-up relatiopnships and put a face behind your brand's name by being personabable and not too salsy online.

  • 13. Use Geo-Location Targeting For Ads On

    As much as you may aspire to be a global business, when targeting a local market, you only need a local audience. Geo-locate your Facebook, Instagram and Google ads within two miles of your salon — this will stop you from wasting unnecessary money on clients that are never going to travel to your salon.



Attracting new clients (and retaining them) doesn’t need to take up all of your time and money. Execute any of the above ideas to boost your business and make your salon a whole lot busier.


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