Hair Stylist Bio Examples

Whether you’re a salon owner with years of experience or just starting to work with professional hair stylists, a hair stylist bio is something that you’ll need to deliver well.

It will establish their relationship with clients from day one. In fact, writing a hair stylist bio is one of your most powerful salon marketing tactics.

This is more than a hair stylist introduction. It gives valuable insight into who each stylist is, their salon background, aesthetic and professional style, as well as what makes them unique.

In today’s increasingly digital world, people look for both information and a sense of connection online before booking an appointment with a hairstylist.

Crafting the best hair stylist bio ideas with a professional and personal touch is the best way to start and keep your salon relevant.

What You Will Learn

We’ll go over some ideas, how to write a hairdresser bio for website or in-house use, hair stylist biography samples to get you started and the do’s and don’ts of these biographies.

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Why Stylists’ Bios Are Important?


Let’s face it. People care deeply about who they receive services from, especially something as intimate as a cut or hair color treatment.

Most people will make sure that every salon is right for them before dropping in on the day of their appointment. One way that they do this is by checking the salon business website to see the stylists’ biographies.

If new clients love what they see, they’re more likely to make an appointment and get that cut or color change they’ve been wanting. You should definitely consider adding stylist bios to your social media if you are opening a new salon.

How to Write a Hair Stylist Bio?


So, you’ve been searching online for hair stylist bios samples and a good template, but you’re not quite sure how to make it work for your staff?

Don’t worry. Including the right information and ideas in each new biography isn’t as hard as it seems.

Here are some tips to help make every biography look professional and keep those personal, special touches you’ll want to include:

Know Your Audience: Understanding the people you want to attract as your client base helps you use the right tone. Is your ideal client casual and trendy or older and professional? Make sure to include this tone in your writing.

Adjust to the Platform: A salon stylist biography can look different depending on where you will post it. On the salon website, for example, you would have more written details than on social media.

For a professional business plan, you’ll need to know more information about their years of industry experience and why their services will make your business special or profitable.

Be Personal: They’re not just a staff name or their services- they’re a potential relationship. Adding personal touches will help a client feel connected to the stylists and their bios. What is a hair stylist quote, if not a great way to add that special something.

Make the content relatable so that they feel tempted to get to know this person.

Highlight Experience and Achievements: You’ll want to include a list of special achievements and years of experience for your salon staff. This helps you get the trust of a potential client and increases confidence in your hair salon because they know that the person working on them is “a cut above” (pardon the pun).

Emphasize Specialities: Especially true if you’re making biographies for several stylists. It makes the choice easier. Does someone offer scalp massage, for example? What about specializing in certain styles?

Avoid identical bios- your staff should be working to complement each other. Make sure their bios change it up and don’t compete for the same work.

Keep It Short: When it comes to writing a great bio that will get you bookings, keep it short so that clients will actually read it.

Include Stylist’s Photo: Your staff are great people, so you’ll want to start including a professionally made, welcoming photo beside each name, every time. This gives clients a good first impression.

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Hair Stylist Bio Examples


How would you describe a hair stylist? If you’re solo, you might be asking instead “how do I sell myself as a hairstylist?”

If you’re still searching for that perfect free hair stylist bio template or sample hair stylist bio resume sample, we’ve put together some tips in this list to help you get started on creating a working template for your own salon and team.

Your business and clients might be different from any other salon in your area, so feel free to change it up and add your own unique touches to help you stand out.

Website Hair Stylist Bio

Your salon business website should always have an easy-to-find section with content about each professional hair stylist bio for website use. This is an opportunity to expand upon each stylist’s years of experience or specialities.

You’ll need to include some photos of their most eye-catching work and may give additional details about them. Name-dropping never hurts in these cases, if you know that they’ve had well-known clients or high-profile jobs.

“Kate has been working in our salon since the very opening. Besides being the kindest person, she’s also an incredibly talented colorist, who won several competitions in the last few years. Passionate in her work, she remains curious about everything new, from techniques and materials to today’s trends and fashionable colours. Getting in her chair you can be sure to get the perfect, head-turning result but also a conversation that will leave you with a smile for the rest of the day!”

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Instagram Hair Stylist Bio

This platform is a great source of free advertising, especially because clients can view a salon business and its portfolio quickly and easily.

To keep hair stylist bio examples Instagram friendly, make your descriptions brief but informative.

Instagram hair stylist bio
Instagram Hair Stylist Bio

Salon Marketplace Bio

This is basically a directory to help each person find the right salon/ stylists in an area.

You may want to include a lot, but keep in mind that multiple salons and people come up in a single search, so you’ll need to be “a cut above” the others. Keep it easy to read and try to stand out.

“Hi, I’m Derek, and I’m a Master Hair Stylist in the Salon in the City with 12+ years of experience in the industry. I use the skills and knowledge I gathered and continue to update through multiple hair courses every year to create unique hairstyles for my unique clients. I believe that hair is a perfect way of expressing ourselves that has no right to be ignored. I’m here to help you recreate your vision or to help finally find the style that is just unapologetically your own. So click the booking button above and let’s start this exciting journey!”

Salon marketplace bio
Salon Marketplace Bio

Fun Hair Stylist Bio

This is an “about me” hair stylist biography with personal touches that help you connect with clients.

“Hi, I’m Jane and I’m going to know your hair better than you do. We may even talk behind your back, but only the nice things (if you promise no more box dye!). I’ve always loved working with hair and I’m happy that my passion became a living and my way of making people happy. I especially love doing event hairstyles (cause who wouldn’t want their work to end up on thousands of pictures, right?) and creative haircuts - helping my clients express themselves through hair. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find your perfect style!”

Fun hair stylist bio
Fun Hair Stylist Bio

Solo Hair Stylist Bio

This hairdresser profile can focus on your years worked as well as your special skills.

“Hi, I’m Brian. I finished Saratoga Hair Academy in 2007 and have been working with hair ever since. I’m fascinated how my work can completely change not just how people look but also how they feel about themselves. Therefore, I constantly work on improving my skills, learning new techniques, experimenting and keeping myself up to date with current trends. I’ve worked with all types of hair, I enjoy doing different haircuts and the process of finding client’s own style. Though, through the years of my work curls became my most well-known speciality. If you’ve always dreamt of going curly or struggling to embrace your natural curls, just give me a call!”

Solo hair stylist bio
Solo Hair Stylist Bio

New Hair Stylist Bio

This is your chance to highlight what they bring to the salon and why clients love them. Try to include an engaging photo as well as playing up their skills.

“Julia just joined our Salon this summer as a trainee, but we can’t be more impressed with her growth. An excellent student of Royal Hair Academy, she continued to perfect her skills here, already gathering her own loyal clientele. This comes as no surprise - you can’t spend an hour in her chair and not be charmed. Passionate about music, her two dogs, and a million other things she can lure anyone into a joyful conversation and have a laugh while her hands are busy with some hair magic.”

New hair stylist bio
New Hair Stylist Bio

Salon Manager Bio

Be professional, but still keep it approachable and friendly. Mention your time in the industry and the skills/ knowledge you’ve acquired, as well as the vision you have for your salon.

“Running the daily operations in the Salon for 7 years now, Marta is the center of our salon’s life making sure each customer receives an absolutely marvelous experience. Having more than 20 years of experience, finishing multiple training programs, and winning quite a few awards, Marta is passionate about bringing the Salon to the top of the industry. Besides providing training and sharing her knowledge with our staff, she also works behind the chair specializing in complicated hair coloring techniques. Outside of the salon, Marta is devoting her time to her family and her multiple hobbies, like hiking and watercolor painting.“

Salon manager bio
Salon Manager Bio

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Top Hair Stylist Bio Examples


When it comes to hair stylist bio examples, Facebook can be helpful, but so can checking out some of our favorite famous stylists.

Why not start with a celebrity hair stylist bio? Clients love them, and their own bios may give you some insight into your own writing.

• Jen Atkin: The New York Times called her “the most influential stylist in the world.” Jen has over 1.5 million followers on social media and spends her time as an author, innovator and celebrity hairstylist.

Jen Atkin bio
Jen Atkin bio



• Chris McMillan: With over 30 years as a stylist, he created the iconic style that Rachel wore in Friends. Among others, his clients have included Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts.

Chris McMillan bio
Chris McMillan Bio



• Kimberly Kimble: Kim is well known for having clients like Halle Berry, Brandy and Beyoncé. She runs Epiphany Hair Studio salon in West Hollywood and created the K2 BeautyTM product line.

Kimberly Kimble bio
Kimberly Kimble Bio



• Ted Gibson: Having been featured in Vogue, Allure, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, People, Vanity Fair, People, and StyleWatch, Ted is well-known among celebrities and backstage at fashion shows.

Ted Gibson bio
Ted Gibson Bio



• Ahn Co Tran: Located in L.A., Tran also works as the Global Creative Director for the Milbon product line. With clients such as Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, and Emily Ratajkowski, Tran focuses on creative styles and natural-looking lines.

Ahn Co Tran bio
Ahn Co Tran Bio





Stylists are all unique, and that’s why you need to write the right biography for each one.

Even with a hair stylist resume sample to work from, it’s not always easy to get the right information or tone across. When in doubt, keep it brief and easy to read. Try your best to keep everything relatable.

Creating the perfect hair stylist bio isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort. Just do your research ahead of time, know your audience, and you’ll be ready for success.


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