Hair Salon Websites Awards 2023

The best hair salon websites combine a unique look with high quality content, attracting clients and becoming the face of your salon’s online presence. We’ve put together our top website designs from this year, using a variety of criteria. We hope that you get some design inspiration!

What You Will Learn

We’ll look at our top hair salon website designs, and what makes each one special. We’ll also go over the criteria that we used to pick the best salon website designs.

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Hair Salon Websites Awards Credential


So, how did we get the results?

We looked at over 1,500 websites across the United States in the month of December 2021. We then chose our winners based on a number of hair salon website design, content and usability criteria.

Mobile Friendly

Does the website work well on mobile phones?

Odds are, you might be reading this on your phone, right now. The best salon websites are easy to navigate on both your computer and your phone.

In March 2021, Google started to check websites for their mobile version first and if they failed this check, it would be more difficult for them to show up high on the Google results.


Does the website have SSL security?

People are taking security more seriously these days, and in August 2014 Google also adapted their ranking algorithm to include checking whether or not each website had a padlock in the browser (SSL for tech-savvy people).

This encrypted link between each server and the site’s visitors helps to protect data, making it hard for others to access sensitive personal information such as people’s names, passwords or credit card numbers.


Does the website load quickly?

In November 2021, Google introduced the Page Speed Update to ensure that users had a better browsing experience.

As a part of this, they added page speed into their algorithm….so, what does this mean/ Simply put, having a slower website makes it harder for you to get noticed on Google.


How easy is the website to use?

Clients want to get what they are looking for quickly and easily without having to click on everything to find it. When looking across 1,500 different websites we looked for clear navigation, and our top hair salon websites are the ones with user-friendly features.

Please also read our post on How to Choose Color for Salon Website.

hair salon quality checklist
Hair Salon Website Quality Checklist

Online Booking

Was online booking available to website visitors?

Clients love being able to book services and appointments themselves at salons without having to pick up the phone. A large percentage of bookings are made online, these days, with both new clients and existing ones preferring how simple and convenient this is.

Make it very easy to book an appointment online and give visitors clear direction on how to do this (ideally, with a “book now” call to action button to tempt them).

Showing Customer Reviews

Do you have a section for showcasing client feedback?

A hair salon website should include a section for client reviews and testimonials.This provides helpful information for new visitors who are considering your services. It also increases your SEO and findability, especially if it links to your Google business page.

Staff Bios

Does the page include a section with relevant, easy-to-read staff information?

Having a section that showcases the talents of your team of stylists and staff is crucial, especially because potential customers are looking for the right “fit” in terms of services and personality.

It’s important to keep it relatively brief, engaging and informative, so that they know who to look for when booking specific services. This helps to establish a personal relationship with visitors, before they even enter the salon.

Best Hair Salon Websites in 2022


Here go our top pick for the best salon website in the US:

Best Hair Salon Chain Website


LookAfter has gone above and beyond to create salon website features with a beautiful, user friendly appearance and bright colors that catch your eye right away.

The site is incredibly easy to navigate with links to find locations and book services quickly. They even include a button to download their mobile app right on the front page.

The simple three-color style and clever salon marketing (they showcase promotions and even career opportunities) is perfectly in line with the modern and well-rounded theme of the salon. We’re very impressed!

Best Franchise Chain

Blo Blow Dry Bar
Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar takes the prize for this one. Their beautiful pink and white site is the height of modern, luxurious sophistication.

With an easy-to-navigate menu for hair and beauty services, this site makes the most of its image gallery. Simple photos provide design inspiration for customers looking to book their bridal event (or who just want to feel gorgeous), combined with a mobile-friendly layout.

Best Multi-Location Site

Urban Evolution
Urban Evolution

Urban Evolution does a great job organizing its Virginia Highlands and West Cobb salons on a single site, with easy-to-find contact information and informative staff bios.

They use a sleek top-menu with a “book now” button for both hair salons that’s easy to find, and a clean and modern design that highlights their menu and services.

Honorable Mention

Black Salon makes booking at their Corktown or Royal Oak salon locations incredibly easy, with pop-up buttons and fast loading speeds as soon as you visit the site. Their salon booking website makes creating an account fast and convenient.

Large Salon (15+ Staff)

Rinsed Salon
Rinsed Salon

Rinsed Salon’s web design is also larger than life, with bright and beautiful images that greet visitors the moment the page opens.

They definitely showcase the beautiful and spacious interior of their location and highlight client reviews in large, bold text. In spite of the amount of images, the page loads quickly, making it easy to access.

Honorable Mention

The theme of Sampoo Avenue B salon website is very clean and modern, with a top menu that drops down to reveal a wealth of booking, service and staff information, as well as a handy section for promotions and reviews.


Back the Salon website is not only easy to use, but it looks great. The images emphasize the spacious salon interiors, and the page looks great on both your computer and mobile device.

Fringe Chicago Salon has a gorgeous website that promotes its products and team front and center. It’s easy to navigate and takes care to include reviews in large, bold text that’s easy to spot.

Medium Salon (10+ Staff)

Union Hair Parlor
Union Hair Parlor

We’re loving the way that Union Hair Parlor works hard to make everyone feel welcome. From the moment that you click on the page, there’s no doubt that inclusivity is part of their salon brand and values.

The simple top menu is well organized, with detailed sections for salon services, products and staff bios. This provides some great inspiration for salons looking for a user-friendly layout.

Small Salon

SISU hair salon
SISU hair salon

Not all salons are huge, but that doesn’t stop them from having a big presence online. SISU hair salon puts everything that you need in a one page website, with more information on booking and policies in a side menu that’s easy to use.

They work hard to promote their salon brand by introducing their team, client reviews and Instagram images as you scroll down.

Amazing Hair Stylist Site

Tori Did That
Tori Did That

Tori Did That is a masterwork in salon web design, integrating images and buttons against a warm brown and white background.

Everything on this salon website is easy to access and works well on both your computer and your mobile phone. Bonus points for putting Google Business reviews right at the bottom of the page.

Best Hair Extensions

Angelo David Salon
Angelo David Salon

Angelo David Salon in New York has a hair salon website that showcases the brand’s media presence. With drop-down menus to make it easy to access what you’re looking for, the main focus of the page is clearly the salon branding and media attention.

A scheduling button allows new and existing clients to book services quickly, but I would definitely not call this salon site “simple.” As far as hair salon website ideas go, this one is information and content rich.

Honorable Mentions

Extology salon
Extology Salon

Extology salon’s website is informative and easy to navigate, with multiple appointment booking buttons at the bottom and on the top menu. They also have a fantastic FAQ section.

Amoy Couture Hair’s salon
Amoy Couture Hair’s salon

We love the clean and glamorous look of Amoy Couture Hair’s salon website. The design is well-organized, but not cluttered and features links to their Google and Yelp reviews.

Salon 718’s website is bold and very visual, with videos as well as images. It was a bit slower to load, but definitely impressive overall.

Best Braiding Salon

Studio 27
Studio 27

Studio 27’s sleek and modern salon website makes it both a pleasure to look at and easy to navigate. Right from the start, they show that they care by providing salon clients with straightforward data sharing and privacy options in a banner menu.

This hair salon’s large portrait images and drop-down menus help to showcase the stylists’ work and the salon services offered. A side menu pops out to display salon hours and appointment booking options.

Naza Beauty
Naza Beauty


Naza Beauty has a salon website that’s not to be missed- it looks awesome and puts the focus right onto client services and the features (like handmade drinks and charger outlets at each station” that make this salon stand out.

Best Asian Run Salon

Beleco hair salon
Beleco Hair Salon

“Artistic” would be a great word to describe Beleco hair salon’s website design, with a bright and hip portrait greeting you on an otherwise black and white website, with a lot of portrait art and clean, bold text in the background.

The salon website loads quickly on both computers and mobile devices, and scales well to fit your phone screen. Their salon owner and staff profiles take center stage for a personal touch.

Honorable Mentions

Aube Hair Salon
Aube Hair Salon

Aube Hair Salon has a dynamic website design with shifting images framed by an easy-to-use top menu. Their staff bios are detailed, and the page includes an accessibility widget.

Lotte Hair Salon has a very informative website which centers their pricing menu and makes it very straightforward to find what you need right away. Combining this with some gorgeous salon images, this is definitely a design that stands out.

Best Black Owned Salon

Studio 27
Studio 27

Studio 27 has to take the award for this one, too. Their informative header and portraits featuring different salon models, styles and techniques makes this salon website design both a work of art and a great resource.

The About menu emphasizes their salon credentials, awards and the tools they use, making it easy to have confidence that your hair is in good hands.

Honorable Mentions

Strut Salon has a clean look without any clutter and a handy top menu that includes gift card purchasing options and a salon policies section. It looks as good on your mobile device as it does on your laptop.

We love the way that Natural Styles by Lisa’s salon site organized it’s “Book Now” options into different customer-friendly categories.

The Beauty Lounge’s salon website goes out of its way to introduce its talented staff and link you to salons social media pages. The top menu even includes an “Education” section.

Best Hairstylist Website

Justine Marjan
Justine Marjan

This site is the epitome of a “Warm and Stylish” theme, with flowing text, a minimalist top menu and tons of images to provide inspiration.

Justine Marjan uses portraits and bright visuals as buttons that you can click on for free tutorials or information to help you- she fuses the theme of hair styling with her own blog posts about motherhood and pregnancy, creating something new and refreshing.

Honorable Mention

This informative and modern Chris McMillan Salon website has buttons that link to the iconic stylist’s social media, a straightforward scroll-down format and fast loading speeds. The salon also features some great staff bios for stylists and colorists.

Best Overall Website

Tori Did That
Tori Did That

Out of all of the salon website designs that we looked at, this one was definitely the all-around best. Along with being simple and elegant, Tori Did That is user-friendly and ultimately very engaging.

Don’t let it’s simplistic style fool you: this site has a portfolio of gorgeous images, along with a great menu of services and an FAQ section which all load quickly and are easy to read on any device.

Each individual salon service has a button to “Book Now”, along with contact information at the bottom of the page, showing that client’s access is a priority.

Coolest Curly Hair Salon Website

Faith in Curls
Faith in Curls

Faith in Curls is a great, informative salon website for anyone looking for help with their curly hair. They go a long way to promote their brand with many, diverse hair images and a helpful menu that’s highly visual.

If we had one criticism to offer, it would be that their salon site scrolls amazingly well on a mobile phone but the text for each menu shows up disproportionately small on a computer screen. Overall, though- it’s a great website.

Best Staff Profiles

Urban evolution Salon
Urban Evolution Salon

Urban evolution Salon goes above and beyond to showcase both the talents of the salon’s staff, as well as their personal side.

With great descriptions of their professional credentials, this website works well for those looking to find the right match for their hair type and services. They also have an innovative and engaging Q & A section with fun facts to help visitors get to know them as people.

Best Product Merchandising

Salon Ziba
Salon Ziba

Salon Ziba’s Shop section has a searchable side menu with helpful categories to sort and filter products. They make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The design is clean and elegant, with images for each item against a white background, style guides and “Quick View” options for products.

One thing that we struggled with was the page speed- it failed to load on the first try, so we needed to deduct some points there.

Best New Client Information

Metropolis Salon
Metropolis Salon

As soon as you click on Metropolis Salon website, a special offer for new clients gives you helpful information about the color, extension and treatment promotions and invites you to book an appointment.

This is one of the best hair salon website examples of this that we’ve seen. The button for new client services takes you to a detailed and engaging page designed to help you find the right information quickly.

Honorable Mention:

Salon De La Paz
Salon De La Paz

Best Children’s Salon Website

Bubble Cuts
Bubble Cuts

The cute front page, kid-friendly cartoon graphics and client reviews featured on Bubble Cuts salon website design are perfectly in keeping with the theme of their business.

The social media buttons at the top of the page help you to find and follow them online, which is a wonderful touch.

And here are some Honorable Mentions for the category:

Best e-Commerce Integration

Salon West
Salon West

Salon West has an innovative website design with a great shopping section for products and gift cards. Their gift card packages (complete with buttons) make buying for yourself or a friend easy.

Their cart and checkout process is smooth and straightforward to access, and they provide secure payment options for credit cards via Authorize.Net. We’re impressed!

Best Salon Website for Inclusion Information


Hairari is a gender-neutral barbershop with a website designed to make you feel welcome. Their “About” section has a fun and bright image selection that goes along with this theme.

Hairari about
Hairari "About"

The design and information is free from gendered terms, mentions their charity work and encourages you to check out the salon staff bios to find the best fit for you.

And here are some Honorable Mentions:

Ginger Salon
Ginger Salon

Best for Hair Color

Hermosa Salon
Hermosa Salon

Hermosa Salon has a website for hair salon clients who are passionate about color, or who need help getting their hair just the right shade.

Their staff bios and product lines are all geared towards colored hair, and they have their website set up in a scroll-down format with all the information you need in one place.

Top Organic Salon Website

Inspire Salon
Inspire Salon

The color palette of Inspire Salon webpage is perfectly on theme with a green and enviro-friendly salon. Inspire Salon’s web design features a lot of helpful information, including customer reviews and a section where you can subscribe to their free newsletter or link to their social media.

Honorable Mention: Jaide Salon

Special Award- To Drive Inclusion in Hairdressing

Strands for trans
Strands for Trans

We want to take a moment to acknowledge how truly amazing Strands For Trans salon website is, for several reasons. The design of the site goes out of its way to center the clients’ experiences, with images of their work, coupled with testimonial quotes.

The black background helps highlight these images and the support buttons, where stylists can download free resources to make their salon space more inclusive. It looks great, loads quickly and is an inspiration.



Whether you need some inspiration to fill out your own hair stylist website templates, or you’re trying to find a way to refresh your own salon website, there’s a lot to look at in our list of winners.

It’s not easy to design a unique and eye-catching salon site that stands out from everything else on the web. That’s why we’re even more impressed by the sheer creativity and dedication of each one that we found here.

Salon businesses have a lot of options when it comes to making a website. You can even start by using a free salon website builder and adding your own personal touches along the way.

We hope that these amazing hair salon websites will provide you with some inspiration to make your own salon’s web presence even stronger.


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