Hair Salon Flyer Ideas

Using a hair salon flyer is a great way to attract new customers and give your salon business a boost in the local market- even in the age of social media, it’s important to advertise offline.

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We’ll take a look at the basics of hair salon advertising flyers, explain how the right salon flyer can help you reach new clients, and even provide some templates you can use for inspiration.

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  1. Why Are Hair Salon Flyers Still Useful?
  2. How To Design A Flyer For A Hair Salon
  3. Examples of Hair Salon Flyers
  4. Free Salon Flyer Template
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Why Are Hair Salon Flyers Still Useful?


When so many people look for hair services online, why bother advertising a salon’s business in print instead of just on a screen?

The answer is simple- because it works.

Flyers that arrive in the mail are very likely to be read, and people report revisiting them about 6 times, on average. Pair that with the right hair flyer design to reflect your brand and reach your clients, and it’s more than worth the price of paper.

Of course, it’s important to create professional hair salon flyers (they don’t necessarily need to be professionally designed, but they need to look good). Let’s take a closer look at how to do this.

Hair salon flyers ideas
Hair Salon Flyers Ideas

How To Design A Flyer For A Hair Salon


Whether you’re getting a professionally designed business flyer or creating your own hair salon flyer design, there are a few things to keep in mind. Following these guidelines will help you create professional, eye-catching results.

Here are some tips on how to make a hair salon flyer:

  • Headline- This is what will grab clients’ attention, so make sure to create something that’s not too long, easy to understand and interesting. If you’re having a sale on specific hair services or beauty products, mention it here.
  • Fonts and Logos- Choose a font that reflects your salon’s branding, but make sure it’s easy to read. Don’t forget to include your logo.
  • Layout- It’s all about balance. Make use of blank “white” space to emphasize important text or images, include photos and important information about services, but don’t overcrowd the page. When possible, strive for symmetry.
  • Colors- Whenever possible, create a flyer design that uses your salon’s colors (think about your logo). You can also use a white or neutral background to help text stand out.
  • Audience and Purpose- You can personalize the design a bit for your target market- who are your future clients, and why are you advertising? Once you have an idea of this, it’ll influence the layout and text.
  • Focus- Use larger fonts and photos to draw attention to the most important information, with more details added in smaller fonts. You don’t want to crowd out the main message. Make sure to include a clear call to action (eg. “Call us to make your appointment today”).
  • Dimensions- Your own design doesn’t have to be a perfect rectangle- a hair stylist flyer can be square, elongated or whatever shape you like. The sky’s the limit.

We recommend you to check out our post on hair salon slogans.

Hair salon grand opening
Hair Salon Grand Opening

Examples of Hair Salon Flyers


Here are some examples of hair salon flyer ideas to help you get started. Feel free to take these hair salon flyers samples and get inspired to create your own.

  • Hair Salon Grand Opening Flyer: A grand opening flyer for hair salon promotions is the perfect way to get the word out to the local community.

    By prominently displaying the words “Grand Opening”, hair salon flyers like this create excitement- just be sure to add a call to action and mention the time and place of the event.

  • Back to School Hair Salon Flyers: Depending on your audience, you can use bright colors and school-related images or chic, teen-friendly modern colors and text.

    Back to School Hair Salon Flyers
    Back to School Hair Salon Flyers
  • Black and Gold Hair Salon Flyers: Black hair salon flyers are great for modern salons, especially with gold or colored text. Go with white text for a minimalist look.

    Black and gold hair salon flyers
    Black and Gold Hair Salon Flyers
  • Holiday Special Hair Salon’s Flyer: The beauty of this idea is that you can use this flyer for any holiday- just make sure to change the color scheme and images, and mention any seasonal sales.

    Holiday special hair salon’s flyer
    Holiday Special Hair Salon’s Flyer
  • New Stylist Promo Flyer: Invite clients to come and meet the latest member of your team, especially if they can book services with them for a special price.

    New stylist promo flyer
    New Stylist Promo Flyer
  • Senior’s Discount Salon Flyer: Maybe you have a special “Seniors Discount Day” each week, or maybe you always provide special rates. This is a wonderful way to reach people!

    Senior’s discount salon flyer
    Senior’s Discount Salon Flyer
  • Bridal Hairstyling Flyer: These often feature a list of the most popular bridal hair and beauty services you offer, along with group pricing options. Make sure to include a link to your website.

    Bridal hairstyling flyer
    Bridal Hairstyling Flyer

Pro tip: along with social media links and a website, consider adding a QR code that customers can scan to book an appointment or download a services menu.

Free Salon Flyer Template


Instead of designing your own from scratch, why not use a hair salon flyer template to save some time?

In fact, hair salon flyer templates free you up to focus on other things like the flyer’s target audience and your advertising strategy. To save you some time, we’ve created one that you can download, add to or customize as needed.



Although online advertising is essential for modern hair and beauty salons, this doesn’t mean that they should neglect paper ads and flyers. A professional-looking, interesting flyer is the perfect way to catch people’s attention and bring them in.

Designing a hair salon flyer can be fun, especially if you’re working from existing salon flyer templates and have clear goals in mind when you start.


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