Does My Salon Need a Website in 2023?

If you’re wondering “Does my salon need a website”, the truth is that websites are as necessary for salons today as having your business listed in the yellow pages used to be. Let’s look at why.

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We’ll go over the benefits of having a website for your salon business (or any business, really), as well as how you can make the most out of your online presence and boost your salon brand.

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Why Your Salon Needs a Website


Nowadays, everyone uses search engines like Google to find the products, information and services they’re looking for. Why not take advantage of this and boost your salon’s visibility?

You can give potential clients a chance to get to know you before they book an appointment and even sell some products using your salon’s website. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that having a website can do for you.

Online Presence and Credibility

Having a website lets your salon show up on search engines and provides clients with your business address and contact information. This is the perfect way to get in touch with them and provide valuable information like your salon’s business hours and services offered.

Since so many salon businesses have a website, an online presence will make your own salon seem more modern, trustworthy and generally “in touch” with the latest trends and services.

Client Engagement

A great website will help your clients to reach out to you with questions, give them information about your staff’s specialties, and request more details or a price quote for different specialty services (especially important when clients want to book multiple services or group appointments).

It’s much easier for on-the-go clients to reach out to you online with a message or an email than to wait and call during business hours. If you can get them to engage with your salon online, they’re much more likely to book an appointment.

Competitive Edge

This is your salon’s chance to shine and show potential clients what you offer than sets you apart from the competition. You can include photos of your salon’s interior, staff bios, information about your salon services and reviews from satisfied clients.

All of this will show off your salon’s unique personality and the awesome products and services you offer.

Having a website should definitely be on your salon opening checklist.

How Does a Website Help a Salon?


Generates New Clients

Calls-to-action like “Book Now” buttons and invitations to sign up for the salon newsletter or emailing list are absolutely vital if you want to bring in new clients.

Having these on your salon website takes things to another level and gives people the opportunity to reach out to you and become future (and repeat) clients.

Increases Online Exposure

If your salon has a website, this makes it much easier for potential clients to find your business (and contact information) on Google Maps.

This convenience factor makes it much easier to bring in those all-important new bookings by making your salon business easy to find and contact.

Online Booking

Speaking of bookings, the best salon websites offer online bookings and have a handy “Book Now” button that leads clients to an online booking form.

Since most people will be viewing your website on their mobile phones, offering online bookings lets them make appointments in their own time without having to call. This means that you’ll get even more bookings when you normally wouldn’t have anyone around to answer the phone.

Builds Trust

Aside from the credibility of having a web presence (salons without a website risk looking outdated or hard to reach), a professional-looking website that showcases your brand and gives clients a “feel” for your salon will help you build a relationship with them before they even arrive.

Including details like staff bios, photos and videos gives people a sense of how skilled your stylists are and makes it more likely that they will become excited about booking an appointment with you.

Promotes Seasonal Services

Your salon’s website is the perfect place to showcase seasonal sales, encourage clients to book an appointment during a promotional event, sign up for your mailing list in order to receive a special discount on a service or even promote seasonal products.

Does your salon offer deep conditioning treatments for dry winter scalps or summer highlights? This is the place to build enthusiasm for these services.

Salon Retail Sales

Not only can you promote your retail products online, but you can sell them, too. By offering clients the option to buy your hair and beauty care products online, you make it even more likely that they’ll spend money at your business.

You can also offer product videos (such as how to do an at-home conditioning treatment) and helpful beauty and haircare tips.



Having a professional-looking and easy to use website can make all the difference when it comes to increasing client engagement and promoting your salon’s services.

It’s not hard to get started building your own website. You can hire a designer or be really smart and use a salon website builder.

So, does your salon need a website? If you want to save your customers time, make it easier to find your salon and boost your brand awareness, then the answer is yes.


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