Top 10 Waxing Franchises of 2023

If you are thinking of starting an waxing salon, you need to decide whether to join an waxing franchise or go it alone as an independent hair removal technicial.

Franchises play an important role in the beauty and wellness industry and can be a great way to start your new waxing business.

What You Will Learn

We will learn about the best waxing franchise opportunities, the pros and cons of waxing franchising business and the overall costs.

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  1. Advantage and Disadvantages of Waxing Franchising
  2. How Much Does a Waxing Franchise Cost?
  3. Top 10 Best Waxing Franchise Companies to Work With
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Advantage and Disadvantages of Waxing Franchising


If you want to know if joining one of the best waxing franchise is right for you, it is important to first consider the risks and benefits that waxing business franchise face.

Advantages of Joining Waxing Franchise

Popular Brand. While new waxing studios often have to build brand awareness and customer base from scratch, franchising offers a shortcut to advanced marketing backed by an existing reputation that can be trusted.

Customer Base. Waxing salons that are part of a franchise chain can rely on a name that is familiar to almost every customer. This allows them to reduce initial advertising costs, attract customers at the first service appointment, and bring higher profits and better growth than independent hair removal salons do when they first open.

Business Management Support. Franchisees can expect advice and free assistance in setting up waxing salons, as well as a business network that provides professional development opportunities for management and employees (equipment, training materials, business plans and waxing supplies may also be included in the fee).

Bulk Purchases. One advantage of the franchise business is that there is no need to replenish stock individually. In addition, because the entire franchise network in a region or multiple locations buys in bulk, the total amount charged by the supplier to each hair removal salon when ordering goods is reduced and the price is usually lower.

You Can Start with Little Experience. As a part of a waxing salon chain, you will get a lot of help with advertising, hiring staff and basic business management.

Verified Business Model. The business model is a safer investment because we have tested the business model in many organizations and developed our approach to achieving success in the industry.

Low Risk of Failure. Waxing franchise have a lower risk of failure than independent waxing salons. Partnering with a well-known full-service waxing chain can be an excellent marketing tool to maximize your initial investment.

Freedom. Hair removal salons and owners are part of a larger support network and have access to a variety of resources not available in independent businesses.

Profitability. One of the advantages of joining a franchise is that you already have a foothold in the hair waxing industry, customers are familiar with your services and products, and the franchisee can benefit from this exposure and the customers you bring in.

Advantages of joining waxing franchise
Advantages of Joining Waxing Franchise

Disadvantages of Waxing Franchising

Let's take a look at some of the typical disadvantages that potential franchisees need to understand before making the initial investment.

Initial Investment. Most popular waxing salon chains, even small franchise chains, require an initial investment (franchise fee) to become a member and the cost varies depending on the franchise and location.

Franchise Policies. Some franchise agreements require adherence to professional standards such as working hours, advertising and vacations.

Creative Restrictions. The waxing layout, website, decor, music, etc. are not always artistically controlled and can be difficult to adapt. You may also face certain restrictions if you are involved in a specific type of franchise, such as an waxing hair removal franchise.

Monthly Fees. Depending on the franchise agreement, there may be ongoing costs such as royalties and training costs.

Potential Competitors. Waxing salon chains have diverse interests and you may have to deal with managers and employees you don't like.

You Can't Own the Brand. Franchising is great, but it doesn't give you the opportunity to build your business with your own brand, which can make it difficult to get rid of it later.

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Disadvantages of waxing franchising
Disadvantages of Waxing Franchising

How Much Does a Waxing Franchise Cost?


Let's take a look at the average waxing franchise fee and what it covers.

Franchise Fee

This is the initial investment for the franchisee to join the company. Most waxing businesses have a franchise fee ranging from $20,000 to $50,000.

In return, you can set up and promote your waxing salon with the company's branding, business system, training materials, staff uniforms, and anything else they offer (such as a website).

If your company buys in bulk or contracts with suppliers, you may be entitled to discounts on waxing supplies.

You can also benefit from this initial discount if you open more than one store at the same time.

Opening Stocks

This is the product required to open a new hair removal salon. In general, you will need to buy and sell waxing franchise products and you will need to use specific products within the store. This cost varies greatly, but it is common to spend between $5,000 and $10,000.


Royalties are annual fees paid to the waxing franchisor for the continued use of the waxing services and company name. Royalties can be a fixed amount or a percentage of gross revenue.

Training and Setup

It includes everything from upgrading signage and furniture, decor, staff and management training and possibly even website templates and IT services. Costs, including rent, can range from $100,000 to $300,000.

So how much does a waxing business franchise cost? It will probably depend largely on the franchise company, whether your location is leased or owned, and the value of the services they provide.

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Top 10 best waxing franchise companies to work with
Top 10 Best Waxing Franchise Companies to Work With

Top 10 Best Waxing Franchise Companies to Work With


There are many different opportunities for franchise waxing businesses. Below is a list of the best waxing franchises we have found for waxing franchisees.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity


With multiple locations in Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, Texas and Kentucky, Waxxpot is a fast-growing waxing franchise with a strong brand presence. Their service menu includes Brazilian and bikini waxes, facial waxing and just about anywhere else you can imagine.

If you want to set up a new Waxxpot franchise location, you should be prepared with a clean criminal record, management experience, a minimum net worth of $600,000, and the ability to invest at least $259,325 including the $39,900 franchise fee.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

European Wax Center

This franchise is one of the market leaders in waxing and beauty services- they have over 850 centers open and have grown by 14% year over year. They provide multiple waxing services for all genders as well as brow tinting.

If you’d like to join this waxing franchise, you’ll need an initial investment ranging from $358,485- $571,840, including the franchise fees. They also charge a 6% royalty fee and a 3% marketing contribution. Finally, this franchise recommends a shop footprint that’s at least 1,400 square feet.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

Radiant Waxing

Formerly known as LunchboxWax, the recently rebranded Radiant Waxing franchise is trying to grow and expand their reach.

This company focuses entirely on waxing and provides new franchisees with all kinds of support to help them succeed, help with site selection, leasing, and venue design/construction. They also provide new owners with training and recruitment support.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

L.A. Bikini

Unlike many other waxing studio franchises, L.A. Bikini is a body sugaring business. The results are a lot like waxing, but sugaring is applied at room temperature, using all natural ingredients. This makes it an eco-friendly alternative to some other hair removal treatments.

L.A. Bikini is looking for franchisees with an enthusiasm for the business, some good management skills, and at least $100,000 in liquid capital. The total initial investment is likely to be $306,750 to $433,000, including a $35,000 franchise fee.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

Rapid Wax

This Florida-based waxing franchise offers body and face waxing services to clients of all genders. They specialize in waxing studios located in shopping malls, making this a great option for anyone looking to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

One thing that sets Rapid Wax apart is the relatively low barrier to entry- their franchise fee is $24,900. At the moment, they don’t have many locations, but they hope to expand.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

Sugaring NYC

This franchise markets itself as an “Organic waxing and lash studio” making it a wonderful choice for franchisees who are enthusiastic about beauty and don’t want to focus on waxing alone. They use 100% natural sugar waxes and offer full-body waxing services.

Sugaring NYC has over 100 locations nationwide, making them a familiar franchise for many potential clients. Their franchise fee is $29,999 and the total investment needed to get started ranges from $80,000 - $120,000.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

Face Brow and Beauty Bar

This franchise provides both waxing and threading services and focuses mainly on facial areas. That said, they do offer a few body waxing options, including, legs, underarms and brazilian bikini waxes. They also provide facials and some beauty services, too.

If you want to open up a Face Brow and Beauty Bar franchise location, you can expect to spend between $106,000 and $232,000 including fees

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

HoochiCoochi Wax Studio

This is another Florida-based franchising opportunity that specializes in Brazilian waxes (which they call “The whole Hoochi-Coochi”), but they also provide various waxing options for men and women.

If you’re interested in joining this franchise, contact the company via their website for more details. They’ve just recently changed their franchise rules and are eager to pass the savings on to new members.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

Waxing the City

Waxing the City is a growing hair removal franchise opportunity that uses specially-formulated waxes for different areas of the body. They focus on self-care and providing each client with a positive experience at an affordable price.

Entrepreneurs hoping to enter this franchise should be prepared to spend $223,965-$493,428 initially, and have a minimum net worth of $350,000. They also ask that any new franchisees have at least $150,000 in liquidity.

Waxing franchise opportunity
Waxing Franchise Opportunity

The Fuzz

This waxing franchise offers paid membership packages that clients can opt into, for additional discounts on regular services. They also sell their own line of retail skincare products and body oils.

The Fuzz helps new franchisees by providing support with site selection and set-up, staff training, marketing and more. They charge a 6% royalty fee, their franchise fee is $45,000 and the total startup investment ranges from $385,000 - $515,000.



Before deciding whether to join an waxings franchise, consider what opportunities are available and develop a budget. This may be the best way to start your own business. It has many responsibilities as well as some disadvantages.


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