How To Create A Killer Tattoo Shop Logo

Like any business, your tattoo shop logo design says a lot about you. In fact, having a memorable tattoo studio logo can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions.

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We’ll go over the basics of logo design for tattoo shop owners, provide you with some ideas for inspiration, and discuss some important things to consider when designing a tattoo logo.

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  1. Why Is a Good Tattoo Shop Logo Important?
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Why Is a Good Tattoo Shop Logo Important?


It’s important to create a tattoo shop logo that reflects your business and brand. The best tattoo shop logos stay in customer’s minds long after they see them. They also appear on your marketing materials as part of your branding (business cards, social media pages, and eve flyers).

Good tattoo studio logos use specific color choices, along with other design elements like illustrations, lines or font in order to tell a story about your branding and your shop’s focus. The design sets your services apart from the competition and makes people remember your shop.

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Whether you’re designing a vintage tattoo logo or a minimalist, ultramodern one, there are some things to keep in mind (of course there are also some things to avoid when creating a tattoo logo, but we’ll get to those later).

Here are some general principles for any tattoo shop logo creator.

Know Your Brand: Start br brainstorming the crucial ideas that you want to get across about your shop, tattoo designs and services. Sit down with your team and talk it over. You can even create some Pinterest or “mood” boards and a list of adjectives.

This will create a springboard for tattoo shop logo ideas and give you dome direction for the basic design you might choose.

Know Your Audience: Consider the target market for your tattoo studio and what they’ll respond to- should your tattoo logo design incorporate a skull, flowers, or some geometric elements, for example?

Your tattoo studio logo should speak to the people you want to reach.

Do Some Research: Check out other tattoo shop logos for inspiration. There are a ton of resources for tattoo shop logo design online, as well as in magazines. Cut these out or copy them and add them to your tattoo studio mood board.

Investigate Tattoo Logo Types: There are different types of tattoo studio logos and designs out there, and knowing the basics will make this project easier.

There are words marks (these include your shop’s name and some basic text), brand marks (logos which use just a graphic or image), combination marks (a mixture of both), as well as abstract logo marks that use geometric lines, and even mascots.

Using these terms will help you describe the tattoo logo you want, and make it easier for designers to help you.

Pro tip: If you’re designing your own logo, consider using vectors (software like Adobe Illustrator does this automatically). When making changes to your tattoo shop logo, vectors make adjustments easier, allow you to size it clearly and quickly, and are the standard format that many professional designs come in- most print shops will ask for your tattoo shop logo vector when you order new items.

Pay Attention To Detail: The best tattoo studio logo designs are clean, simple and straightforward. People should be able to recognize and understand it quickly.

Choose the right colors and shapes to reflect your brand image, and make sure that tattoo shop logo font and typography is readable.

Where Will It Be: Whether you’re designing a vintage tattoo studio logo or a sleek and modern one, the places you’re displaying it can make a world of difference.

Some logos that look great on a company website just don’t work well on a tattoo shop business card. The designs need to look good everywhere you’ll be using them, so be sure to plan with this in mind.

Test It Out: You can use a tattoo shop logo maker online to get a better idea of what your designs might look like. Then, try posting them on your website, printing them onto a mock business card and seeing what you think.

Ask any graphic designer or tattoo shop logo creator, free feedback is a gift. Ask you friends and staff members to take a look at various tattoo studio logo designs and give their opinions.

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Tattoo Shop Logo Ideas


Whether you’re using a free tattoo shop logo template to create your own, or looking for ideas to bring to a graphic designer, we’re here to help. Here are some tattoo studio logos you can use to bring your own designs to life.

Royal Tattoo Shop Logo

Royal tattoo shop logo
Royal Tattoo Shop Logo

Modern Tattoo Shop Logo

Modern tattoo shop logo
Modern Tattoo Shop Logo

Creative Tattoo Shop Logo

Creative tattoo shop logo
Creative Tattoo Shop Logo

Logo for Tattoo Shop

Logo for tattoo shop
Logo for Tattoo Shop

Vintage Tattoo Shop Logo

Vintage tattoo shop logo
Vintage Tattoo Shop Logo

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Great tattoo studio logos don’t happen overnight. It’s a process, and you should feel free to design and revise it as many times as it takes. Try playing around with a tattoo shop logo generator online to get the ball rolling, or sit down and sketch some of your ideas out.

Your tattoo shop logo is often the first (and most lasting) impression that people will have of your tattoo studio, so take your time and choose something that feels right for your brand. We hope you enjoy the process!


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