Creative Tattoo Business Cards Ideas

Having unique tattoo business cards is an excellent way to reach new clients, spread the word and grow your business. They can help build client loyalty and encourage referrals, too.

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We’ll cover business card design for tattoo artists, how to create tattoo business cards that reflect your brand and style, and give you some free tattoo business card templates to use.

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  1. What Should Be On A Tattoo Shop Business Card?
  2. How to Make A Tattoo Shop Business Card?
  3. Tattoo Business Cards Ideas
  4. Tattoo Slogans and Quotes for Business Cards
  5. Tattoo Business Cards Templates Free
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What Should Be On A Tattoo Shop Business Card?


Tattoo artist business cards should give people all the information they need about your business and how to contact you.

Good tattoo studio business cards always include the following:

  • The Business Name

    Traditionally it’s on the right hand side of the business cards. An artist’s name might also appear here.

  • Your Logo

    Tattoo shop business cards need a good tattoo shop logo that helps people identify and remember your brand.

  • Your Specialty

    Every tattoo artist business card should promote their specialty, skills or style in a few words. It can be as simple as “Specializes in portraits” or “Custom cover ups.”

  • Contact Info

    Business cards for tattoo artists should include your phone number, website URL and social media pages.

  • Appointment Details

    Many tattoo business card designs include space on the back for writing appointment times and notes.

  • Additional Elements

    Sometimes, the tattoo business card design includes a QR code that people can scan to get a link to the business’s website or appointment booking page.

What Should Be On A Tattoo Shop Business Card
What Should Be On A Tattoo Shop Business Card?

How to Make A Tattoo Shop Business Card?

  • Play With Shapes, Textures and Colors

    When it comes to business card size, tattoos shops aren’t stuck with a traditional rectangle- you can choose something unique like a square, oval or even coffin shaped business cards.

    The same goes with colors and textures. Business card tattoo design elements can incorporate eye-catching colors that match your logo and branding or unique textures. Get creative.

  • Add a Logo, Graphics and Slogans

    On tattoo business cards, your tattoo logo placement is important; put it somewhere visible, either central or in a prominent corner.

    Add graphics, tattoo art or a slogan that’s memorable, but make sure any art doesn’t overshadow your tattoo business cards logo.

  • Create a Series

    If you have multiple artists, create multiple tattoo designs for business cards that all share some common elements but are unique for each artist. You can do this by changing your tattoo business cards background or color, but keeping the logo and font the same, for example.

  • Make Them Useful

    Tattoo parlour business cards need to be useful, or they’ll get thrown out eventually. Let it double as a loyalty card or have a spot to write down appointment details.

  • Hire a Professional

    Consider hiring a graphic designer to create custom tattoo business cards if you’re looking for something special. Designers have a ton of ideas and will make sure it’s perfect.

  • Go Online

    Whether you’re looking for tattoo artist business card ideas or just getting inspiration for a tattoo logo, the internet is full of ideas.

    Start by creating a Pinterest board for cosmetic tattoo business cards and use it as a home for images and quotes that inspire you. There are also a lot of websites where you can create basic tattoo business cards, free of charge.

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Tattoo Business Cards Ideas


There are a ton of tattoo artist business card templates available online, as well as some great images for inspiration.

Here are some great tattoo business cards samples that you can use to jumpstart your own ideas.

Business Cards For Tattoo Artists

Business cards for tattoo artists
Image from:

Vintage Tattoo Business Cards

Vintage tattoo business cards
Image from:

Cool Tattoo Business Cards

Cool tattoo business cards
Image from:

Best Tattoo Business Cards

Best tattoo business cards
Image from:

Coffin Shaped Tattoo Business Cards

Coffin shaped tattoo business cards
Image from:

Glitter Tattoo Business Cards

Glitter tattoo business cards
Image from:

Henna Tattoo Business Cards

Henna tattoo business cards
Image from:

Tattoo Slogans and Quotes for Business Cards


Another way to personalize your tattoo business card design is by adding a slogan or quote. You can browse online to get inspired, but here are some examples to get you started:

  • Because We Draw Better Than You Can
  • Hobby? Nope. It’s a passion
  • Pain is temporary. Style lasts forever
  • Look sharp!
  • Personalize yourself
  • You’ve got ideas, we’ve got ink

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Tattoo Business Cards Templates Free


If you have some tattoo business card ideas but you’re still now sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Using a tattoo artist business card template is a fantastic timesaver- feel free to take one of ours and use it as is or update it with your own tattoo business card design elements for a custom look.

Your free tattoo shop business card template will look like this.

Tattoo shop business card template
Tattoo Shop Business Card Template

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When it comes to business cards, tattoo artist and shop owner alike can agree that a great-looking card can make the difference between making a lasting impression and being instantly forgotten.

One of the best ways to get started is by looking at examples of tattoo business cards online and then using a template to experiment and make your own.

You can always start by creating some temporary tattoo business cards and then adjust things later if you like. Be creative and have fun!


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