Halloween Salon Specials To Increase Your Bookings

Looking for Halloween salon specials ideas for your hair salon?

Want your part of the $1.9 billion which the US National Retail Federation estimates which is spent on Halloween?

But there is more...

The average consumer spends $86.13 each and more importantly 38% of consumers will go to a specialist for part of their Halloween costumer!

We have put together some easy to use to Halloween salon ideas to use for your spooky business.

What ever you decide to do, Halloween is Facebook and Instagram magic...so make sure you're posting all of those hair-raising things going on in your salon!

What You Will Learn

In this article you will get some easy to use halloween salon specials for your hair salon or beauty salon.

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  1. When is Halloween?
  2. 9 Steps to Halloween Salon Promotions Success
  3. Which Salon Halloween Ideas Can You Do In Your Salon?
  4. Some Halloween Salon Specials Ideas For You

When is Halloween?


Halloween falls every year on October 31st.

It is held the day before All Saints’ Day, which is a Christian festival used to celebrate recognized saints.

Why is the Date of Halloween Significant?

The word Halloween comes from Hallowe’en, meaning “hallowed evening” or holy evening.

It is thought that Halloween traditions came from the Celtic harvest festivals of Samhain, although some people support the view that Halloween began independently as a Christian festival.

Samhain; meaning "summer’s end" and was a celebration of the end of the harvest season.

People at this time thought the walls between worlds were thin and spirits could pass through into their lives, and it was feared they could damage crops for the next farming season.

To mae any spirits happy, gaels would set up places at their dinner tables for the spirits and light bonfires to scare off evil spirits.

That is the end of the Halloween history lesson.

9 Steps to Halloween Salon Promotions Success


You should plan a variety of events and promotions to capture this valuable market. Halloween is more than just a one-day event, it should start in early October to ensure your clients are fully aware.

  1. Partner With Local Costume Store - be wicked and create a joint halloween promotion
  2. Email Marketing - send a ghostly email campaign to your clients
  3. Facebook - create some spooky posts for your Facebook Page and don't forget to use Facebook Custom Audiences to promote your clients directly
  4. Instagram - visualization sells. Haunt your clients with a great series of posts. Like Facebook, don't forget to use Facebook Custom Audiences to target your exciting clients
  5. Website - add a ghoulish banner and inform your visitors about your salons halloween events and promotion to your homepage
  6. In Salon - don't forget to all those eyes watching you. Create some posters and leaflets to give to existing clients
  7. Word Of Mouth - your devilish team are your best promoters. Ensure they are telling clients about your salon halloween specials
  8. Window Display - put a spell on your salons passers by. Create a halloween themed window display
  9. SMS - say BOO to your clients. Send an SMS to your existing client; there is nothing more direct

Great Salon Halloween Window Display Example

  halloween salon window displayImage: Halloween Salon Window Display: californianails.no Stavanger, Norway.

Which Salon Halloween Ideas Can You Do In Your Salon?

  • Window Display - like we said earlier, make sure you are being creative in your salon window and make an eye catching display for those passers by.
  • Dress up - make sure your staff are in the to the halloween vibe and allow them to dressed up, have scary make-up and hair.
  • Open late - make sure you capture those pre-party clients and extend your opening hours. It will also allow you to be able to do trick or treat for neighboring clients and their children.
  • Hold a halloween party for adults and children - why not clear your salon floor and combine a client appreciation evening together with halloween... don't forget to allow them to bring family and friends (remember word of mouth is the best and cheapest form of marketing activity).
  • Create a 'Witches Brew' cocktail for clients - why not give your clients some hocus pocus in the form of a free cocktail?
  • Trick or Treat lucky dip - create some fun in your salon this halloween with a lucky dip for all clients in the run up and on halloween.

Remember Our Quick Salon Promotion Tips

Remember to put your expiry date on your salon marketing promotions.

Only discount on additional spending or add value to existing products - promotions should be about making more profit, not making a loss.

Some Halloween Salon Specials Ideas For You

  • Spook-tacular Halloween Hairstyling

    Create spooky hairstyles for those clients going to a halloween party.

  • Spooky Nails

    Create devlish nail designs, with ghost, pumpkins and bats. Or even get glow in the dark nail varnish.

  • Halloween Make Up Special

    People getting rady for a halloween party? Get their make up done in your salon.

  • Hairy Horrors

    Running a beauty salon or waxing salon? Then run a promotion for.

  • Don't be as Pale as a Ghost This Halloween!

    Do you offer any type of tanning services in your salon or spa? Why not promote these services?

  • Scare Your Wrinkles Away

    Running a spa or medi spa? Why not run a botox promotion to get rid of the wrinkles.

  • Halloween Spa Specials

    Add some fun to your spa or day spa marketing by promoting “mummy” body wraps or facials?

  • Spooky Retail Products

    Make sure you are stocked up for halloween with spooky products which your clients might use for their costume such as false eyelashes, horror nail designs, theatrical make up, wash-out hair coloring, or glow in the dark nail varnish.

  • Bat For Lashes

    Don't forget those eyelash extensions! Ensure you are offering eyelash extensions promotion as part of your halloween salon specials.

  • Ghoolish Temporary Tattoos

    One of the big trends at the moment is temporary tattoos, so get on your broom stick and provide this within your salon.

Do You Have Any Other Halloween Hair Salon Specials Ideas?

Share them below and we might add them to this blog post.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share them with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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