What Is the Best Salon POS System of 2022?

If you’re looking for the best salon POS system to manage your business, we’re here to help. First, we recommend Zolmi POS System because of its overall value and features, but we’ve created a list you can check out.

Best Salon POS Systems


Here are the top salon point of sale systems that we’ve taken a look at. They all include different features to help with customer management, payment processing and business operations.

A good point of sale system takes a lot of the human error and guesswork out of running your salon by automating tasks and giving you and your team more time to focus on doing what you love.

1. Zolmi

Zolmi Salon POS System offers integrated online payments, online booking, appointment scheduling, inventory management and SMS confirmations. The Zolmi Salon App works on Android and iOS devices, making it easy to manage your salon anywhere.

Zolmi includes a user-friendly website builder so you can create a fast and very professional salon website in about ten minutes. You can also access Zolmi’s reputation management to connect with clients, manage online feedback and get more five-star reviews.

You can track client’s data, create percentage discounts (with expiry dates), and manage tips. For salon owners looking to take optimization to the next level, Zolmi offers a premium plan with advanced features.

2. Square

Square offers a variety of client management tools in a POS software that’s geared towards helping you keep your customers’ and staff’s data organized. They have an integrated payment processing system and can assist with online bookings.

One of Square’s standout features is the ability to import existing client databases from excel spreadsheets or other software. This can be great for salon and spa owners who are moving to a new system. Square works on iOS, Android and their own Square Register hardware.

Their app is web-based and can assist you with running your salon business, including automated scheduling, sending appointment reminders and mobile invoicing. Online booking is there to help clients and you can track and save their profiles for later.

3. Clover

This is a flexible POS software system that lets you add on tools from their app market to suit your salon businesses needs. Instead of old fashioned POS terminals, you can choose between small handheld devices or large stations ranging in price from about $50-$1400.

The monthly cost will vary depending on what custom features you invest in, and they can help hair salons with scheduling, accepting payments, appointment booking and managing employee/ salon calendars for multiple locations all in one place.

There are also inventory tracking, sales reporting, employee management and customer engagement tools that you can take advantage of. You can even view your retail sales details and manage and change prices for your online store.

4. Mindbody

Mindbody is a service provider that takes client outreach very seriously. This goes beyond standard email marketing and lets you create custom promotions and special offers to entice clients and create loyalty programs.

Their features include appointment booking software, employee and inventory management and an integrated POS system with an AI receptionist who can answer simple questions.

Clients can book recurring appointments and group bookings easily. Some of the retail features include automatic upselling for clients and invoicing assistance for a busy salon owner.

5. Vagaro

Vagaro offers payment processing software that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but they also do much more than just accept payments. Overall, Vagaro is a very versatile option for busy salons looking for an all in one solution.

They also offer salon management features like sales reports available via email, as well as sending appointment reminders and confirmations for clients and staff. This salon software also helps you with payroll and inventory control.

For those looking for salon POS hardware, one of Vagaro’s options is a dual screen pay desk with a handheld scanner and pay pad- these POS systems even work with your wireless receipt printer.

6. Vend

Originally designed for its retail sales capabilities, Vend also offers other services including inventory management and automated promotions. They provide real-time reporting to track your sales, inventory levels and profit margins.

Vend’s the right POS system if you’re looking for e-commerce integrations with third party applications like Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce. They also have a team of specialists waiting to assist new users with the setup process via email, phone or live chat.

Vend’s POS capabilities include its compatibility with web and mobile devices, but you’ll want to double check that any handheld POS device or hardware you have is compatible before you can process payments.

Best salon POS system mobile
Best Salon POS System

7. Shopify

Shopify offers customers an e-commerce website and a payment processor. Unlike some of the other retail POS systems we’ve covered, it does not include free services related to scheduling and booking, although it can be integrated with other apps.

Shopify does offer several website templates for service based businesses which you can use to create a salon website. It also runs on both iOS and android devices, giving you some flexibility.

Salon POS Software FAQs


What Is a Salon Point of Sale System?

Point of sale systems are the hardware and software that let you process each payment in your salon and manage daily tasks like booking, scheduling and inventory. Many systems allow multi employee users and take contactless payments, too.

What Should a Salon POS Include?

The best salon POS software should include features like debit and credit card processing, the ability to take and manage online bookings, schedule management, and reporting to help you optimize your salon business.

How Much Does a Salon POS System Cost?

Some systems will cost as much as $200/month or more, whereas other salon POS systems are free to use. The price will depend on a number of factors, including the services they offer, whether you have to purchase or rent hardware, and the number of users.

To learn more please check out our post on Best Salon Software.



Now that you’ve taken a look at what’s available, you can choose the POS system that’s right for your business. We still recommend Zolmi because of its great balance of features, flexibility and value, but it’s up to you to choose the best possible tools for your clients and team.

Choosing the best salon POS system to grow your business is a big decision, one that will make everyone’s job a lot easier and help you to work smarter rather than harder. Why not sign up today and get started?


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