Complete Guide to Salon Management Training in 2023

Every salon needs someone to keep everything organized and manage the team of stylists, and in order to become a salon manager, you'll need the right salon management training. Training and experience are vital for aspiring managers to build up their skills and understand the various roles and responsibilities involved in managing a salon.

This guide will go over some of the duties involved in salon management, as well as highlighting the skills you need to succeed in his career, like leadership and interpersonal communication. We’ll also take a look at what kind of school training and free education you can do to become the best professional you can be.

What You Will Learn

This guide will look at the key duties required of salon management professionals and the important skills that people in these positions need to succeed in their career. We’ll also look at tips for how to become a salon manager, covering experience, training, and career programs you can enroll in.

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  1. What Are the Duties of a Salon Manager?
  2. What Skills do Salon Managers Need?
  3. How Long Does It Take to Become a Salon Manager?
  4. Do You Need a Hair Salon Management Course?
  5. Where to Look for Salon Management Courses?
  6. Conclusion
Salon manager duties
Salon manager duties

What Are the Duties of a Salon Manager?


There are many salon management issues that take up your time when you’re the person in charge, and each day can involve a long list of duties to complete.

  • Recruiting and training - Leaders are responsible for recruiting new employees and training existing employees to succeed in their career.

  • Scheduling - A successful salon management system has to incorporate effective scheduling to maximize efficiency and reduce the risk of delays or missed appointments.

  • Monitoring supplies - Management professionals have to be adept at managing resources and supplies for hair businesses. You need to track quantities, identify low-stock issues and contact suppliers at the right times.

  • Monitoring retail sales - You’ll also need to keep track of retail sales and associated revenue, both in-store and on the internet via your website.

  • Marketing - Salon marketing, website ads, and social media advertising are very important nowadays, offering lots of benefits, so it’s vital to master these forms of branding.

  • Resolving clients’ complaints - You’ll need to be able to communicate with people and deal with unhappy customers. This can help you retain clients, avoid bad reviews, and build a positive community for the salon.

  • Receive payments - Oversight of money is also a big part of the job. You’ll need to understand the tools and services involved in receiving payments from clients.

  • Oversees daily operations - You’ll generally be in charge of looking after the business as a whole, checking that everything is running smoothly and the team is working well.

What Skills do Salon Managers Need?


You might be wondering “How do I become a good salon manager?” or “What sorts of skills feature on a typical salon management course syllabus or curriculum?” Well, the best leaders have to have an impressive set of skills, including:

  • Multitasking, prioritizing, delegating - Salon owners need to be able to handle a number of tasks at once, figuring out which ones are most important and delegating different tasks to suitable members of the staff.

  • Strong interpersonal communication - To manage a team, you need to be able to communicate with them effectively, keeping everyone on the same page and being able to provide useful feedback and constructive criticism when necessary.

  • Customer service - Communication with customers and clients is also something that is taught in any kind of business school. Business managers are often called upon to call clients over the phone or speak with them in person and handle delicate situations.

  • Leadership - Staff will be relying on the professional person in charge to lead the way. It’s up to you to set an example for others to follow. You have to have a passion for leading and guiding the way.

  • Administration and business management - Management pros have to be able to cope with the minimum demands of running a business, like basic level admin and business understanding.

  • Computer savviness - You need at least a basic level of knowledge of how to use a number of computer tools and programs. For example, you’ll need to use some advanced features of salon software and may be required to handle internet related tasks like creating a website or use Google My Business to grow your brand.

  • Understanding of marketing - This can be helpful for getting more people interested in your brand and adding more customers from the local community to your books.

Salon managers required skills
Salon managers required skills

How Long Does It Take to Become a Salon Manager?


So, if you have to go to school and get an education to become a manager, how long can you expect the process to last? Well, this all depends on the approach you choose to follow.

To become a salon manager, you have to have a cosmetology license and work experience in a salon environment. You can opt for a rapid approach and complete your salon manager license requirements in less than a year. Or you can take your time and study in school for up to two years.

In terms of experience, 2-3 years should be sufficient. Or you can opt to take your time and spend longer building up your career and resume before applying for a leadership role.

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Do You Need a Hair Salon Management Course?


In truth, you don’t have to follow a full business course or program in order to get this kind of job. There are plenty of people out there who have simply stepped into management after years of experience to learn the ins and outs of how these businesses work and build up their leadership abilities.

However, since the role is quite a complex one, with a lot of multitasking and different duties, going to school or completing a free course can be a smart move, helping you build up your resume and profile with abilities like:

  • Accounting and financial literacy

  • Social media management

  • HR, leadership and staff management

  • Business management

  • Customer service, phone communications, and working with complaints

  • Retail sales and stock management

  • Health and safety compliance

  • Employee contracts and relations

Where to Look for Salon Management Courses?


Salon management courses can help you enjoy success in this business, providing you with the training you require to excel in this kind of career. But where can you find salon training courses? Well, there are quite a few places to look:

  • Internet Platforms - It’s possible to attain salon management certification from various websites and platforms. You can search using any search engine to find different sites and options. You can also search on the internet for tips and advice for finding the right programs.

  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a popular job search site and also offers education, including free salon management courses and paid variants, too. The benefits of using this site are that it is widely trusted and can help you find a job when you’re done studying.

  • Beauty Communities - You can also find communities and sites dedicated to the beauty industry, with professionals ready to help you find the best hair salon management courses online.

  • Colleagues - You can also speak with colleagues and other people you know to find out about free online salon management courses and other opportunities, like a salon management course online.

  • Schools and Universities - You don’t have to take salon business classes and hair salon management training online. You can also visit a salon training institute or college to enroll in salon management university courses.



If you want to have success in this industry and fulfill your career objectives as a salon owner or team leader, you need to have the right education and experience. It requires time, effort, and hard work to build up the necessary abilities, and it’s not something that can simply happen overnight.

However, with the right salon management training, you can succeed. The best training program and education can give you the knowledge and help you develop the abilities you need to get the best results in any management position you obtain.



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