Complete Guide to Salon Management in 2023

Running a salon requires more than having excellent cosmetology skills.

It also requires proper salon management skills.

When you are in a managerial position, it's your duty to ensure that everything runs smoothly and goals are achieved.

What You Will Learn In This Article

The article discusses various salon subjects in salon management as a salon manager's duties, skills they should possess, and tools to use to perform their work smoothly.

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  1. Definition of Salon Management
  2. What Are the Duties of a Salon Manager?
  3. How Do You Manage Your Time Effectively in A Salon?
  4. How Can Salon Management Software Help?
  5. What Salon Management Books Should You Read?
  6. Are Salon Management Courses Worth It?
  7. Conclusion

Definition of Salon Management


Salon management refers to the overseeing of the everyday activities of a salon.

Proper management ensures that employees are comfortable and that clients are satisfied with the services they get.

All these lead to every business owner's dream - an increase in revenue.

A salon owner might decide to take the role of a manager or employ one.

What Makes A Good Salon Manager?


Not every salon manager is good.

Remember, a manager makes sure clients are satisfied, and the business is making profits.To balance the two, they have to possess some skills.

Here are some of the characteristics of a good salon manager.

Excellent Communication

Just like in any other business, a salon manager has to possess essential communication skills.

When you are a good communicator, you will avoid getting into a lot of problems.

Establish a certain means of communication and a schedule. Having a regular schedule ensures that no one misses the information.

In a salon, most of the work will involve interacting with people. Without excellent oral and written communication skills, it can be hard to delegate tasks, solve problems, and discuss future goals.

Make yourself approachable to the employees. It'll make it easier for them to discuss problems or suggestions with you.

They are human beings who need a listening ear whenever they have concerns. By doing that, they'll feel appreciated and have good morale for working.

Proper Organization

As a manager, you have too much on your to-do list.

Your tasks to attend to, delegating work to the responsible parties, offering training and mentorship, and many more.

Managerial and organizational skills are vital here.

Whenever there is too much workload, a good manager will delegate tasks accordingly to avoid stress and time wastage.

Delegation isn't easy, though, as assigning tasks to those that can't do it accordingly will only lead to more problems.

Know your staff well. Everyone has their areas of strength and weakness.

Don't tell someone to do something while you know very well they don't have the skills to do it perfectly.

Mentorship Skills

Mentoring your employees is crucial, and they expect that from you.

If you find ways to make them better at personal levels or work-related issues, it will be a plus for your business. Motivate them frequently.

As a manager, you have skills and experience in the beauty industry.

Pass this knowledge to others too.

Remember, your staff have confidence and greatly believe in you as their senior.

Conflict Solving Skills

Conflicts will always arise whenever there is more than one person anywhere.

Conflicts may arise between employees or between employees and clients.

As the manager, it's your responsibility to solve them as soon as possible.

To come up with a conclusion, first, dig deep into the root cause of the conflict.

Listen keenly to both parties before coming to a conclusion.

Conflict management requires attention to detail and relaxation.

Creative thinking also comes in handy here.

Aim to solve problems without leaving an immense impact on those involved.

It'll save time and avoid future problems in the business.

What Are the Duties of a Salon Manager?


As a manager, you're expected to handle several roles effectively. Here are some of them.


As a manager, you're responsible for the salon's daily running and staff management.

You'll delegate work to whoever is responsible and ensure they do it the right way.

The manager is also responsible for maintaining a positive and harmonious working condition for everyone to ensure they're comfortable.

You'll also set the goals of every employee and monitor their performance.

Hiring and recruiting staff is another role for salon managers.

You'll train the new members and identify their areas of strength and weakness before assigning duties to them.

Whenever there are issues between staff members, it's your role to solve them in a fair manner.


As a manager, you're not responsible for the staff only. Increasing sales is also your job.

If you're not the salon owner, you'll have to follow their financial policies and ensure everyone else does that.Some of the sales roles include:

  • Keeping financial records
  • Depositing money
  • Issuing payments to vendors
  • Managing inventory

Customer Experience

If the customers don't get satisfying services, they'll definitely seek services elsewhere.

As the manager, you don't want that to happen.Your goal is to retain existing customers and attract new ones. That will only happen if they get excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Ensure their complaints are handled in a professional and friendly way.
  • Ensure the salon is clean and tidy. No one wants to get their hair or nails done in a messy space.
  • Establish policies for your staff, such as the kind of uniform they should have when working.
  • Get services of professional cleaners for the salon frequently so that it's always sparkling clean.
  • If a client has been attended to and fails to get satisfied with the results, address them in a friendly way as you try to resolve the issues. Show interest to them when they enquire more about your services and make your staff do so.

Remember, it's your job to cultivate a good customer experience and pass it on to your juniors.


One of the key roles for a hair salon manager is salon promotion through marketing.

It is the duty of a manager to come up with marketing ideas and implement them. That way, they will draw more customers and increase profits.

Create a marketing budget and adhere to it to avoid getting into financial problems.

Before embarking on a certain method, the manager should research more on it to measure its effectiveness.

It would be a loss of time and revenue to market your business using methods that don't bring positive results.

How Do You Manage Your Time Effectively in A Salon?


As a salon manager, you have so many things to attend to.

It can be overwhelming at times if you don't have proper time management skills.

To ensure things run smoothly and avoid having incomplete tasks at the end of the day, here are tips on how to manage time effectively.

Delegate Duties Accordingly

If you decide to do everything by yourself, you'll end up getting overworked.

There is no doubt about that. Delegate duties to your staff and let them know about them as early as possible.

Letting everyone know what they are supposed to do saves you from blame game problems. If you don't assign a task to a specific person, you are in for trouble.

Make Use of Technology

In this era, handling everything manually will be too tiring and inconvenient.

Automating some tasks saves time and ensures they are perfectly done.

For example, automate appointment bookings and spend that time doing something else like researching better salon products.

Schedule Breaks

Too much work and no break will reduce productivity.

Schedule breaks for yourself and staff. Breaks help a person clear of their mind and relax in readiness for other duties.

Set Goals

Come up with what is to be done during the day, week, or month and communicate the same to the staff.

Setting small, realistic goals helps save time significantly.

Jumping from a task to the other will only result in unproductivity.

Attend to Urgent Tasks First

Some tasks will require urgent attention. Attend to them first to avoid getting anxious.

It's you to come up with a priority list of what should be done at what time.

How Can Salon Management Software Help?


Running the everyday activities of a beauty salon can be exhausting.

Gone are the days when everything survived on manual handling.

Thanks to technological advancement, salon management can be automated by using a salon management software, such as Zolmi.

Here are some of the ways to use it.

Staff Management

The software is an essential salon management system that enables you to allocate appointments to your staff after they confirm availability.

Appointment Bookings

Clients can easily book their appointments without your assistance. It will save you ample time.

Information Storage

Imagine writing every client's contacts that visit your salon in a book, and then it gets lost after some time?

That can be heart-wrenching.

Storing the information in a software ensures it's safe and easily accessible.

Customer contacts are essential as marketing tools and ought to be kept securely.

Sales Monitoring

You can easily monitor sales by generating a sales report from the software.

Inventory Management

Handling inventory manually is boring, leave alone tiring.

A salon software helps in efficient management, as it's almost impossible to make mistakes.

What Salon Management Books Should You Read?


Did you ditch learning immediately you left school? You must be missing lots of opportunities. Reading is not meant to pass exams only.

Reading salon management PDF, salon management notes, salon management articles, and salon management books will change your way of thinking and help you become a better manager.

And you know what? You don't have to spend an entire day reading. You are too busy for that.

Dedicate 30 minutes or an hour to gain useful skills from books written by great minded people.

Here is a list of the best salon management books you should read.

Are Salon Management Courses Worth It?


Having excellent managerial skills is a must to keep a salon operating smoothly and getting your dream revenue.

Skills like staff motivation and handling conflicts don't just come. They are learned.

A salon management course will help you become competent and stand out in your field.

You can be the best cosmetologist, but your business is bound to crumble down if you don't have managerial skills.

Investing in a salon management course will undoubtedly pay off, and the results will be evident.

You'll become a better manager.

Here are some of the courses that are worth your time and money.

What qualifications should I have to become a salon manager?

Being a licensed cosmetologist and having years of experience in the beauty industry is enough to become a salon manager. However, having a degree in a management related field is crucial if you’re working for a large salon. On top of education, you should also possess excellent communication, conflict solving, and time management skills.



Being a pro at cosmetology is not enough to be a competent manager.

You have to learn and master certain skills for the better running of the business.

The skills will help you create a harmonious and professional environment for the employees and motivate them to give their best.

Clients, on the other hand, will be happy about your services and will always come back.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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