Salon Assistant Duties for 2023

Salon assistant duties usually relate to preparing clients for the service: washing hair and giving scalp massages. They also assist in color application, help with administrative work, make sure the workstations are clean and tidy. Salon assistants have to be alert, tuned in, one step ahead of the stylist, taking care of the customer, and ready to provide help to the hair stylist.

Salon Assistant Duties


  • Welcome customers to the salon
  • Listen to client’s requests and is able to suggest products or services
  • Prepare clients for services
  • Shampoo client’s hair and give scalp massage when needed
  • Prepare the stylist’s stations
  • Make color mixes
  • Assist with blow-drying and styling when needed
  • Sweep floors in between services
  • Clean sinks and wipe down surfaces in between clients
  • Ensure clean towels and capes are at hand
  • Wash and put away laundry
  • Stock towels, retail areas, and back bar products
  • Assist with stock and inventory duties
  • Help with salon opening and closing procedures
  • Update clients on new services, retail products, or promotions
  • Keep service quality by following salons’ standards
  • Build lasting relationships with clients
  • Clean and sterilize scissors, combs, clippers, and other instruments
  • Receive payment from customers for services
  • Support clients with bookings and cancellations
  • Update notes in client records
  • Send out salon promotional materials and newsletters
  • Assist on the front desk and answer the phone
  • Help with appointment bookings
  • Update the salon’s website and social media pages, use salon software with reminders
  • Assist stylists with taking detailed notes during client consultations

Salon assistant duties template
Salon Assistant Duties Template


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