Zolmi Launches Website Builder For Salons

WARSAW, Poland March 15, 2022 -- Zolmi, one of the fastest growing salon POS software, Wtoday announced that it has an easy to use website builder for salons, spas, barbers and massage therapists.

Zolmi’s free Salon Website Builder is an online editing and publishing subscription service that is for basic website creation which has fantastic features for salons, barbers, massage therapists and spas. The program itself uses a turn on and off interface, allowing users to create websites without a single line of code, or technical know-how and is fully integrated into the Zolmi salon software account.

“Our free website builder is a fantastic tool for our members and for the Zolmi brand to become the leaders in the providing innovative software and app solutions that will successfully drive revenue growth for beauty and wellness providers around the world” said Bartek Kulasza, co-founder & Finance Director of Zolmi adding “We continue to deliver easy to use tools which continue to serve better our members and also connect consumers with salons, spas and barbershop in search of services that can improve their customer experience.”

Features Provided By Zolmi Website Builder

The basic website is free to members and premium members can select and choose from a variety of professionally designed website templates based on their specific industry and business. Then, they can simply add in content such as text and images and publish their site when ready.

What makes Zolmi Website Builder particularly helpful for beginners and business owners is that it drastically reduces the time and money needed to build an optimized website.

The reason being is that through the platform, the website is fully integrated into the members price list, online booking,, customer reviews are automatically displayed on the website. Members do not have to worry about the technical elements as web hosting and SSL certificate are included. When building a website on say WordPress for example, these are all separate costs. Not to mention, with a custom solution like WordPress, often business owners find themselves needing to hire a professional developer and designer to create their website for them given the sheer complexity, which costs more money.

Zolmi Website Builder is a solution meant to accomplish three primary challenges for its users:

Remove the complexity of building a website for salons, spas, massage therapists and barbershops.

Drastically reduce the costs and time often associated with website development.

Act as a one-stop shop for all website creation needs.

Zolmi Website Builder comes packed with many features out of the box that makes website building simple and convenient for its users.

Website builder free plan features

With this plan, customers get all the basics needed to build a website. This includes web hosting, an SSL certificate, a generic domain name to use, super fast, mobile-friendly design templates to choose from, along with 24/7 support. However, SEO is not included with this plan.

Simple but professionally designed template which can be customized through a wide range of fonts and your own choice of colors.

Free domain name with belliata branding: Members will be able to create a simple domain name such as xyzsalon.belliata.com which can be shared on social media and Google My Business.

Web hosting included: With Zolmi Website Builder, there is no need to buy a separate hosting plan to create a site because it already comes included and is bundled with each package. Normally web hosting is a separate cost altogether when building a website.

Turn on and off editor: As each template has been carefully designed users are able to simply make edits or additions to sites is as easy as just a few clicks and turn off elements which they do not require.

Display customer reviews: As part of Zolmi salon online reputation features, after each client visit if the member has added their clients email address a customer satisfaction email is sent to gather feedback and this is then automatically displayed on the website. User can choose only to display high.

Showcase gallery: Users are able to upload images of their work and this will be displayed in the gallery section of the website allowing potential clients to see examples of the salon or barbershops work before making a booking. Massage therapists and spas can also benefit from displaying internal shots of the team and treatment rooms etc.

Online appointment & Calendar syncing: This is a feature that when adding online appointment services, members can sync up their business calendar with their website. This way, the latest up-to-date availability or class schedule is what displays to customers.

Website Builder Premium Plan

Members using the premium plan Zolmi provides access to various professional templates to choose from for the design of a website. Each template, or theme, can be uniquely customized.

Add a custom domain name: members who have their own domain name are able to connect this to their website.

Remove ads for Zolmi salon software. Premium plan users can hide ads for Zolmi on their website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): With SEO, customers can improve the rank of their website on search engines to help it achieve better visibility and increase traffic to their site. With Zolmi Website Builder for Salons premium plans, advanced SEO techniques are included.

Keep track of visitor numbers: with built in analytics tracking, members are able to see within their analytics both on desktop or in the zolmi salon app in a simple format and built for non technical people.

Zolmi Website Builder Plans and Pricing

There are two Zolmi Website Builder plans to choose from free and premium plan.

The free version of the website builder is best for just getting started with a basic website. Many members choose this option when starting a new business and want to quickly get a website set up while limiting costs as much as possible. When just starting out, this may be the best option.

The paid version of the website builder is best for salons, spas and barbershops from 1 - 10 people and have an established client base and already have clients search for them and wish to give the best digital user experience to their clients with minimal hassle.

How much does it cost?

This plan costs $9/month for US based clients

How to get started?

Users will need to have a Zolmi Scheduling Software account as the builder is not available as a standalone feature. Once signed up, added services, staff, opening hours etc then members are able to activate their website through the website builder.

About Zolmi

Zolmi is an online platform for businesses in the beauty and wellness sector. The platform enables owners, managers and freelancers to optimize scheduling, drive customer loyalty, manage online reputation, reduce costs through better inventory management, and more. Zolmi, headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, serves more than 5k registered businesses worldwide via 10 different country sites. Zolmi was founded by Paul Hopkins and joined later by Bartek Kulasza in 2015 and currently has teams in Warsaw & Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. To learn more, please visit zolmi.com.

Contact Paul Hopkins paul@zolmi.com