15 Proven Marketing Ideas for Hair Extensions in 2023

Finding the best marketing ideas for hair extensions can help you bring more clients into your business, make more money, and grow your salon, too. There's an increasing level of interest in hair extensions among many people, and lots of salons are profiting from this trend.

Your hair extension business can take advantage of these opportunities, too, but it's vital to have a smart marketing strategy to promote your hair salon and get more people through the doors.

What You Will Learn

This guide will look at how to promote hair extensions at your business. We’ll look at how to identify the target market for hair extensions at your salon and marketing methods, tools, and promotional ideas for how to advertise hair business with hair extensions.

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  1. Who Is the Target Market for Hair Extensions?
  2. How to Market Your Hair Extension Business?
  3. 15 Hair Extension Promotion Ideas
  4. Conclusion

Who Is the Target Market for Hair Extensions?


Statistics show that the hair extension market is growing all the time, currently valued at $1.8 billion and set to exceed $3 billion by 2027. The US is the country with the highest demand for hair extension services, but they're popular all over the globe. And why are they so popular? Well, over three quarters of women say that they choose hair extensions to add value to their look and feel more beautiful with them.

In terms of ages and demographics, women of all ages can use hair extensions for a variety of reasons. So, even if you have a particularly young or older clientele, you can still sell hair extensions to them. The main age group is between 35 and 44, but those over 45 account for 45% of the market, too.

It’s clear to see, therefore, that you can target a lot of different people when building your hair extension plan and thinking about how to start a hair extension business. By knowing your target audience, you’ll be in a better position to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. If you want to target young people, for example, you can use social media marketing, while older clients may be more receptive to different methods.

How to Market Your Hair Extension Business?


So, you might be wondering about how to get hair extension clients and how do you advertise hair extensions in order to bring more people into your business. Well, the internet can be your best friend here, and there are several key salon marketing tools and resources you can use when it comes to how to promote your hair extension business.

  1. Google My Business - Google My Business is a valuable online marketing tool. You can use it to set up your salon's profile on Google, so that your business shows up in greater detail on Google Search and Maps. This is great for helping more people find you, and verified businesses on Google are twice as likely to be deemed reputable and reliable.

  2. Website - If you want to market hair extensions, your website is one of the best advertising tools to turn to. You have full control over your business website and you can create website posts, photos, and more to show off what you can do. Many people will visit your site to find out what sorts of services you offer, along with prices and photos of previous clients, so it’s a super way to show off everything that people love about your hair business.

  3. Social Media - Many people consult social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when looking for professional salon services in their area. You can make the most of these platforms and find out how to promote your hair business on Instagram and Facebook to reach more people.

  4. Blog - A blog can be a useful long term feature of your company website. You can create blog posts talking about your salon and services, or create a post discussing the benefits and uses of hair extensions to not only build exposure, but also give your customers more info and ideas. A blog can also be a valuable SEO tool, which leads us neatly on to the next point in this list.

  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - SEO is vital if you want each post and page on your website to rank highly and get lots of clicks for a very low cost. All you have to do is find keywords for hair extensions and then create a blog post with those keywords to start boosting your online SEO scores. You can create more and more posts and pages over time to boost your site’s rankings and appear higher in results.

  6. Word of Mouth - You can also market hair extensions and raise awareness of your hair brand through old-fashioned word-of-mouth. You can ask clients to spread the word or set up referral programs as well to get more hype around your business.

  7. Email Marketing - As well as website advertising and social media marketing, email marketing is a very valuable and affordable tool to use. You could easily create customized emails and newsletters to send out to your clients and customers, letting them know about hair extensions, new trends, new products, promotions, and other info about the business.

15 Hair Extension Promotion Ideas


Hair extension promotion ideas
Hair extension promotion ideas

Now, let’s look at some simple ideas you can start to use to draw more local clients and customers into your salon to boost sales and grow your brand.

  • Make Youtube Videos - If you’re looking for some smart salon promotional ideas you could use to grow your brand, a YouTube video is a great, modern way to start. You could create videos all about hair extensions, for example, discussing how they’re used, how they’re applied, and so on, giving your clients useful information and encouraging them to pay a visit.

  • Run a Pinterest Account - Along with videos on YouTube, you can start Pinterest page, sharing photos, inspiration, and ideas connected to hair and beauty. Pinterest is a super way to not only share video and photos content, but also build a community and market your brand, too. We can mention that pinterest is a great match for HE target audience.

  • Collaborate with Influencers - Influencer marketing is all the rage right now, and many salons are working together with professional influencers to create video content. It’s a great way to reach a big audience, as a single influencer can have tens of thousands (or even more) followers on their Twitter page or TikTok account, for example. They can expand your reach in an instant.

  • Use Instagram Ads - If you’re interested in creating an Instagram account and making the most of it, make use of Instagram ads. You’ll need to pay a small price to advertise on this social media site, but it’s a great way to get your videos and photos seen by more people, raising awareness and showing off all the amazing things your stylist team can do.

  • Run Social Media Contests - Another fun idea you can use to sell more hair extensions at your business is to create fun social media contests on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ask followers to share images for you, providing free marketing in exchange for the chance to win a prize, like some free hair extensions of their own.

  • Use Google Ads - Google advertising is another hugely powerful resource to sell your services and raise your customer count. With Google ads, when people look for professional salons and hair extensions in their area, your business will be one of the first names at the top of the list for them to click on and find out more about.

  • Negotiate Cross Promotions - Another useful way to raise sales and boost your brand is to work together with other local businesses and brands in your area with similar target audiences to you. You can join forces with them to make joint promotions, events, or marketing campaigns.

  • Make Business Cards - Business cards can be valuable little marketing tools, and they’re virtually free to make. Try to think of some fun slogans for hair extensions business or hair extension quotes and hair extensions captions you can use on your cards to make them stand out in the eyes of your customer base.

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  • Use Local Advertising - Local advertising, such as local shop signs, billboards, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines, can be one of the best strategies to get clients interested in what you have to offer, while also getting in touch with the local community and integrating your team with surrounding businesses and companies.

  • Organize a Makeover Event - A party or event can be a super way to raise your client numbers and get people interested in your business. And makeover events are huge in the salon world. You can invite a makeup artist or stylist in and provide makeovers for every client, or set up contest events where a client can win a free makeover.

  • Stimulate Referrals - Every referral you can get is a new potential lead that you can convert into a paying client, so it makes sense to try and stimulate as many referrals as possible. There are plenty of ways to do this, from feedback forms and sharing systems on your site or Facebook account to simply asking customers to refer their friends and family to you.

  • Ask for Reviews - Reviews are an amazing example of effective online marketing that you can enjoy for free. Clients can post free reviews of your hair extensions and other services on Facebook, Yelp or other sites that show up in Google search results. Ask your most loyal guests to write reviews and start getting some free marketing right away.

  • Run a Loyalty Program - A good quality loyalty program can also be an effective part of your hair extensions marketing strategy. People tend to appreciate this kind of service, as they like to earn points and rewards, and you can customize the program however you like, with a free service for a certain amount of points or other bonuses. This will keep people coming back to you whenever they want high quality hair extensions.

  • Consider Male Audience - Don’t forget that women aren’t the only people who might want to search for hair extensions. Men can have an interest in this sort of hair service, too. Appealing to a niche market like this is a good way to make your hair business stand out from the crowd, while also showing that you think outside of the box. This can be very attractive and appealing to would-be clients in the area.

  • Feature and Repost Clients on Social Media - Another option you might like to make use of, with the help of your clients, is to feature photo or video content from your clients on your social accounts. Essentially, this is a way to make use of a client as an affiliate, letting them show off their hair extensions and then giving you an opportunity to share or repost their photos to your own followers.

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There’s a huge amount of demand for hair extensions right now, and you can cash in on the craze by making hair extensions a big part of your business. However, as this guide shows, offering hair extensions isn’t enough; you also need to make sure you’re selling them correctly and letting people know that your salon is the best place to go for all their hair extension needs.

Hopefully, this guide has shown you some simple and effective salon marketing ideas for hair extensions to get you on the path to success. Use the ideas that work with your budget and match the vibe and strategy of your business for best results, and start taking your hair extension marketing game to the next level, today.



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