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Coming up with the right shortlist of spa names for your new or rebranded spa it’s a very important step to take before you find the perfect one for you, that will reflect and represent your brand.

Your business name will be the first thing people will notice about your spa and it needs to associate with the feeling of calm and serenity when your clients can relax their bodies as well as their minds. Not to mention that you also need to stand out from the competition.

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  1. How Important Is Your Spa Name?
  2. What Should a Good Spa Name Do?
  3. What Are Good Spa Names? 
  4. How To Choose a Spa Name?
  5. Spa Name Ideas
  6. Next Steps
  7. Conclusion

How Important Is Your Spa Name?


Unless you're setting up in a village or a very small town, chances are that you'll be competing with many other spas or high-end beauty venues.

Choosing a unique name can be a challenge but it's the essential part of the necessary marketing strategy to make your new spa stand out from the competition.

Your spa’s name plays a massive role in a business’s perception and growth, meaning it can completely make or break your success.

It's amazing just how important your choice of a good name can be.

Take time to pick the right name for your business, as it is something that will be with you for years to come.

What Should a Good Spa Name Do?


Giving a good name to your spa business should, as mentioned previously, be your biggest marketing tool - apart from giving your clients a great product and customer experience.

Here are some of the key factors in choosing the best spa name.

Give the Right Impression

Unless you're going for a really low-budget market segment, the name of your spa should suggest visitors are in for a treat… and a touch of luxury.

Clients (of all genders and non-genders) today want to feel pampered when they get their spa treatment, so pick a name that gives the right impression.

Consider Your Market

A good name should reflect the clientele you're aiming your services at.

If you're opening in a hip, up-and-coming district with lots of trendy businesses moving in, the name should be suitably cool.

However, if your clients are likely to be more mature and conservative, choose something more traditional and 'safe'.

What Are Good Spa Names?



What are good spa namesWhat are Good Spa Names?

A good spa name is something that your clients should clearly understand. They should know what you’re offering and they should be able to easily relate to it.

It should be something that is clear, simple, and direct. You should also consider making it catchy, as catchy names are easier for customers to recall.

If customers don’t understand your name at a quick glance, they’re unlikely to remember it later on. Good brand names don’t require too much explanation.

Spa Business Names are Visual

The name of your spa is going to be all over the premises - literally.

It'll be on the shop front, your website, the leaflets you distribute … So before you decide on a name, study how it looks.

Create a mockup of the shop front in an online design tool like Canva.com and play with different fonts, colors and layouts. You might find that a name you love looks completely 'wrong' in print.

Reflect The Business

The name needs to indicate what the business is about.

It doesn't have to be as straightforward as 'Hayley's Fantastic Spa', but does need to hint that it's a spa.

Don't Make Potential Customers Cringe

The days are gone when the likes of a generic name like ‘Luxury Spa VIP’ would appeal to customers.

Today's customers are more sophisticated and will immediately see this type of name as dated and belonging to the 1980s.

Play with creative spa names, but don't go too far and make your customers cringe.

Consider Your Focus

If your spa is going to specialize in a particular treatment, such as massages or facials, choose a name that points towards that specialty.

This will remind customers of what you offer.

Using Your Name in The Name of Your Spa

Many spa owners use their own first or last name to make their spa name unique.

Initially, this may seem like a good idea but can cause problems if you ever come to sell your business. Putting your name above the door can cause issues for the new owner, staff, and clients as people are expecting you to be within the business.

We always suggest if you are going to choose a name, always choose a surname that may not be related to the owner. A good example of this would be Taylor Taylor London, which was started by Bradley Taylor. This is a spa, but the same principle applies and you could apply the same technique to your spa. Although Bradley has nothing to do with the salon anymore, due to the wordplay of his surname, the salon continues to go on. Pick the right spa name and your business could go from strength to strength too!

The Best Names are Clever, but Not Too Clever

Playing with words to create a cool business name is fun and memorable.

But be careful that you don't take it too far, leaving your clients puzzled or more concerned with sending a picture of your weird shop sign to a friend than actually checking out your services.

Keep It Short

Business names shouldn't be too long, or they'll take up too much space on the shop front. Think about your spa logo.

How To Choose a Spa Name?

How to choose a spa name
How to Choose a Spa Name?

Now we are getting to the exciting part and going through these steps to choosing the perfect name for your spa.

Here are some key steps to go through when choosing a name:

Start Early

The time to begin working on a name is when you first think of opening a spa. Then once you've made a choice you've got time to reflect and decide if it's really the name you want.

If you conclude that it's not really working, after all, you've got time to pick another one.

Check out Google

Research another city or town (even in another country), such as ‘spa names in London’, and browse through the Google results and get inspiration from that.

Check Your Own Town

As well as coming up with ideas, you need to eliminate spa names that are too similar or identical to those of your competitors.

Check what other spas in the area are called so that you don't inadvertently pick a name that might lead to your spa being confused with another.

Check Out that Your Domain Name is Available

Having a website for your spa is becoming more and more important as it is one of the first things that people look for when searching you online.

Check Out Social Media

With thousands of spas in the USA, you need to search Facebook and Instagram to see which spas also have similar (or the same) to the ones on your shortlist.

If there are too many, then think about your clients when referring their friends to you and whether it is easy to find you to make that all-important first appointment.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Get some of your friends together, open some bottles of wine, and get them to come up with spa name ideas. Make sure you're sober when you actually make the choice though, or you could end up with a name you regret!

Use a Spa Name Generator

There are lots of free tools to help you pick a name. You can use a tool that's specifically for spas, or a general business name generator. But even if you don't see a name you like, the suggestions may give you ideas of your own.

Search Pinterest for Name Ideas

Check out Pinterest for suggestions. You'll find countless ideas to choose from or spark off ideas of your own.

Spa Name Ideas


Below you will find our preselected list of classy spa names for your inspiration.

Catchy Spa Names

Attractive and easy to remember, catchy spa names will surely help your business to stand out.

  1.    Relaxxa  
  2.     True Rest  
  3.     Bliss  
  4.     Body n Mind Spa  
  5.     The Zen Company  
  6.     Perfecta  
  7.     Sparadise  
  8.     Cloud 9  
  9.     Relax in Wax  
  10.     Relexology Spa  
  11.     Pure  
  12.    All About Me  
  13.     Dax & Wax Spa  
  14.     Soulspring  
  15.     Lavella Spa  
  16.     Savor  
  17.     Poised  
  18.     SpaSpace  
  19.     Serenity Called  

Medical Spa Names

If you specialize on medical spa treatments you should definitely reflect it in your business name.

  1.     Skinsational  
  2.     Doctor Skin  
  3.     Sculpted Young  
  4.     Aphrodite Spa  
  5.     A Perfect 10 Spa  
  6.     Wonder Skin  
  7.     The Skin Lab  
  8.     Spring Of Youth  
  9.     Vitality  
  10.     The Science of Beauty Spa  
  11.     Beauty Defined  
  12.     Reset Med Spa  
  13.    White Coat Spa  
  14.     Wise Group Spa  
  15.     Skin Advisor Spa  

Cool Day Spa Names

A cool name will attract younger, dynamic audience that otherwise may be quite bored with traditional spa names they see everywhere.

  1.     Care Bear Spa  
  2.     Little Sunshine  
  3.     Bubbles Spa  
  4.     Body Butter Spa  
  5.     Oasis Day Spa  
  6.     Spa Express  
  7.     Hot Stones  
  8.     Staycation Spa  
  9.     Elite Day Spa  
  10.     Naturespot  
  11.     Lush Life Spa  
  12.     Rescue Spa  
  13.     Fantasy point Spa  
  14.    Sugar Love Spa  
  15.     Beauty Retreat Spa  
  16.     Precious Care Spa  
  17.     Sunkiss Spa  
  18.     Foenix Care Spa  
  19.     Sweet Magic Spa  

Calming Spa Names

Rest and relaxation is on the top list of probably every spa client anywhere in the world. You may go and set the right mood from the very beginning - your spa business name.

  1.    River Pebble  
  2.    Body Melody  
  3.    Solitude Spa  
  4.    Float  
  5.    Sweet Relief  
  6.    Escape  
  7.    Hideaway  
  8.    Sunny Stone  
  9.    Deep Breath Spa  
  10.    A Peaceful Escape  
  11.    Ten Thousand Waves  
  12.    Waves  
  13.    Thermal Thoughts  
  14.    Still Water Spa  
  15.    Cloud Retreat  
  16.    Lakeview  
  17.     Blueberry Moon Spa  
  18.    Pure Harmony  
  19.    Tranquil Garden  

Flower Spa Names

Flowers are a great source of inspiration for a spa name reminding people both of nature and beauty.

  1.     Lavender Love  
  2.     White Orchid  
  3.     Golden tulip Spa  
  4.     Moon Flower Spa  
  5.     Green Orchid Spa  
  6.     Lotus Spa  
  7.     Water Lily Day Spa  
  8.     Flora Sense  
  9.     Daisy Darling Spa  
  10.     Purple Orchid  
  11.     Fresia Freeze  

Unique Day Spa Names

Either it is something illustrating your speciality or just an unusual name, choosing something unique will for sure make people curious and remember your spa better.

  1.    Vedic Life  
  2.    Beauty Bomb Spa  
  3.    Cedar House Spa  
  4.     Angel’s wings Spa  
  5.    Spa Silver Cloud  
  6.    Earth Veda  
  7.   Mirage Spa  
  8.    Golden Oaks  
  9.    Stars And Moon Spa  
  10.    Krystal Mountain Spa  
  11.    Touch n Glow Spa  
  12.    Body and Soul  
  13.    Mirror Mirror  
  14.    Spa Sprezzatura (effortless elegance)  
  15.    Paradise Point Resort  

Spa Names in French

Can’t find the right words in English? Not a problem! Check out some beautiful spa names in  French if you want something just a little bit more exotic.

  1.     La Belle (beauty)  
  2.     Bellе Vie (beautiful life)  
  3.     Elle (She)  
  4.     Spa L’eau (water)  
  5.     Soleil Spa (sun)  
  6.     Spa Magnifique (wonderful)  
  7.     Plein de Vie (full of life)  
  8.     Étoile (star)  
  9.     Bisou (kiss)  
  10.     Cieux (heaven)  
  11.     Apaiser (calm)  
  12.     Nouveauté (novelty)  
  13.     Lueur (glow)  
  14.     Rêve (dream)  
  15.     Réflexions (reflections)  

Next Steps


Once you have selected your shortlist of names for your spa you should have a structured approach to reduce the shortlist down to your final choice.

Create a Shortlist

Pick three unique spa names that you like. You might find that your second choice is actually the one that you prefer.

Once you have selected the 3 then test them out on your family and friends. It is a good idea to tell them your spa's concept, which will allow them to make a better decision for you.

Don't be standing over their shoulder asking them which one, simply send it to them together with your concept and let them decide stress-free.

Take Your Time

You want your spa to be a success, so you're hopefully going to be using the name for a long time.

This means you need to pick a name you're comfortable with, just like choosing a name for your child!

Rebranding is expensive, and confusing for customers, so you don't want to regret your choice of spa name.



Deciding on a name for your spa should take time and effort. Don’t just pick the first thing you like, play with a couple of ideas at least. Do your market research and find a classy name that suits your target market.

A good spa name will become synonymous with your brand and image, so make sure you feel proud of it. Test whether you enjoy working with it and how people react to it. Test your logos out and check that lots of spas don’t have the same name.

A good spa name could help create a successful business, so make sure you choose wisely.


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