101 Inspirational Ideas for Nail Salon Names for 2023

Before you even open the doors and welcome your first client you need to find the right name for your nail salon. It’s not easy to come up with the perfect nail names for business but we’re here to help. 

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  1. How Important Is Your Nail Salon Name?
  2. What Should A Good Nail Salon Name Do?
  3. What Are Good Nail Business Names?
  4. How To Choose Your Nail Salon Name?
  5. Nail Salon Name Ideas
  6. Next Steps
  7. Conclusion

How Important Is Your Nail Salon Name?


You’ll probably be competing with a lot of other nail salons and beauty spas, or other high-end nail salons unless you’re setting up a shop in an extremely small town.

And while choosing your unique name might be a bit challenging, it’s also crucial if you want to market your nail business and stand apart from your competition.

Your nail salon name can make or break the success of your business. It plays a critical role in how your nail salon will be perceived by clients and the local community.

It's amazing just how important your choice of a good name can be.

If everything goes well, you and the name that you choose for your business will be together for a very long time. So make sure to choose wisely.

What Should A Good Nail Salon Name Do?


Making sure that your nail salon business has a good name is one of your biggest marketing tools. It’s just as important as the great experience that you give each client.

Let’s look at fey things to consider when choosing a name for your nail salon.

Give the Right Impression

As long as you’re not planning to operate a cheap & fast nail salon, the name of your nail salon should let your clients know that they’re in for a touch of luxury and a high-class experience.

Clients (of all genders and non-genders) today want to feel pampered when they get their nails done. Choose a name that reflects this.

Consider Your Market

The best names call to the clientele that you’re trying to attract. Who are you aiming your services towards?

A nail salon that’s opening up in a hip, an up-and-coming district with tons of great cafes and trendy shops, for example, needs a suitably cool name.

If, however, you plan on dealing with more conservative clients, you may want to go with something more traditional for your name.

What Are Good Nail Business Names?

What are good nail salon names
What are Nail Salon Names?

Clients will easily understand a good nail salon name. They’ll know exactly what to expect and why they should choose your nail salon.

It should be something that is clear, simple, and direct. Consider making it catchy, as catchy nail salon names are easier for customers to remember.

Don’t forget, if your customers don’t understand your name at a quick glance, they probably won’t remember it later.

You want to be memorable.

Nail Salon Names are Visual

You’d better like the name that you choose for your nail salon, because it’s literally going to be all over the premises.

It'll be on the business cards, your shop front, your website, the leaflets you distribute … So before you decide on a name, check out how it looks in print.

You can make a mockup of the shop front in an online design tool like Canva.com and play with a lot of different fonts, colors, and layouts.

You might decide that a name you thought you loved actually looks unappealing once it’s printed.

Reflect the Business

Whatever name you choose, it needs to reflect your business.

For instance, it doesn't have to be as straightforward as 'Good Nail Salon for Nail Fans', but it should at the very least hint at the services you provide.

Don't Make Potential Customers Cringe

Make sure your nail salon name doesn’t look outdated (unless you’re aiming at retro but then make sure the intent is obvious), keep your audience in mind, would they find it chic or too pretentious? Funny or embarrassing?

Try playing with some creative nail salon names. Have fun, but don't go too far and make your customers cringe.

Consider Your Focus

Do you have a speciality?

If your nail salon will focus on a particular aspect of nail care such as gel nails or pedicures, choose a name that highlights this.

You want to remind customers of what you can offer them.

Using Your Name in The Name of Your Nail Business

Many nail salon owners decide to use their own first or last name in their nail salon name, in order to be unique.

This might sound like a good idea at first, but it can cause problems if you ever want to sell your business later on.

People will probably expect you to be in the business, if your name is above the door. This can cause confusion for staff and clients.

One great strategy is trying to make it a bit more universal. The perfect example of this strategy is Taylor Taylor London, which was started by Bradley Taylor. Although Bradley has nothing to do with the salon anymore, the wordplay of his last name keeps the brand going strong to this day.

Although you’re running a nail salon rather than a hair salon, you can learn from this example and make your own business (and its name) a great success.

The Best Names are Clever, but Not Too Clever

We know that it’s fun to play with words and create a cool and memorable nail business name.

Just try to be careful that you don't take it too far, and make your potential customers groan. You want them to be proud to share your nail salon name on their social media, and they might not do this if it’s something too weird.

Keep It Short

How much space do you have on your shop front? A business name that’s too long simply won’t fit or will look cluttered. Think about how you want your logo to look.

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How To Choose Your Nail Salon Name?

How to choose your nail salon name
How to Choose Your Nail Salon Name?

Here’s the exciting part! You get to go through these steps and choose the perfect nail salon name.

Here are some important things that you’ll need to go through when choosing a name:

Start Early

You should begin working on a name as soon as you first think of opening a nail salon. Then, you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether it’s right for you.

Even if you’re absolutely sure that your choice of nail salon name is perfect, you’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time to check and double check everything.

Check out Google

Start by researching another city or town (even in another country), Try typing in ‘nail salon names in Chicago’ for instance, and look through the results. This can be great if you’re still looking for inspiration.

Check Your Own Town

Coming up with your own ideas is great, but you’ll also need to eliminate nail salon names that are too similar or even identical to those of your competitors.

After all, you don’t want clients to confuse your salon with another one nearby.

Check Out that Your Domain Name is Available

Having a website for your nail salon is a must. It’s becoming more and more important because it’s one of the first things people search for when they Google you.

Make sure to do a quick search online for available domain names that work with your nail salon business name.

Check Out Social Media

There are thousands of nail salons throughout the USA. Take your shortlist and see which ones have names on Facebook and Instagram that are similar to the ones you’ve chosen.

If there are too many, you need to think about your clients referring their friends to you — you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you.

If they can’t find you online easily, it will be harder for them to make that all-important first appointment.

Ask Your Friends and Family

This can be a lot of fun.

You can make an event out of it: get some of your friends together, open some bottles of wine, order your favorite pizza, and get them to come up with nail salon name ideas.

Of course, you’ll need to be sober when you make your final name choice, unless you want to commit to a name that you might regret later on.

Use a Nail Salon Names Generator

The internet is your friend here.

You can find many free tools online to help you choose the right name. You can use a tool that's made specifically for nail salons, or a general business name generator. But even if you don't see a name you like, the suggestions might inspire you to come up with one of your own.

Search Pinterest for Name Ideas

Pinterest is a valuable tool for anyone starting a business. You'll find countless ideas and suggestions to choose from or spark off ideas of your own.

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Nail Salon Name Ideas


Below you will find our preselected list of classy nail salon names for your inspiration.

Unique Nail Salon Names

  1. Nail Rituals
  2. Hands Down Nail Services
  3. Pearls Nail Salon
  4. All hands
  5. Mani-Pedi
  6. Sister’s Nails
  7. Pink Petals
  8. Posh & Polished
  9. Pink Me Up
  10. Everything Nails
  11. Polish n Style
  12. Oh My Nails
  13. Barefoot Nail Bar
  14. Polished Too
  15. Beyond Manicures
  16. UrbanMinutes
  17. Express Nails
  18. Personal Touch Salon
  19. Nail Nation
  20. Polish Up
  21. Model Nails

Catchy Nail Salon Names

  1. Vanity Projects
  2. Mad Click
  3. Envy Nails Salon
  4. Nail Lovers
  5. Nails Only
  6. Flash Nails
  7. Forever Nails
  8. Martinis and Manicures
  9. Royal Nails
  10. Nail Swag
  11. Nail Couture
  12. House of Nails
  13. Picture Perfect Nail Boutique
  14. Nail Story
  15. Nailium
  16. Nails First
  17. The Nail Spot
  18. Wow Wow Nails
  19. The Nail Affair
  20. The Nail Lab
  21. Nail Time

Cute Nail Salon Names

  1. Bossy Nails
  2. Nail Delights
  3. Pinkies Nail Salons
  4. Lovely Lady Nails
  5. Fairy Craft
  6. Pretty Bloom
  7. Fancy Feet By Tammy
  8. Holding Hands
  9. Mademoiselle Nails
  10. Nails with Love
  11. Pinky Nail
  12. U Pretty Nails
  13. Tip Toes
  14. The Nail Fairies
  15. Think Pink
  16. Hello Gorgeous
  17. Glitter Girls
  18. Glamour Girl
  19. Dream Nails
  20. Blink and Polish Nails Salon
  21. Spring Hands

Funny Nail Salon Names

  1. For Your Nails Only
  2. Nails Up
  3. Stylicle
  4. Nailing It
  5. Toesies
  6. Twinkle Toes Nail Salon
  7. Manicure Mamas
  8. Toe Pros
  9. Little Piggies Nail Spa
  10. Plush Pinkies
  11. Nail’d It
  12. The Nail-Aid
  13. Nailcessity
  14. Phenomenails
  15. Classy Claws
  16. Cute-icles
  17. Barefoot Beauty
  18. Holy Nails!
  19. Manicure Addicts

Creative Name for a Nail Salon

  1. Painted lady
  2. The Gloss Society
  3. Nail Extravagants
  4. Cuticure Nail Salon
  5. Oh Nails!
  6. Beautify Nail Salon
  7. Glitteretti
  8. Raise a Hand
  9. Nail Craze
  10. Beautylicious Nail Salon
  11. Nail Maestro Pallette
  12. Tip to Toe
  13. Vitamin B
  14. 2 x 10 Nails
  15. Prismatique
  16. Nailologists
  17. Nailarama
  18. Nail Nurses
  19. Zenails

Next Steps


Now that you’ve selected your shortlist of nail names for your nail salon you’ll need to have a structured approach to narrow down the shortlist. From here, you can make your final choice.

Create a Shortlist

Start by choosing three unique nail salon names that you like. You might even find that you actually prefer your second choice the most.

Now that you’ve selected the top 3, you can test them out on your family and friends. Telling them about your nail salon’s concept will help them make the best possible choice.

Please remember not to stand over their shoulder asking them which one they like. Instead, simply send it to them together with your concept and let them decide on their own. You’ll get better results this way.

Take Your Time

With any luck, your nail salon will be a big success and you will use this name for a long time.

Think of it like picking a name for your firstborn child- you need to feel happy with your choice.

Remember, it’s expensive to rebrand a business. It’s also very confusing for customers. You will save a lot of time, stress and money by carefully choosing a name that you won’t regret.



It takes time and effort to decide on a name for your nail salon. Play with a couple of ideas before settling on the name that you like the best. It’s important to do your market research and pick a name that suits your nail salon’s brand image and target market.

The best nail salon names become synonymous with your brand and its image, so make your final choice carefully.

Play around with it for a few days and see whether you enjoy working with it. You should also send it to your friends, staff and family and see how they react to it. This is a good opportunity to test out your logos and also make sure that there aren’t any nail salons in your area with the same name.

Above all else, choose wisely and enjoy the process. A good nail salon name will signal a successful business.


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