How and Where to Find the Best Nail Salon Chairs in 2023

Whether you’re shopping for luxury nail salon chairs, simple pedicure chairs or just trying to find the right chairs for nail salon staff, there are some things to consider.

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We’ll look at how to select the best nail salon chairs for pedicure and manicure clients, elements of good nail salon technician chairs, what nail salon chairs cost, and where to find them.

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  1. How To Choose The Best Chair For Nail Clients?
  2. How Much Are Nail Salon Chairs?
  3. How To Find Used Salon Chairs?
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How To Choose The Best Chair For Nail Clients?


Client chairs for nail salon use need to meet multiple criteria- they need to be functional, just like all nail salon equipment, they need to be comfortable, they need to fit with the nail salon’s decor, and they need to be affordable.

That may seem like a lot to ask, but don’t worry- finding the right nails salon chairs is possible (and it can even be fun to shop for them).

To start, you’ll want to determine what type of chair you’ll need- as with all salon equipment, this depends on the chair’s purpose and the needs of your clientele. Here are some common nail salon client chairs:

Nail Salon Manicure Chairs: These are often the most straightforward, and can be big and cushy affairs or small nail salon chairs with wheels or casters. Since a manicure can take upwards of 30 minutes, they need to be comfortable and supportive, but are also usually light and mobile.

Nail salon manicure chairs
Nail Salon Manicure Chairs

Nail Salon Pedicure Chairs: Pedicure chairs should make clients feel comfortable and relaxed. They’re typically stationary pieces of equipment with a seat and back that can be adjusted, as well as movable/adjustable arms and leg rests for different clients. Prices tend to be a bit higher for pedicure chairs in general. Of course, they can also be simpler or paired with equipment like a soaking basin.

Nail salon pedicure chairs
Nail Salon Pedicure Chairs

Nail salon pedicure chairs
Nail Salon Pedicure Chairs

Nail Salon Massage Chairs: These make excellent nail salon customer chairs, whether it’s to pass the time while waiting for your appointment, or to luxuriate in while getting a mani-pedi. As far as salon equipment goes, prices are usually on the higher side, and they require a power source.

Nail salon massage chairs
Nail Salon Massage Chairs

Nail Salon Spa Chairs: The cadillac of nail salon chairs for clients, these are very comfortable and feature a built-in basin for soaking tired feet, and sometimes even heat or massage functions. These are most commonly used as pedicure chairs.

Nail salon spa chairs
Nail Salon Spa Chairs

Nail salon spa chairs
Nail Salon Spa Chairs

Nail Technician Chairs: Since they spend a large amount of their time seated, often leaning over a client during a pedicure or manicure, it’s important to have a nail tech chair with back support that’s mobile, adjustable, comfortable and easy to clean.

Nail technician chairs
Nail Technician Chairs

Nail Salon Kids’ Chairs: Kid-friendly nail services are trending, and when it comes to beautiful chairs, there are more options than ever. Finding a nail salon with kid chairs is easier than it used to be, but they’re still a hot commodity in most cities.

These might take the shape of miniature pink nail salon chairs with tiny pedicure stools, or have a cartoon, princess or animal theme- the sky’s the limit. If you’re running a nail salon that has kid chairs, expect happy moms and happier kids.

Nail salon kids’ chairs
Nail Salon Kids’ Chairs

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How Much Are Nail Salon Chairs?


The prices for nail salon tables and chairs can vary- simple, modern nail salon chairs can start as low as $100 but go up considerably from there. Pedicure chairs cost more, often ranging from $1000 for simple models to $10,000 for luxury equipment.

A nail technician’s chair or stool usually costs around $100-$200 for a good quality one.

Of course, there are a lot of good-quality used nail salon chairs for sale, and retailers that sell nail salon chairs wholesale, so don’t be afraid to shop around and compare prices.

While some equipment sellers offer financing options, you should be prepared ahead of time and include these nail salon equipment expenses in your budget and business plan, especially if you’re starting out.

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How To Find Used Salon Chairs?


Even if you’re looking for luxurious nail salon chairs, cheap prices aren’t out of the question. You just need to get creative.

One of the best ways to find cheap nail salon chairs (manicure and pedicure) is to shop for used ones.

For anyone looking for used but beautiful chairs, nail salons often put theirs up for sale on social media sites like Facebook Marketplace.

You should check auction sites like Ebay, Spreeberry or the Shpock app, along with online classified ad websites like Gumtree or Craigslist.

Finally, you can get second hand nail salon chairs from suppliers and wholesalers- contact them and ask about purchasing former shop rentals, floor models of current nail salon equipment and trade-ins.

Don’t be afraid to shop around- and ask about what’s available.

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You might be searching for basic white nail salon chairs, or maybe you’re going to shop around until you find the modern, luxury pedicure spa throne of your dreams. Either way, finding the right furniture and nail salon equipment is crucial to your business and brand image.

Good nail salon chairs will make life easier for your staff and keep your clients coming back. So take your time and don’t settle for something that’s just “okay.” It’s important to get the right ones.


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