Eye-Catching Nail Salon Business Card Ideas for 2023

Nail salon business cards are a great way to market and expand your business. They make it easier to give referrals, encourage client loyalty and boost your advertising in many other ways.

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We’ll go over some tips and strategies to help you create great-looking nails business cards, ideas and inspiration to help you get started, plus some resources you can use.

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  1. What Should Be on a Nail Salon Business Card?
  2. How to Make a Nail Salon Business Card?
  3. Nail Salon Business Cards Ideas
  4. Nail Salon Slogans and Quotes for Business Cards
  5. Nail Salon Business Card Maker
  6. Nail Salon Business Cards Templates Free
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What Should Be on a Nail Salon Business Card?


Above all, good business cards are useful- having a design that reflects your nail salon’s personality is important, but you need to make sure that this design includes key information about your brand and services.

  • Your Logo

    Your nail salon’s logo is key because it’ll help clients identify you and your brand quickly, making it easier to find you and helping you to stand out from the competition.

  • The Nail Salon’s Name

    Put this right at the top of your nail tech business card or your salon’s business cards. You can also include your name if you like.

  • Specialties

    Keep it simple, but include your own role (such as owner, nail tech, etc.) and nail services you specialize in.

  • Contact Info

    Your work phone number, the business’s address and any websites or social media pages you have set up.

  • Appointment Details

    Include a space on the opposite side to jot down appointment details and information for clients.

  • Additional Info

    This might include a QR code for your nail salon’s website or social media pages, for example.

How to make a nail salon business card
How to Make a Nail Salon Business Card?

How to Make a Nail Salon Business Card?

  • Think Outside the Box (or Rectangle)

    Nail business card designs don’t all have to follow the traditional rectangular shape. Consider trying an oval, square, or rounding and shaping the corners. Just make sure it can still fit in a wallet or pocket easily.

  • Decide on Your Color Scheme

    Whether it’s chic, modern black-and-white, or fun-loving splashes of neon color, business cards for nails should match your salon’s branding. Keep in mind that fewer colors are more affordable overall.

  • Use a Logo and Graphics

    Make sure your logo is visible, but you can have fun with its placement and even add other nail-related images or content.

  • Communicate Your Speciality

    What sets you apart from the competition? If you specialize in custom nail designs or gel manicures, let them know.

  • Add a Tagline

    A short slogan can be a fun way to make a great first impression and be memorable. Add it at the top, middle or bottom of the card…“Nailed it!”

  • Consider Textures and Finishes

    Using different textures or even shiny gold or silver fonts in your nail business cards can give a unique sensory experience. Check out what your competitors are doing, too.

  • Create a Series

    You have so many options- you don’t have to limit yourself to just one design. Consider creating multiple business cards (perhaps one for each technician) with a similar theme, then search for and add unique images or colors.

  • Keep it Useful

    They can double as loyalty cards or have space for saving appointment dates, making it more likely that clients will keep them.

  • Use the Back of Your Business Card

    This is a great place for adding extra contact details or saving appointment notes, recommendations and dates.

  • Hire a Professional Designer

    When in doubt, invest in a professional. They have all of the experience and tools to take your suggestions and come up with nail business card designs that look great.

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Nail Salon Business Cards Ideas


We’ve taken a look and found some unique nail business cards ideas. You can use these for inspiration when creating your own.

Nail Salon Business Cards

Nail salon business card idea
Image from: creativemarket.com

Professional Nail Technician Business Card

Professional nail technician business card idea
Image from: stock.adobe.com

Fun Nail Salon Business Cards

Fun nail salon business card idea
Image from: stock.adobe.com

Fun nail salon business card idea
Image from: zazzle.com

Modern Nail Business Cards Designs

Modern nail salon business card design
Image from: zazzle.com

Modern nail salon business card design
Image from: dreamstime.com

Retro Nail Tech Business Card Ideas

Retro nail tech business card idea
Image from: vexels.com

Retro nail tech business card idea
Image from: 123rf.com

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Nail Salon Slogans and Quotes for Business Cards


Adding a fun quote or slogan is another way to change your design and make it unique. It can be thought-provoking or reflect your brand. Some options include:

  • Let’s get nailed.
  • Looking sharp!
  • Put your best foot (or hand) forward.
  • Because life’s too short to have ugly nails.
  • Nail techs add color to your life.

Nail Salon Business Card Maker


If you’re ready to create your own business card design, there are many online tools that can help, including Shopify and Zazzle.


This site has a free online business card maker which lets you input your business and contact info, then upload your logo and images. Then, you can download and print the finished cards.


Zazzle’s online marketplace connects designers and clients, and its pre-made styles can provide inspiration if you want to save time and design your own products. You can choose from a lot of design options, including different shapes and sizes.

Nail Salon Business Cards Templates Free


If you’re still coming up with ideas, we’ve created some templates to help you get started. Use these to create the perfect business card design for nail salon owners or technicians- feel free to get creative and adapt them to suit your nail salon’s brand.



Whether you’re running a hip, modern salon or starting your own small business, creating the right nail salon business cards can do a lot to improve your brand image and get the word out. That said, it doesn’t have to be hard work- in fact, it can be a lot of fun to do!


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