How to Create Massage Therapy Mission Statement in 2023| Examples

A massage therapy mission statement is a crucial element of your business strategy. It indicates to new and existing clients, staff, and business associates what your massage therapy is all about and what your values are.

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This post will guide you in writing a clear, memorable, and appealing massage therapy mission statement and give you some inspiring samples.

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  1. What Is a Massage Therapy Mission Statement?
  2. Why Is Massage Therapy Mission Statement Important?
  3. How to Write a Massage Therapy Mission Statement?
  4. Massage Therapy Mission Statement Samples
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What Is a Massage Therapy Mission Statement?


A massage therapy mission statement is a short, action-based overview of your business goals and objectives, main values, and how they will benefit your clients. It should reflect your massage therapy's character, leave a lasting impression of your massage therapy brand, and highlight your unique points over your competition. It is a vital part of a massage therapy's business plan and a reference point to all significant decisions in your business.

Why Is Massage Therapy Mission Statement Important?


Your massage therapy mission statement communicates your vision and ideas to anyone involved in your business, from business partners to clients.

The Main Advantages of a Good Massage Therapy Mission Statement Are:

  1. Helps to clarify your goals

    Opening massage therapy is overwhelming and stressful. It is easy to lose your objectives and forget why in all the different work you have to do. Creating a massage therapy mission statement will help you remain on track and help you keep your long-term massage therapy marketing strategy cohesive.

  2. Helps to share the work

    If your massage therapists know the endgame, they can support you much better with different duties and organize the work to profit the business.

  3. Motivates your team

    Shared objectives and values are essential for productive teamwork and a healthy work environment. Sharing your vision will motivate your masseurs to succeed in your business.

  4. Brings in customers

    These days consumers are not just looking for a massage. They want to be a part of something that makes the world better, even if it's a small change. Seeing that you stand up for the things they value may tip the scales in your favor.

  5. Attracts investors and

    None of them wants to be a part of yet another massage therapy. Your mission statement will tell them why they should choose your business over many other massage therapies out there.

Matrix Spa & Massage
Matrix Spa & Massage

How to Write a Massage Therapy Mission Statement?


An ideal mission statement should range from two to four phrases and not exceed 100 words. Ultimately, the mission statement for your massage therapy should be just the right length to get your point across, demonstrate your proposition to clients (superior customer service), and how you inspire your team to accomplish your business objectives.

Key Elements of a Massage Therapy Mission Statement

Focus your statement on these four elements:

  1. Value. What value does your massage therapy offer your clients and your staff?
  2. Inspiration. Why should people want to visit your massage therapy?
  3. Plausibility. Make it sound believable.
  4. Specificity. Tie it back to your business.

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Tips for Creating a Good Massage Therapy Mission Statement

  1. Define your business purpose. Why did you start your massage therapy? Why is it your passion?
  2. Describe what and how your massage therapy aligns with your values and priorities.
  3. Consider your target clients. Why should they choose your massage therapy? What are they looking for in massage therapy? Where do they live? What do they do?
  4. Reflect on your massage therapy brand. What kind of customer experience do you offer?
  5. What makes your massage therapy unique? How do you stand out from other massage therapies? What is your competitive edge?
  6. Consider your staff. Make sure the message conveys your company's culture. It's relatable, encourages, and inspires your current and future team.
  7. Make it concise. You want your mission statement to be easy to read, straightforward, and be memorable. Make sure your clients and staff easily understand your vision for massage therapy.

Common Massage Therapy Mission Statement Mistakes

  1. Boring. Don't make it a fact sheet of just what your massage therapy does.
  2. Lacking character and fun. Show what makes your massage therapy unique.
  3. Full of buzzwords and jargon. Focus on natural, straightforward language to get your main message across.

Once you've written down your massage therapy mission statement, scan for wordiness and delete anything that could be seen as hype or a buzzword. Fakeness is easily spotted and would not be suitable for your brand in the long run.

Everything you have written applies explicitly to your massage therapy, not the industry or simply any other massage therapy. Mission statements of the firms you look up to can be a great inspiration but withhold from copying them, be unique.

This is about your way and what makes you different from the rest.

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Therapeutic Massage & Wellness...
Therapeutic Massage & Wellness...

Massage Therapy Mission Statement Samples


So, what is a good mission statement for massage therapy? We have searched for some of the best mission statements for you to get inspired. Take a look and see if they can help you create your own mission statement.

Matrix Spa & Massage

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Therapeutic Massage & Wellness...

We strive to offer quality and customized treatments with a personal touch. When you come to TMW with a chronic problem, overall wellness or health concern, we make it our number one priority to address your individual needs. At the very least, we determine how to help you with pain management and ensure that any problems you experience will be addressed by educating you on how to minimize discomfort. We take pride in staying up to date with the most current clinical research to provide professional, top quality treatments empowering you to look and feel your best.

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Writing a massage therapy mission statement is both challenging and essential. Without it, your communication with partners and staff members may always miss a necessary foundation for understanding each other.

We hope this brief guide will help you, and you'll find some inspiration in the massage therapy mission examples we gathered in this post.


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