101 Ideas for Massage Business Names for 2023 | Examples

Looking for good massage business names for your new practice?

The name of your massage business should represent your brand, and be memorable and simple.

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  1. How Important Is Your Massage Business Name?
  2. What Should A Good Massage Business Name Do?
  3. What Are Good Massage Business Names?
  4. How To Choose a Massage Business Name?
  5. Massage Therapy Business Names
  6. Next Steps
  7. Conclusion

How Important Is Your Massage Business Name?


While choosing a great name can be challenging, it’s also a necessary part of your overall marketing strategy. To beat the competition, you’ll need to make your massage business stand out as much as possible.

This is where having a great massage business name is essential. It impacts how clients perceive your business, which plays a significant role in its success and future growth.

A good name choice is the first step toward the success of your massage company.

What Should a Good Salon Name Do?


Besides excellent customer service, a good name for your massage business is your most powerful marketing tool. Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing the best massage place name.

Give the Right Impression

Assuming you’re not running a very affordable express massage place, try to choose a name that suggests luxury, healing, and a high-class experience.

Your clients (of all genders and non-genders) will want to feel pampered and cared for when they visit your massage clinic, so pick a name that gives the right impression.

Consider Your Local Market

Remember that the best names reflect the clientele you’re hoping to attract. Location is a factor in this, too. For example, if you're opening in a hip and trendy district with many young people and new businesses nearby, the name should be suitably fashionable.

If your clients are a bit more conservative, it might be better to choose something more traditional.

What Are Good Massage Business Names?

What are good massage names
What are Good Massage Names?

It’s important that your massage business name be relatable for your clients and help them understand the services you offer.

Try to make it as clear, simple, and direct as you can. Consider making the name catchy, because these types of names are easier for people to remember later on.

The best brand names don’t need much explanation. If your massage therapy name is too complex, customers won’t recall what it was.

A good test is to ask yourself (or others) whether people can understand it at a glance.

Massage Business Names are Visual

You’ll see the name of your massage clinic all over the place.

It will be on your website, your shop front sign, and any business cards or leaflets you give out. Before making any decisions about the name, check out how it looks.

You can create a mockup of the shop front in an online design tool like Canva.com and play with different fonts, colors and layouts.

Sometimes, a name you thought you loved just doesn’t look right in print, and that’s fine. Keep trying until you love it.

Reflect The Business

The name needs to tell people what the business is about.

You don’t need to make it too literal like 'My massage place for those who are tired (that’s probably a bad idea and a very long sign), but it should hint at your services.

Consider Your Focus

Your focus or specialties are your selling points.

If your massage therapy specializes in a particular treatment, choose a name that points potential clients towards that.

Reminding them of what you offer will help you to stand out.

Using Your Name in the Name of Your Massage Business

Many massage business owners use their first or last names to make their massage clinic names unique.

While this might seem a good idea initially, it can cause problems later on if you want to sell your business.

It can be confusing if your name is above the door since people expect you to be present. This can cause issues for the new owner, staff, and clients.

If you are determined to choose a name, make sure to choose a surname that may not be related to just the owner.

This specific example relates to a salon, but you can take the same idea and apply it to your massage business.

The Best Names are Clever, but Not Too Clever

Wordplay is fun, especially when you’re creating a new business name.

Just be careful that you don't take it too far, and make your potential customers cringe and run to the competition.

They probably won’t want to admit to going to the Cheap & Easy massage business (let alone refer their friends to you). Instead, they’ll probably take their money to the Luxury Massage Spa.

Avoid Ambiguity

The last thing you want for your massage business name is to have a sexual or suggestive double meaning. Just imagine solving daily “misunderstandings” with customers who looked at your business name and read into something that wasn’t there. To ensure you’re out of the danger zone, check Urban Dictionary, ask your friends, or just google it.

Keep It Short

Your shop front space is limited, so your business name shouldn't be long. Try to think about how your logo will look and choose accordingly.

How To Choose a Massage Business Name?

How to choose a massage Business name
How to Choose a Massage Business Name?

Now, it’s time for the exciting part: going through the steps to choosing the perfect name for your massage business.

Here are some key steps to go through when choosing a name:

Start Early

You should begin working on a name when you first decide to open a massage business. After you’ve chosen a name, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect and decide if it's really right for you.

Then if you decide that it's not really working, you’ve still got lots of time to choose another one.

Check out Google

Begin by picking another city or town (even in another country), such as ‘massage business names in London’. Then, conduct some research using Google and get inspired by these options.

Check Your Own Town

It’s not enough to come up with ideas, you’ll also need to eliminate massage business names that are too similar or identical to those of your competitors.

Start by looking at what other massage places in the area are called. You don't want to inadvertently pick a name that gets your own massage business confused with another one in your city.

Check Out that Your Domain Name is Available

These days, it’s almost essential to have a website for your massage business. Aside from social media, this is one of the first things clients will look for.

Check Out Social Media

Because there are thousands of massage businesses in the USA, you’ll have to check Facebook and Instagram to see which massage businesses also have similar (or the same) names as the ones you’ve picked.

If there are too many, then think about your clients when referring their friends to you and whether it is easy to find you. You want to make a booking that all-important first visit as easy as possible.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Have some fun with this.

Get together with your friends, open some bottles of wine, and ask them to help you develop some massage company name ideas.

Make sure you're sober when you actually make the choice though- you don’t want to choose something you’ll regret later!

Use a Business Name Generator

The internet is your best friend here.

There are tons of free tools to help you pick a name. You can use a tool specifically for massage businesses or a general business name generator.

If you don’t see something you’re in love with right away, these names can still inspire you when you make your own choice.

Search Pinterest for Name Ideas

Make sure to check Pinterest for some ideas. It’s full of ideas to choose from or to help get your own creative juices flowing.

Massage Therapy Business Names


Below you will find our preselected list of classy massage business names for your inspiration.

Clever Massage Business Names

Add a little wit or go for a feeling you want your clients to experience and associate with your massage place.

  1. Massagellence
  2. Zone of Zen
  3. Urban Bliss Massage
  4. Salt & Stone Massage Therapy
  5. Elemental Energy Massage Company
  6. Forever Balanced
  7. D-Stress Zone Massage
  8. Under Pressure
  9. Feeling Better Now
  10. Project Zen
  11. Exhale
  12. Take Your Time Massage
  13. Body Senses
  14. Sacred Space Massage & Bodywork
  15. Hands On Healing Massage Therapy
  16. Good Energy
  17. Body In Balance
  18. The Rose Garden Massage Spa
  19. Body Treats
  20. Just Breathe Massage
  21. Zen Me Massage

Unique Massage Business Names

Choosing a unique name is a solid way to be visible, but it is often easier. Look what you have around and play to the contrast. It may happen that in your area a very simple name may actually stand out.

  1. The Royal Treatment Massage Parlor
  2. Massage Alchemy
  3. Rockandrelax
  4. Holistic Touch Wellness
  5. Let’s Relax! Massage Therapy
  6. Shifting Energies Massage Therapy
  7. The Rub
  8. Easy Elements Massage
  9. Java Blisses
  10. Zero Gravity Massage
  11. Thumbs And Needles
  12. Zenfinity Wellness
  13. Massage Sanctuary
  14. Massage Heaven
  15. Slow Down Massage
  16. Karma Massage
  17. The Zen Den
  18. Breathe In Massage
  19. Full Moon Massage
  20. Comfort Zone Massage
  21. Urban Calm

Baby Massage Business Names

Whether you specialize in baby massage or it is just a part of your services, you may want your business name to reflect friendliness, care and cuteness.

  1. Lullabies Massage
  2. Daydreams Massage Therapy
  3. Precious Moments Massage Parlor
  4. Nature’s tub
  5. Tickle Me
  6. Tender Time Massage
  7. The Tranquil Touch
  8. Head to Toe Massage Therapy
  9. Tiny Giggles
  10. The Sweet Life
  11. Cotton Clouds
  12. Cotton Aid Wellness
  13. The Simple Life Massage Therapy
  14. Blissful Day Massage Parlor
  15. Soft Spirit Massage
  16. Calm Seas Massage
  17. Chill Massage Parlor
  18. One with Nature Massage
  19. Silky & Soft Touch

Catchy Sports Massage Business Names

People looking for a sports massage would want to be sure that they will get more than just a relaxing time. Consider illustrating it in your name.

  1. Rubbing Out The Pain
  2. Healing Touch Massage
  3. Peaceful Warriors Massage Therapy
  4. Key Heal Massages
  5. Muscle Masters
  6. Snap! Massage
  7. The Flex Zone
  8. Body Repair
  9. The Body Tech
  10. All Wound Up Massage Therapy
  11. Bodies Repaired
  12. Rubber Band Massage therapy
  13. The Human Mechanic
  14. The Power of Touch Massage Therapy
  15. All Wound Up Massage Therapy
  16. Renewal Massage Spa
  17. Pressure Points
  18. Body Revive Centre
  19. Back Helpers
  20. Hands-on Wellness
  21. The Peacekeepers Massage Therapy

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Funny Massage Business Names

What is also relaxing and healing besides massage? Humour, of course! So why not mix the two together a bit?

  1. Beyond Sores
  2. Back Rubbers
  3. Crackle & Pop Massage Therapy
  4. Rub My Back
  5. Relax At First Sight
  6. Stress Ctrl Delete
  7. Happy Patches
  8. Sore No More Massage Therapy
  9. The Pain Thieves
  10. Jostling Joints
  11. Basic Kneads
  12. Pain Be Gone
  13. Nothing Knotty Here
  14. These Old Bones Massage
  15. Pain Killers
  16. Good Vibrations Massage Therapy (after the song)
  17. Apply Pressure Here Massage
  18. Ready, Set, Relax!
  19. Take Back Your back

Next Steps


Now that you’ve chosen your shortlist of names for your massage business, you’ll need to have a structured approach to narrow it down to your first choice.

Create a Shortlist

Start by selecting three unique massage business names that you like. You might end up deciding that your second choice is actually the one that you want.

Now that you’ve got your top 3, it’s time to test them out on your family and friends. Don’t forget to tell them your massage business concept. Then, they can get a picture of what you’re planning to offer your clients.

Remember not to stand over their shoulder asking them which one (even if you really want to). It’s best to just send it to them together with your concept and let them decide on their own. You’ll get better results and more honest feedback this way.

Take Your Time

If everything goes well and your massage business is successful, then you’ll have that name for a long time to come.

Think of it like choosing a name for your child- you’ll have to find one that you're comfortable with.

Remember, rebranding is expensive, and confusing for customers. It’s better to choose a massage business name that you won’t regret, in the first place.



Choosing the best name for your massage business takes time and effort.

Resist the urge to just pick the first thing you like. Instead, play with a couple of ideas at least.

Conduct market research and find the right name that suits your target clientele.

A good massage business name will become linked with your brand and image, so choose something you can be proud of.

Check whether you enjoy working with it and how people react to it. Then, try your logos out and ensure that many other massage businesses don't have the same name. A good massage salon name can pave the way to business success, so take your time and choose wisely.


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