How To Find Barber Shop Supplies For Your Business in 2023

Getting quality barber shop supplies at a good price and on time can make all the difference when you’re running a busy shop. So how can you make this happen? Let’s take a closer look.

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We’ll go over the basics of where to look for barber products and supplies, a list of things you’ll want to order, and offer some original recommendations for barber supply wholesalers.

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  1. Where To Buy Barber Supplies?
  2. What Supplies Do You Need For a Barber Shop?
  3. Top 5 Barber Supplies Wholesale Recommendations
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Where To Buy Barber Supplies?


Shopping for barber supply items is a lot like buying any other products- the best strategy is to shop around, compare each price, and search for the best deals before getting any products. But unlike barber shop equipment and most tools, you’ll have to reorder supplies again and again, and small price savings add up over time.

Some great places to start include a barber supplies store (most cities have chains like Sally Beauty, etc), online (Amazon can ship quickly, but price and quality of their products varies) or through wholesalers (often the best option for large orders of original products in various price ranges).

We’ll go over some of your options in more detail soon, don’t worry.

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What Supplies Do You Need For a Barber Shop?


Barber shop supplies list
Barber Shop Supplies List

Okay, so what supplies do you need to start a barber shop?

To start, think of your supplies as two lists: the original items that you’ll use on each customer right away, and the complete list of supplies that you’ll add as your barbershop expands.

If you’re just getting set up, you may not want to order everything at once, as the price of inventory is expensive and storage space is often limited.

You’ll need:

Hair Cutting/ Styling Supplies

  • Thinning shears
  • Standard barber shears
  • Scissors
  • Brushes (a fade brush and a vented brush)
  • Hair combs
  • A Spray bottle
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Barber’s capes
  • Barber’s aprons
  • Neck duster
  • Neck strips
  • Talc powder
  • Hair styling products: gel, pomade, hairspray

Shaving and Beard-care Supplies

  • Steel straight razors
  • Safety razors
  • Shaving cream, lotion and aftershave
  • Beard grooming products
  • Skin care products

Other Supplies

  • Disinfectant spray
  • Sterilizer for combs, tools and equipment
  • A first-aid kit
  • Towels

Handheld Barbershop Tools

  • Hair trimmers
  • Hair clippers
  • Cordless clippers
  • Clipper guards (for cutting different lengths of hair)
  • Clipper and tool oil
  • Blow dryer
  • Hair dryer

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Top 5 Barber Supplies Wholesale Recommendations


Barber Supply

Barber Supply combines a large selection of cutting and styling tools, supplies and high performance equipment (like clippers, trimmers and more), with fast shipping and no minimum order price. They also offer a discount price in most states, since they don’t charge sales tax.

Salon marketing
Salon Marketing Calendar

VIP Barber Supply

This site has a lot of options- they feature supplies and tools for a variety of price ranges. You have the option to buy from them as a regular customer or at wholesale price if making a large order ($5000 or more). They have great customer service and offer free shipping on orders of $89.99 and over.

Salon marketing
Salon Marketing Calendar

The Rich Barber

Founded in 2010 with community in mind, this site sells custom-designed tools,original products and supplies, while also providing easy-to-access resources to help barbers and their clients. If you sign up to their newsletter, you’ll receive 10% off the price of your first order.

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Ultimate Barber Supply

With a great selection of big name products and supplies, this is an excellent site to search if you have specific items in mind. Along with fast customer service (their facebook page responds to messages quickly), they also have wholesale price plans and free shipping on retail orders over $75.

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United Salon Supplies and Equipment

This site has a huge selection of supplies to choose from, is easy to navigate and has several search options to help you find what you’re looking for. They offer secure payment options (including PayPal), free shipping on domestic orders over $99, and a price match guarantee.

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A barbershop is a busy place with a lot to keep an eye on, and finding the right supplies for the best price is essential to help things run smoothly.

When you’re searching for barber shop supplies, it pays to shop around. Don’t be afraid to price-compare and contact wholesalers to ask about your shipping options, any bulk price discounts and payment plans. You’ll be glad you put in the effort.


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