101 Top Ideas for Barber Shop Names for 2023

So, I hear that you’re opening a new barber shop?

That’s brilliant!

I know that you’re excited, but before you fling the doors open and welcome those all-important first customers, it’s time to come up with a barbershop name. Finding the perfect one is never easy, but don’t worry. We can help.

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  1. How Important Is Your Barbershop Name?
  2. What Should A Great Barbershop Name Do?
  3. What Are Good Barber Names?
  4. How To Choose the Right Barbershop Name?
  5. Barber Shop Name Ideas
  6. Next Steps
  7. Conclusion

How Important Is Your Barbershop Name?


If you’re anywhere near a city, be prepared to compete with other barber shops. You’ll need a name and a strategy that helps your shop to stand out.

Naming a new business can be hard, but your name is your best marketing tool. It’ll make your barbershop memorable and draw clients in.

A barber shop name can make or break your business. It controls how your business is perceived by potential clients, and whether it will grow. In a word, your barber shop name is its success.

It's amazing just how important a name choice is, isn’t it?

With any luck, you and your barber shop will be happily together for many years to come, so it’s important that you take your time when you choose a name.

What Should a Great Barbershop Name Do?


Along with giving your clients a great product and customer experience, of course, your barbershop’s name is your best advertising tool.

Let’s look at a few of the key factors involved in choosing the best barbershop name.

Make Sure To Give the Right Impression

Regardless of the kind of a barber shop you’re running, the name you choose should suggest great service and a special experience.

Nowadays, clients want to feel pampered when they get their hair cut or they get a hot shave, and your name needs to let them know that you offer this.

First impressions are crucial.

Understand Your Market

The best names reflect the clients you’re hoping to offer services to.

For a barbershop that’s opening in a hip, up-and-coming district with many other trendy businesses moving in, the name should be suitably cool.

If you’re trying to attract more mature clients, however, go for a name that’s more traditional.

What Are Good Barber Names?

What are good barber names
What are Good Barber Names?

Good barber shop names tell your clients what you’re offering in an understandable way they can relate to.

Try to make sure that your name is clear, simple, and direct. If you can, consider making it catchy, too. These kinds of names are easier for customers to remember.

Keep in mind that if potential clients don’t understand your name at a quick glance, they probably won’t remember it later on. A good brand name doesn’t need to be explained.

The Best Barbershop Names are Visual

You’d better like the name of your barbershop, because it’s literally going to be all over the premises. No joke.

Your business name will be on the shop front, your website and on any flyers or advertising materials that you give out.

Make sure to think about it carefully and take a good look at it. It doesn’t hurt to show it to your friends and family, too.

It’s helpful to create a mockup of the shop front in one of online design tools like Canva.com. Then you can play with different fonts, colors, and layouts. Sometimes, a name that you really like ends up not working out when you see it in print. It’s better to find this out early on in the process.

Reflect The Business

The name needs to indicate what the business is about.Your barber shop name shouldn’t be too mysterious. It should tell people what the business does.

It doesn't have to be something like 'Good Barber's Barbershop', but should hint at what the business actually is.

Add Some Humour

Keeping your target audience in mind, think about injecting some humor into your barbershop name. Barber’s business is one of the few areas where some irony, silliness, and even dad jokes can play well in a business name. Some men don’t really want to admit that they take their appearance seriously and posh or overly masculine names may not appeal to them.

Just remember to keep it in line with your business, your personality and avoid taking it too far. If your name is funny as hell, but completely unrelated to what you do or is just borderline embarrassing or offensive, that will hardly do any good to your business.

Consider Your Focus

Do you want your barbershop to specialize in something?

Maybe your team is skilled at a particular aspect of hair care, such as shaving or a certain hairstyle. If that’s the case, then choose a name that points towards that specialty. You’ll attract customers who are looking for the services that you offer.

Using Your Name in The Name of Your Barbershop

Many barber shop owners use their own first or last name because they want to make their barber shop sound unique.

While this might seem like a good idea at first, it can be an issue if you want to sell your business later on.

When your name is above the shop, people will expect you to be inside it. When you name your barber shop after yourself, you connect it permanently with your own brand. This can cause issues for any future owners.

Our suggestion is this: if you really want to use a person’s name, then make sure to choose a surname that doesn’t only relate to the owner. One great example of this strategy is Taylor Taylor London. It was started by Bradley Taylor and although Bradley has nothing to do with the salon anymore, because of the wordplay of his name, the salon is still going strong. Remember, you want your business to be a success for many years to come.

The Best Names are Clever, but Not Too Clever

We know that wordplay is fun, especially when you’re trying to create a cool and memorable business name.

Just try not to take it too far. Remember what we said about not wanting to make potential customers groan and embarrassing them. You want them to get their hair cut or pay for a hot shave at your barber shop, then be happy enough to share the shop’s info on social media.

Keep It Short

Your barbershop name needs to fit on the sign out front. It also needs to look good on a website and on business cards. Think about the logo when choosing a name.

How To Choose Your Barbershop Name?

How to choose your barbershop name
How to Choose a Your Barber Shop Name?

Here comes the fun part. Let’s go through some of the steps you can follow when choosing your barbershop name.

Here are some key steps to go through when choosing a name:

Start Early

As soon as you think about opening a barber shop, start considering possible names. This will give you plenty of time to decide which names work best. This is important, since the name you choose will be with you for a long time afterwards.

The last thing you want is to have to change the name at the last minute, so take your time and choose the right one.

Check out Google

Internet research is your best friend here. Look up barber shop names in another city or town (or even in another country), such as ‘barber shop names in London’. You can look through the Google results and get some inspiration for your own ideas.

Check Your Own Town

While you’re coming up with your own ideas, you also want to make sure that you avoid choosing a name that’s too similar to your competition.

Make sure to look up the names of other barbershops in the area, so that you don't accidentally choose a name that gets your barbershop confused with a different business. You want to be unique.

Check Out that Your Domain Name is Available

You’ll need a website for your barbershop, after all. Having an online presence will help your barbershop with advertising and attract new clients. Nowadays, people expect businesses to have an online presence, so keep potential domain names in mind.

Check Out Social Media

There are thousands of barber shops in the USA, not to mention internationally. It’s important to look on Facebook and Instagram in order to see which barber shops have similar (or the same) names to the ones you’re considering.

Since your goal is to book those all-important first appointments, you don’t want to confuse potential clients or lose referrals because there are a dozen shops in your area that all have similar names.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Get some of your friends together, open some beer or wine, and get them to come up with barber shop name ideas. Make sure you're sober when you actually make the choice though, or you could end up with a name you regret!

Use a Business Name Generator

Free online tools are great for this. You can use one that's specifically for barber shop names, or a general business name generator. Whether or not you like the names they suggest, it’ll give you inspiration and a place to start choosing your own name.

Search Pinterest for Name Ideas

Pinterest is a goldmine for creative suggestions. Check it out and get some inspiration to help you choose a name that works for your own barber shop.

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Barber Shop Name Ideas


Here’s our own preselected list of awesome barbershop names to help you get started.

Cool Barber Shop Names

You can’t really miss a cool name. It’s attractive to the majority of potential clients and would fit almost any barber shop.

  1. Barbers R Us
  2. Crew Cuts
  3. Good Vibes Barbershop
  4. Lads Lounge
  5. The Men's Mane
  6. Chill and Barb
  7. Mad Dog
  8. Rebel Rebel
  9. Amigo
  10. Razor Rangers
  11. Xtreme Kutz
  12. Legends the Barbershop
  13. The Hive
  14. Twisted Scissors Barber Shop
  15. Mohican
  16. Good Old Days Barbers
  17. Barber Bandits
  18. Shave Den
  19. Blade
  20. Machete
  21. Barbers and Blues

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Clever Barber Shop Names

Going for something witty or less obviously barber-related but steal appealing to your target audience can be a good way to stand out.

  1. His and Hairs
  2. No Grease
  3. Cut 'N' Shave Barber
  4. The Cutt’n Edge
  5. Razzle Dazzle Barbershop
  6. Chop Shop
  7. Sleek Snips
  8. Jack of all Fades
  9. Beards & Shears
  10. Clipper Church
  11. Razor Appraiser
  12. Renegade Salon
  13. Smoke & Mirrors
  14. Ace of Fades
  15. Beard Riff
  16. Of Barbers & Bears
  17. Who’s Next
  18. Urban Shave
  19. Black Sheep Barbershop
  20. Barberia
  21. Liberty Barbershop

Fancy Barber Shop Names

Let your clients know straight away what level of service you provide.

  1. Cutting Crew
  2. The Art of Fine
  3. Nice & Neat
  4. Lookin' Sharp Barber
  5. The Squire
  6. Rich Blends
  7. Style O Rama
  8. Cocktails & Clippers
  9. Dame and Dapper
  10. The Jazz Man Barber
  11. Fine Lines
  12. Noir
  13. Vintagemen
  14. Style Street Salon
  15. Gentlemen's Barber Shop
  16. The Scottsman Barbershop
  17. StyleBegin
  18. Trendy Fella
  19. Creators

Funny Barber Shop Names

Many clients would appreciate you not taking yourself too seriously and feel more relaxed in your barber shop.

  1. Blind Barber
  2. Scissor Handz
  3. Dashing Dads
  4. Barbwire
  5. Hairforce One
  6. The Comb Over
  7. Hairitage
  8. Bold Bloke
  9. Dye Hard
  10. The Hair Bender
  11. Mustache Musketeers
  12. Mama’s Boy
  13. Grandpa
  14. The Humble Barber
  15. The Mad Barber
  16. Gentmode
  17. Fade O'Clock Barber
  18. Puff n Ruff
  19. Gotta Comb

Good Barber Shop Names

  1. Game Day Barber Shop
  2. Sips and Snips
  3. Silver Bullet Barbers
  4. The Mustache Man
  5. Backyard Barbers
  6. Brave Shaves
  7. The Man Cave Barber
  8. Zip Zap Hair Salon
  9. Outrageous Barber
  10. Buzz Cuts Barber
  11. Old Glory Barbershop
  12. Bombastic Barbers
  13. Barber Brotherhood
  14. The Barber Chop
  15. Fade Zone Barber Shop
  16. Heads Up Barber
  17. Barber Brothers
  18. Touchdown Barber
  19. Fellow Barber
  20. Barber Wonders
  21. Twin Scissors Barber

Next Steps


Now that you’ve picked out a shortlist of names for your barbershop, you’ll have to think about how to narrow it down to your final choice.

Create a Shortlist

Start by choosing three unique barbershop names that you like. When you’re finished, you might even decide that you like your second choice best.

After you’ve done this, test them out on your family and friends. It’s important to tell them about your barbershop’s concept, because this will give them an idea of the kind of name you’re looking for.

The best way to go about this is to send them the list of names and let them decide on their own time. This way, coming up with some honest feedback will be less stressful for them.

Take Your Time

With any luck, you and the name that you finally choose will be together for a long time. You want your barbershop to be successful, after all.

You should pick a name that you're happy with. It’s similar to choosing a name for your next child.

Remember, rebranding a business can be very expensive, and it’s also confusing for customers. Your barbershop’s name is not a decision that you want to regret, later on.



It takes time and effort to choose the right name for any business. Your barber shop is no exception. Resist the urge to go with the first name that you like. It’s important to at least consider a couple of ideas before you choose anything. Do some research and select a name that fits your brand image and your target market.

The best barber shop names make you feel proud of your brand and your business. They help everything to fit together well. Try it out on your friends and see how they react to it. While you’re at it, test out the name along with your logo and make sure that it will work on your advertising and signage.

Having a good barber shop name is the first step towards making your business a success, so take your time and make sure that you feel happy with your choice.


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