How to Create The Best Barber Shop Logo in 2023?

Like any business, a successful barber needs an awesome barber shop logo. Add an image that speaks to your male cliente and sends a clear, easy to remember message about your barber shop’s brand. Of course, you want your logo to stand out. Don’t worry - we can help you get there.

What You Will Learn

Your barber shop logo tells a story about your business. We’ll go over some important details when adding a new barber logo to your barber shop, as well as do key do’s and don'ts to look out for, along the way.

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  1. Why Is a Good Barber Shop Logo Important?
  2. What Makes a Successful Barber Shop Logo?
  3. Things to Consider When Designing A Barber Shop Logo
  4. Things to Avoid When Creating Your Barber Logo?
  5. How Do I Make a Barber Shop Logo?
  6. Barber Shop Logo Ideas For You
  7. Conclusion

Why Is a Good Barber Shop Logo Important?


In short, a barber shop logo represents your vision for your business. It’s an image that you add some text to… but please know that it’s also much more than that. A good barber logo design will work together with your brand identity, becoming the first thing that clients will see and the one thing (aside from your barber shop’s excellent service, of course) that stays in their minds and sets you apart from others in the industry.

A good barber logo helps to add brand loyalty. It can appear on your marketing materials, on barber business cards, and on your barber shop’s website and social media. Your barber logo is often your first impression - it needs to tell a story about your branding and your grooming salon. A barber logo design, in the right colors, that looks polished and professional will add a lot to your marketing strategy. Think of it as a way to promote your services and barber shops, all before clients even meet a barber.

Barber Shop Logo Meaning

The red and white stripes of the barber pole come from a practice known as bloodletting. Back in the day, barbers would attempt to cure diseases by drawing blood from the patient (of course, no longer practiced!).

The bloody bandages related to the procedure inspired the red and white stripes. At the same time, the barber pole symbolizes an instrument people gripped onto during the process to encourage blood flow.

The blue stripes were meant to differentiate barbers from doctors.


Logos have the power to quickly grab someone’s attention. Consider different concepts and styles that you want your barbershop logo to add “at first glance”. Will your barber shop come off as more “traditional” or “modern” in style? Take these things into account when chosing what you’ll add to a barber logo design. Even colors have connotations, in barber logos.

Because a barbershop logo has a lot of power to instantly communicate your brand and its energy, you’ll need to have an idea of where you want to position your barber shop within the industry at large. A good place to start is by having a brainstorming session with some of your barbers. Ask for feedback about your barber shop from clients, ahead of time. Write down some key adjectives that you like and a few goals, then add these to a few “mood boards” to have a visual representation of your branding, name and vision. You can add everything from online images to adjectives and even a specific color or two. This is a great place to start and will give you a full-color aesthetic for a later graphic design or an illustration. It can help to add some life to your new barber logo.

The right barber shop logo design will help your business to look professional and stand out from the competition. Your barbershop logo will add something special that catches people’s attention and results in those coveted “walk-ins” that later turn into repeat clients.

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It Needs to Reflect Your Brand

Your barber shop’s reputation is everything from each barber, your decor, products, the grooming services you offer, and so much more. Your barber logo design should reflect these things. Think about these ideas and ask yourself: how does my barber shop make clients feel? The best barbershop logos capture this feeling.

Consider Your Target Clientele

Above all else, you need to know who you’re marketing your professional services to. What are their needs? What do you add to the market? Your barbershop logo should reach out to them. Then, you can consider designs that appeal to this group.

Create a Mood Board

This is the fun part. Get out the scissors, browse some magazines, and get down to the literal “drawing board”. Add images that resonate with your own brand, think about color and add any adjectives that reflect your barber shop image. How would you like to be remembered, as a barber shop? What message will your stylist logo deliver? It’s all about the message.

Find the Right Type of Barber Logo

Yes, there are several different types of barbershop logo design to choose from. That’s the beauty of this process. Here’s a quick run-down of the basics. Words Marks add no graphic symbol and will only include the barber shop name, with some basic text in the design. Brand Marks are the opposite, with all of the attention on the picture or graphic design. You might need to add some text in the initial design, until customers become familiar with it. A Combination Mark will add both text and picture barbershop logos, and can have different setups to display these. You can customize the text and image to your liking. Abstract custom logo marks are geometric in nature and can be great if you’re trying to promote something special about your barber shop. You should add some text to support this. Mascots add a more new and “fun” option, whereas an Emblem will provide a more traditional vibe for any barber shop logo.

Go For The Right Design Style

A simple and clean design should be the goal. Browse the internet for different colors, shapes and fonts that catch your eye. Remember that font size can add a lot to a barber logo. Most barber shops search for modern fonts in a barbershop logo design. Every small detail, barber pole for instance, that you add should be in line with your business style/brand.

Think Where/How You’ll Use Your Barber Logo

This is important and could impact your final choice. Would you add it onto your barber shop business sign? What about your social media or website? The design has to look good in each of these settings.

Test It Well

Before committing to a final barbershop logo design, test it out and see if you like it. Add it to your website and mock it up in color on your marketing materials. Please get the opinions of your friends and barbers - this is free feedback. Without any background on its design, ask people what it makes them think of. The makeup of your barbershop logo design should reflect the “vibe” of the barber shop and its desired male clientele. Feel free to add or change details, at this stage.


Even the best barber logos can fall into these traps, sometimes. Avoid anything that’s too cliche or unoriginal- you want to add something new and fresh to your brand. Skip anything that’s not easy to understand. Customers won’t remember it. Your barbershop logo shouldn’t be something that’s only trendy right now - fashion changes quickly. Finally, don’t be tempted to add a low-price, low-quality barbershop logo. Choose something that you can be proud of for years to come.


There are many ways create a great barbershop logo. Even with a lower budget, you can add a dose of creativity and get awesome results. These ideas will help you get started:

  1. Have a Design Contest For Friends, Clients and Your Barbers

    This can be a special event and have a prize (add some free services, a beard trim, or cash) for the winner. They might surprise you and give you great inspiration for your creative barbershop logo.

  2. Use Barber Logo Maker

    Such as to generate or customize a design.

  3. Hire A Professional Designer

    You can use a site like or to hire a designer. Add your details and any related files, then you’re ready to go. You would not have to worry about vectors, font, icons, typography, you would just express your design needs and provide feedback about your logo.

  4. Ask Your Friends

    You can ask friends and family if they know a designer locally to you. This can also help you find the right price.

  5. Use Software or Design Website

    Use or something similar affordable tools to search and create your own. This can save your costs, significantly.

  6. Start With a Template

    Search for what you want, and simply buy a logo template on websites like You can add to it, changing colors and details, until you’ve designed something that you like. You can also look for free templates to get started.

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Barber Shop Logo Ideas For You


We have looked for some barbershop logo inspirations for you, to help you start your process. You could choose from the following logo types:

Classic Barber Shop Logo

Classic barber shop logo
Classic Barber Shop Logo

Creative Barber Shop Logo Design

Creative barber shop logo design
Creative Barber Shop Logo Design

Black Barber Shop Logo

Black barber shop logo
Black Barber Shop Logo

Vintage Barber Shop Logo

Vintage barber shop logo
Vintage Barber Shop Logo

Gold Barber Shop Logo

Gold barber shop logo
Gold Barber Shop Logo

Black and White Barber Shop Logo

Black and white barber shop logo
Black and White Barber Shop Logo

Modern Barber Shop Logo

Modern barber shop logo
Modern Barber Shop Logo

Modern barber shop logo
Modern Barber Shop Logo



Remember, designing the best barber shop logo for your business is a process. Take your time and enjoy it. This is your chance to add something special and “make your mark” with your barber shop. Business logos designs can add a lot of information, whether it’s a modern symbol or hipster combs and scissors. A barbershop logo is ultimately something that’s both very public and very personal. Feel free to try out different colors, a new illustration or add different fonts along the way. The end result should be something that you like as well as something that represents your barber shop.


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