Unique And Inspiring Barber Shop Ideas for 2023

Going for the right barber shop ideas is essential when researching how to open a barber shop or planning to renovate your existing one.

With all of the new barber shop designs being shown online and in grooming industry publications, it can be hard to decide on a barber shop interior design that works for you.

What You Will Learn

We’ll look at the basics of barber shop design ideas for your space and examples of popular interior design themes for barber shops.

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  1. How to Design a Barber Shop?
  2. Barber Shop Design Ideas to Best Utilize Your Space
  3. Barber Shop Interior Decor Ideas to Impress Your Clientele
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How to Design a Barber Shop?


Choose a Layout

Choosing the right layout for your barber shop space will help set the tone for your entire business. A good layout will allow light and people to flow easily through your space, while still providing a private or comfortable feel for clients during services.

You’ll have to consider different things, including the waiting area, comfortable chairs, front desk, customer experience, barber shop budget, your barbers' needs, and the architectural features and limitations of the location itself.

What works really well in one space - such as an open area with large windows and high ceilings, might not be a good design for a smaller or narrower barbershop location with a more intimate feel.

Depending on how your location is designed, here are some barber shop layout ideas to can choose from:

  • Open barber shop space

    With minimal or no inside walls; this uses mirrors on the walls and double-sided workstations to make a smaller barbershop look bigger and more spacious.

  • Narrow barber shop layout

    This makes the most of a long layout by investing in wall mirrors and creating a shared area in the center and down the sides for a modern look.

  • Small barber shop layout

    These tiny spaces are designed for multipurpose uses and can be really unique, with combined services able to be completed in one area and furniture that’s either multifunctional or has a smaller footprint.

  • Suite barber shop layout

    Offering stylists privacy and autonomy, suites usually include the freedom to decorate or design your own small space and are increasingly popular options for those who want to rent their own location within a barber shop.

  • Multiple room barber shop layout

    Walls can be used to separate barber shop suites, or they can be placed across certain areas for clients who prefer privacy during their visit. This can work well if your barber shop offers services such as waxing or massage, which require more privacy. You can even put up curtains across certain areas or screen them off for the same effect.

Choose a Theme

Some of the best barber shop design ideas are based on a single theme like modern, vintage or luxury. Barber shops select a concept or overall “vibe” and use this to help shape the design and details of the barber shop, including everything from the walls and mirrors to the lighting, sign and even the furniture.

For instance…

  • Minimalism

    Simple barber shop design ideas, clean and professional without too many things on the walls or a lot of furniture. You might choose black or light-colored walls to accentuate the style. This is one of the top options for making a small barber shop feel comfortable and elegant.

  • Natural

    This design favors eco-friendly and natural materials such as wooden furniture or shelves, curtains made from natural fabrics, lots of plants and light. You may want to include fair-trade or eco-friendly decor items to hang on the walls or place in the reception area, too.

  • Vintage Barbershop

    Fun and nostalgic, more traditional barbershop, this theme creates an atmosphere like the good old days, with design elements ranging from the “funky” retro, including vintage decor items on the walls and brightly-colored, nostalgic furniture and stylist chairs, to barber shop design options based on an old-fashioned beauty parlor. These interiors are unique.

  • Luxury

    Expensive and exclusive are the adjectives that describe this design theme. From the floor to the shelves, every item that you see should communicate elegance and luxury. This is the kind of barber shop that people visit when they want to feel like royalty.

  • Modern Barber Shop Design

    Ideal for a modern barber shop that boasts the latest services and technology, you may want to design your location with a sleek and modern barber shop decor in mind. This can include floor-to-ceiling mirrors, shelves and stylist chairs with a small footprint, and even one or two colors that “pop” instead of the more traditional black and white decor.

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Choose a Colour Scheme

First, decide which color or colors represent your barber shop brand. Often, these will also be present on your barber shop logo ideas.

Next, check out how these colors will look if you use them on the interior. The results might surprise you- sometimes, what looks great in outdoor or natural lighting doesn’t work as well indoors.

Ask your friends and family for information and ideas. They can help you to decide based on the mood of the color choices and how well they will attract your target clients.

White is often a good choice because it reflects light well, but it might not work with your specific barber shop design or theme, so keep an open mind and have fun.

Choose Lighting

Good quality barber shop lighting is necessary to work and to create the right atmosphere.

On a practical level, your team will need enough light to see and do their work well without straining their eyes.

The right lighting (or even adjustable lighting) can improve a barber’s attention to detail during services, and a flattering lighting level (instead of harsh fluorescent bulbs) can make a client’s visit more pleasant and increase their overall satisfaction.

You’ll need to decide on fixed or adjustable lights (or a combination of both, depending on the services you offer) and whether you want the design of the fixtures to be concealed or eye-catching.

Remember, mirrors and white or light-colored walls will reflect things and make everything seem brighter, but a darker or warm color scheme will require a different quality of lighting to achieve the same results.

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Consider Your Clients’ Perspective

Whether it’s choosing the best barber shop design or getting them to subscribe to your barber shop’s social media pages and mailing list, you’ll improve your chances of success if you figure out what your clients like, what they enjoy and what they find attractive.

Start by considering things like the age and demographic that you’re hoping to target as your clients, then take a look online and at other successful businesses in the community to get in touch with some ideas that might work for you.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Although this can cost more than doing the planning and research on your own, you’ll get barber shop design ideas from someone who’s being paid to deliver professional results.

A professional decorator or designer won’t miss any detail, and in the end, you’ll save time and money and get 100% of the quality that you’re looking for in your barber shop design. You’re guaranteed to like what you see, since you’re the customer.

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Barber Shop Design Ideas to Best Utilize Your Space

  • Install hidden storage wherever you can, including recessed or hidden shelves and cabinets. This works super wel in small barber shops.
  • Put your main retail area where clients can reach the products easily to encourage them to browse and make purchases
  • Use mirrors to expand the space, especially if you have fewer windows or a narrow layout
  • Try using floor levelling and colors to differentiate areas. This works well if you offer multiple services, such as nail care or spa services, but you can even use it for the reception area, too.
  • Use darker colors where stains are common, such as on chairs, in coloring areas or even at the back wash stations.
  • You can use plants as partitions and to improve acoustics, especially across areas where multiple stylists and clients share a common floor space.
  • Try using lighting as a zoning tool. This works well when you want to divide areas based on the level of light needed to complete a service or set a relaxing mood as clients wait for their color to develop, for example.
  • Make sure to plan for any future adjustments. Even the best award winning barber shop interiors are likely to undergo some changes as the needs of clients and stylists change over time.
  • Avoid leaving your walls empty. Nobody likes to stare at a blank, while wall while they wait. Even if your decor is minimalist, you should still use some well-placed pictures or art to break up the space and add a bit of color.

You may want to add new furniture, replace used items like comfortable chairs or even change out the floor later on based on your business’s needs. Keep an open mind and, if possible, allow room to grow by adding extra hookups for fixtures or space for more chairs later, if need be.

When looking for small barber shop design ideas, pictures can help you to visualize and make the most out of your space. This can be very helpful in planning for future growth, too.

When setting up your new business make sure you use barber shop software to manage it the most efficient way.

Barber Shop Interior Decor Ideas to Impress Your Clientele


If you’re still wondering how to decorate a barber shop, we’ve put together some examples to help inspire you.

Click on the links below to read more about each design.

Small Barber Shop Interior Design

Small barber shop interior design
Small Barber Shop Interior Design

Unique Barber Shop Design Ideas

Unique barber shop design ideas
Unique Barber Shop Design Ideas

Garage Barber Shop Desogn Ideas

Garage barber shop desogn ideas
Garage Barber Shop Desogn Ideas

Cool Barber Shop Decor Ideas

Cool barber shop decor ideas
Cool Barber Shop Decor Ideas

Mobile Barber Shop Ideas

Mobile barber shop ideas
Mobile Barber Shop Ideas

Vintage Barber Shop Designs

Vintage barber shop designs
Vintage Barber Shop Designs

Modern Barber Shop Designs

Skills Barbershop is a barber shop with a minimalist and modern design, using recessed lighting to creatively separate and illuminate the room.

Modern barber shop designs
Modern Barber Shop Designs

Old School Barbershop Interior Design

Old school barbershop interior design
Old School Barbershop Interior Design

Creative Barbershop Interior Design

Creative barbershop interior design
Creative Barbershop Interior Design

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Whether you’re fitting out a small local barber shop or trying to plan a large multi-floor space, figuring out how to come up with a right barber shop ideas for decoring your business is both a fun and challenging endeavor.

Every barber shop space should be unique and reflect the personality of the brand and the clients.


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