Unique Barber Shop Business Card Ideas for 2023

Using barber business cards is a great way to grow your business and expand your marketing reach. You can use them to help create client loyalty, make referrals easier and more.

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We’ll take a look at some key elements of a great barber business card, ideas and inspiration to get you started, along with some templates and resources you can use to design your own.

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  1. What Should Be on a Barber’s Business Card?
  2. How to Make a Barber Shop Business Card?
  3. Barber Business Cards Ideas
  4. Slogans and Quotes for Unique Barber Business Cards
  5. Barber Business Card Maker
  6. Free Barber Business Cards Template
  7. Conclusion

What Should Be on a Barber’s Business Card?


First and foremost, a barber business card design (or that of any business, really) needs to be useful. It’s important to include key details about your services and how to contact you, while also showcasing your brand.

Be sure to add:

  • Your Logo

    Your barber shop logo will help clients identify you at a glance. This is important if you want to stand out to new clients and be memorable.

  • The Barber Shop’s Name

    This should be at the top of your business cards. You can also add your own name or that of your barbers for personal cards they can give out.

  • Any Specialties

    This doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as listing your role (owner, manager etc.) and services you’re trained in, such as braiding or straight-razor shaves.

  • Contact Details

    Include your work phone number, the shop’s address, website and social media information.

  • Appointment Details

    This is often included in a blank space on the back, making it easy for clients to keep track of services they’re booked.

  • Additional Info

    It’s not necessary, but more and more businesses are including a QR code with a link to their website or social media pages on their business cards.

Make a barber shop business Card
How to Make a Barber Shop Business Card?

How to Make a Barber Shop Business Card?

  • Get creative With Shapes

    Cool barber business cards can incorporate creative shapes into their design- you might try rounding the corners or using a square or oval instead of the usual rectangle… as long as it still fits into a wallet.

  • Choose Your Color Scheme

    You might design it with a modern black-and-white theme, or use some bright colors- creative barber business cards match your branding and make a strong first impression. Just remember that using fewer colors is usually cheaper if price is a concern.

  • Use a Logo and Graphics

    Make your logo visible, whether you center it or get creative with placement. You can also include barbershop images and graphics for a fun touch.

  • Your Speciality

    What makes your barber shop stand out? If you specialize in fades or beard care, let people know!

  • Include a Tagline

    Add a slogan at the top, middle or bottom of your card to be extra memorable.

  • Decide on Textures and Finishes

    Different textures or colored/ metallic fonts can make a business card design stand out, especially if your competitors aren’t using anything like this.

  • Make Your Cards a Series

    Why stick with a single design? You might want to make multiple custom barber business cards and give one to each team member, using different elements united by a single logo or theme.

  • Keep it Useful

    There are many ways to get the most out of barber business cards, examples include having them double as loyalty cards or including space on the back for saving appointment dates.

  • Use the Back of Your Business Card

    You can add additional contact info or important appointment notes, recommendations and times/dates. Clients are more likely to hang on to the card this way.

  • Hire a Professional Designer

    Professional designers are often well worth the price. They can use their tools and experience to make your design ideas a reality and come up with a professional-looking product quickly.

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Barber Business Cards Ideas


We’ve done the work for you and found some great-looking business card ideas for your barber shop. Feel free to use these for inspiration.

Vintage Barber Business Cards

Vintage barber business card
Image from: zazzle.co.uk
Vintage barber business card
Image from: i.pinimg.com

Urban Barber Business Cards

Urban barber business card
Image from: zazzle.co.uk
Urban barber business card
Image from: heritagetype.com

Modern Barbershop Business Cards

Modern barber business card
Image from: zazzle.co.uk
Modern barber business card
Image from: pinterest.ca

Creative Business Cards for Barbers

Creative barber business card
Image from: etsy.com
Creative barber business card
Image from: dribbble.com

Colorful Barbershop Business Card Designs

Colorful barber business card
Image from: vexels.com

Slogans and Quotes for Unique Barber Business Cards


Including a quote or slogan helps make your design stand out. It can be philosophical, funny or just plain interesting. Here are some examples:

  • Hair today, gone tomorrow!
  • A cut above the rest
  • Life’s too short, but your beard doesn’t have to be
  • Shave the planet
  • Style. Shave. Shine!

Barber Business Card Maker


If you’re ready to create your own business card, there are a ton of online tools that can help. Two of our favorites are:


This printing service can help you make a variety of things, including banners, signs and business cards. You can choose from a wide range of categories and themes, making as many cards as you need and printing them in a range of shapes and textures.


Zazzle connects designers with clients and also offers a ton of pre-made templates that you can purchase or use to get inspired and save time. There are a lot of different shapes, sizes and designs to choose from.

Free Barber Business Cards Template


If you’re still looking through sample barber business cards and trying to decide what to do, then you’re in luck. We’ve made some ready-to-use templates for barbers in order to help you create the perfect business card to promote your brand.

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We know that anyone running their own barber shop already has a lot on their plate. Creating barber business cards shouldn’t add more work to an already busy schedule. We hope that our ideas help make the process easier- don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun with it!

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