10 Best Lash Franchise in 2023

If you're thinking about how to start a lash business, you need to decide whether to join a lash franchise or go it alone as an independent eyelash technician.

Franchises play an important role in the beauty and wellness industry and can be a great way to help you start your new lash business.

What You Will Learn

We'll learn about the top lash franchise opportunities, the pros and cons of franchising lash studios and the overall costs.

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Advantage and Disadvantages of Lash Franchising


If you want to know if joining one of the top lash franchise is right for you, it's important to first consider the risks and benefits that lash extensions franchisees face.

Advantages of Joining Lash Franchise

Popular Brand. While new lash extensions salons often have to build brand awareness and a customer base from scratch, franchising offers a shortcut to enhanced marketing, backed by an existing reputation that can be trusted.

Customer Base. Eye Lash businesses that are part of a franchise chain can count on a name that is familiar to almost every customer. This allows them to reduce initial advertising costs, attract customers at the first service appointment, and bring higher profits and better growth to their location than independent lash salon do when they first open.

Business Management Support. Franchisees can expect a business network that provides professional development opportunities for management and employees, as well as advice and free assistance in setting up a lash business (equipment, training materials, business plans and supplies may also be included in the fee).

Bulk Purchases. One advantage of a franchise business is that there is no need to replenish inventory individually. In addition, because the entire franchise network in a region or multiple locations buys in bulk, the total amount charged by the supplier to each company when ordering goods is reduced and the price is usually lower.

You Can Start With Little Experience. As a lash business chain, you will receive a lot of help with advertising, hiring staff and basic business management.

Verified Business Model. The business model is a safer investment because we have tested the business model in many establishments and have refined our approach to success in the industry.

Low Risk of Failure. Lash franchises have a lower risk of failure than independent lash businesses. Partnering with a well-known full-service lash chain can be an excellent marketing tool to maximize your initial investment.

Liberty. Lash extension salons and their owners are part of a larger support network and have access to a variety of resources not available to independent shops.

Profitability. One of the advantages of joining a franchise is that you already have a foothold in the lash business service industry, customers are familiar with your services and products, and the franchisee can benefit from this exposure and the customers you bring in.

Advantages of joining lash franchise
Advantages of Joining Lash Franchise

Disadvantages of Lash Franchising

Let's take a look at some of the typical disadvantages that prospective franchisees need to understand before making the initial investment.

Initial Investment. Most popular lash business chains, even small franchise chains, require an initial investment (franchise fee) to become a member, and the cost varies depending on the franchise and location.

Franchise Policies. Some franchise agreements require compliance with professional standards, such as hours of operation, advertising, and holidays.

Creative Restrictions. The lash salon layout, website, décor, music, etc. are not always artistically controlled and can be difficult to adapt. You may also face certain restrictions if you are involved in a particular type of franchise e.g. lash extension franchise.

Monthly Fees. Depending on the franchise agreement, there may be ongoing costs such as royalties and training costs.

Potential Competitors. Lash and brow studio chains have a variety of interests and you may have to deal with managers and employees you don't like.

You Cannot Own the Brand. Franchising is great, but it doesn't give you the opportunity to build your business with your own brand, which can make it difficult to get rid of it later.

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Disadvantages of joining lash franchise
Disadvantages of Joining Lash Franchise

How Much Does a Lash Franchise Cost?


Let's take a look at the average franchise fee and what it covers.

Franchise Fee

This is the initial investment for the franchisee to join the company. Most lash businesses have a franchise fee that ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

In return, you can set up and promote your lash business with the company's branding, business system, training materials, staff uniforms and anything else they offer (such as a website).

If your company buys in bulk or contracts with suppliers, you may be entitled to discounts on lash supplies.

You may also be eligible for this initial discount if you open multiple stores at the same time.

Opening Stocks

This is the product required to open a new lash business. Generally, you will need to buy and sell lash franchise products and you will need to use certain products within the store. This cost varies greatly, but it is common to spend between $5,000 and $10,000.


Royalties are annual fees paid to the lash franchisor for the continued use of the lash services and the lash business name. Royalties can be a fixed amount or a percentage of gross revenue.

Training and Installation

Includes everything from upgrading signage and furniture, decor, staff and management training, and possibly even website templates and IT services. Including rent, costs can range from $100,000 to $300,000.

So how much does it cost to franchise a lash business? It will likely depend largely on the franchise company, whether your location is leased or owned, and the value of the services they provide.

Best lash franchises to work for
Best Lash Franchises to Work For

10 Best Lash Franchises to Work For


There are many different opportunities for franchise lash businesses. Below is a list of the best lash franchises we've found for lash franchisees.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#1. BrowArt23

This franchise focuses on lashes and brows, providing clients with eyelash extensions as well as eyebrow threading and skincare services. They offer services to clients of all genders, races and sexual orientations, and take pride in creating a welcoming environment.

If you’re interested in joining this franchise, you’ll need to be enthusiastic about beauty and business, and be ready to pay a franchise fee of $30,000 and a total initial investment of $81,650 to $214,300.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#2. Deka Lash

Deka Lash is a rapidly-expanding eyelash franchise that also provides other beauty services such as brow tinting and brow sugaring as add-ons. They have an extensive services menu, including bridal packages.

To open a Deka Lash franchise, you’ll need to have some business or management experience, pay the franchise fee of $51,900 and be able to invest between $179,251 and $426,491 in total initial expenses.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#3. Idolize Spa

This franchise does everything from lash extensions to lash lifts, eyelash and brow tinting, facials and more. It’s a good option for business owners looking to invest in a location that offers variety to clients. https://idolizespa.com/franchise.

Idolize Spa is currently expanding and excited to welcome new franchisees. Ideal candidates will have a net worth of at least $350,000 with $75,000 in liquidity. Their franchise fee is $45,000 and the total amount you’ll need to invest is between $282,432 to $402,990. They also charge either a 6% royalty fee or a minimum of $250 weekly.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#4. The Lash Lounge

Whether you’re interested in setting up a single lash franchise location or multiple ones, The Lash Lounge has opportunities available in every state. They offer clients eyelash extensions, lifts, eyebrow threading and tinting. A great choice for anyone interested in focusing on just lashes and brows.

New franchisees at The Lash Lounge often have no previous experience in the beauty industry- all they have in common is a strong work ethic, business skills and the ability to invest between $227,366 - $505,345 in the startup. The Lash Lounge also recommends that new owners have at least $150,000 in liquidity and a net worth of $500,000.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#5.Face Brow and Beauty Bar

Face offers eyelash and eyebrow tinting, as well as facials and some waxing and threading services. Started in 2014, they aim to help women look and feel their best through a variety of relaxing beauty treatments.

New franchisees will need to have between $106,000-$231,700 including a franchise fee of $29,900.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#6. Amazing Lash Studio

A member of the WellBiz brand franchise, Amazing Lash Studio is part of a thriving group of beauty, waxing and spa brands. They specialize in semi-permanent eyelash extensions in a variety of lengths and sizes, aiming to help each guest look and feel their best during their visit.

Anyone interested in opening up an Amazing Lash Studio should be prepared with at least $150,000 in liquidity, a minimum net worth of $600,000, and be able to make an initial investment ranging from $304,071 to $635,972. Additional costs to be aware of are their 6% royalty fee, a 2% advertising fund cost, and the expectation that franchise owners spend $1,750 per month on local advertising.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#7. Girlkin Lashes

This franchise is all about providing clients with a luxury eyelash extension experience during each visit, and the decor and atmosphere reflect this. The Girlkin Lashes franchise aims to empower women through business ownership and community involvement.

Girlkin doesn’t necessarily require franchisees to have any specific industry experience, but they are looking for people who are passionate about their brand and the values it embodies. New members will receive training at their flagship location in Maryland, and are expected to invest $117,900 to $263,200 in initial expenses, including the $29,900 franchise fee.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#8. LashBar

This eyelash extension franchise is growing rapidly and hoping to open more locations in all 50 states, making them an excellent choice for anyone who already has a specific location in mind. They provide franchisees with training, operational assistance and marketing support.

In order to join this franchise, you’ll need to be able to invest between $135,000 - $265,000 in setup costs (including the $35,000 franchise fee), and pay ongoing costs of 6% royalties and a 2% monthly advertising fee.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#9. Magic Brow

As the name suggests, Magic Brow franchise provide customers with both eyelash and eyebrow services, along with some facial hair removal treatments. Some locations even offer facials on their services menu, but you’ll find eyelash extensions on offer at every location.

If you would like to join the Magic Brow franchise, you can apply to open either a Basic or Full Service business. Setting up a Full Service location can cost $130,000 - $219,000 initially, and a Basic location can run anywhere between $87,000 - $177,000 making this an affordable franchise to get started with.

Lash Franchise Opportunity
Lash Franchise Opportunity

#10. Lash + Company

This is a franchise for anyone looking for variety- they provide multiple types of eyelash extensions, lash lifts and tints, along with a variety of skin and brow options on their service menu, too. The company itself also offers a wide range of training courses for aspiring estheticians looking to boost their skills.

New franchisees at Lash + Company can expect detailed training and support as they get started. Candidates looking to join should have good credit and be able to invest at least $120,000-$180,000 to cover initial costs.



Before deciding whether to join a lash franchise, consider what opportunities are available and develop a budget. It may be the best way to start your own business. There are many responsibilities as well as some disadvantages.


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