How to Create Esthetician Mission Statement in 2023 | Examples

A esthetician mission statement shows new and existing clientele, your staff, and business partners what your esthetician business is and your values are.

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This post will show you how to write a clear, memorable, and appealing mission statement for estheticians and give you some inspiring examples.

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  1. What Is an Esthetician Mission Statement?
  2. Why Is Esthetician Mission Statement Important?
  3. How to Write an Esthetician Mission Statement?
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What Is an Esthetician Mission Statement?


An esthetician's mission statement is a brief, action-based summary of your business goals and objectives, core values, and how they will benefit your clients. It should reflect your esthetician's character, leave a lasting impression of your esthetician brand, and emphasize your unique points over the competitive estheticians. It is an essential part of an esthetician's business plan and a guiding star for every critical decision in your business.

Esthetician Vision Statement

What Is the Difference Between Esthetician Vision and Mission Statements?

Esthetician's mission statement primarily concentrates on the business's objectives and your approach to reach those objectives. At the same time, esthetician vision statements illustrate the future you anticipate for your business.

As these things are heavily intertwined, salon mission and vision statements are often combined to give a complete picture of the business.

Why Is Esthetician Mission Statement Important?


Your esthetician mission statement effectively communicates your vision and ideas to anyone involved in your business, from investors to clients.

The Main Benefits of a Good Esthetician Mission Statement Are:

  1. Helps to clarify your objectives

    Starting an esthetician is overwhelming and stressful. In all the different work you have to do, it is easy to lose your objectives and remember why. Defining an esthetician mission statement will help you stay on track and help you keep your long-term esthetician marketing plan cohesive.

  2. Helps to share the work

    If your team knows the endgame, they can help you much better with different tasks and organize the work to benefit the business.

  3. Motivates your team

    Shared goals and values are essential for productive teamwork and a healthy work environment. Sharing your vision will motivate your team to work towards the esthetician's success as their family business.

  4. Brings in clients

    These days, customers are not just looking for an esthetician. They want to be a part of something that improves the world, even if just a little bit. Seeing that you stand up for the things they value may tip the scales in your favor.

  5. Attracts investors and staff

    None of them wants to be a part of yet another esthetician. Your mission statement will tell them why they should choose your business over many other estheticians.

DermaHealth Laser and Skin Care Clinic
DermaHealth Laser and Skin Care Clinic

How to Write an Esthetician Mission Statement?


An ideal mission statement should range from two to four phrases and be at most 100 words. Ultimately, the mission statement for your esthetician should be just the right length to get your point across, demonstrate your proposition to clients (superior customer service), and how you inspire your team to accomplish your business objectives.

Key Elements of an Esthetician Mission Statement

Focus your statement on these four elements:

  1. Value. What value does your esthetician create for your clients and your staff?

  2. Inspiration. Why should people want to come to your esthetician?

  3. Plausibility. Make it sound reasonable.

  4. Specificity. Tie it back to your esthetician

Tips for Creating a Good Esthetician Mission Statement

  1. Define your business purpose. Why did you open your esthetician? Why is it your passion?

  2. Explain what and how your esthetician aligns with your values and priorities.

  3. Consider your target clients. Why should they choose your esthetician? What are they looking for in an esthetician? Where do they live? What do they do?

  4. Reflect on your esthetician brand. What kind of customer experience do you offer?

  5. What makes your esthetician unique? How do you stand out from other estheticians? What are your competitive advantages?

  6. Consider your staff. Make sure the statement conveys your company's culture. It's relatable, motivates, and inspires your current and future team.

  7. Make it concise. You want your mission statement to be easy to read, convey a clear message, and be memorable. Remember that your clients and staff should easily understand your vision for the esthetician.

Kimiko Medical Aesthetics
Kimiko Medical Aesthetics

Common Esthetician Mission Statement Mistakes

  1. Uninspiring. Don't make it a fact sheet of just what your esthetician does.

  2. Lacking personality and fun. Reflect the culture that makes your esthetician unique.

  3. Full of buzzwords and jargon. Focus on clear, simple language that communicates your esthetician's purpose directly.

Once you've written down your esthetician mission statement, check for wordiness and remove anything that could be classed as hype or a buzzword. Fakeness is easily spotted in writing and would not be suitable for your brand in the long run.

Everything you have written applies explicitly to your esthetician and not the industry or simply any other esthetician. Mission statements of the businesses you look up to can be a great inspiration but refrain from copying them, be unique.

This is about your way and what makes you different from competitors.

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Esthetician Mission Statement Examples


So, what is a good mission statement for an esthetician? We have searched for some of the best mission statements for you to get inspired. Take a look and see if they can help you develop your skin care esthetician mission statement tailor-fitted for your esthetician business.

Allyn Aesthetics

To help our clients look and feel their best, boosting energy and self-confidence by nurturing both inner and outer beauty. To offer our clients myriad ways by which to achieve their beauty and wellness goals. To provide natural-looking aesthetic enhancements, medical-grade, results-driven skincare, current and expert-level styling, and top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to optimize beauty and wellness.

Kimiko Medical Aesthetics

You are Valued and Beautiful.

Fresh Faced Skin Care

Our mission is to provide an honest, scientific approach to beauty. We use safe and effective skin care ingredients that enrich the natural biology of your skin, to produce clinically proven results that last.

At Fresh Faced Skin Care we take immense pride in delivering science inspired beauty, and we live and breathe our mission every single day. Every skincare product we produce is thoroughly researched, features the highest quality ingredients, and is thoughtfully prepared in small batches right here in the USA, for optimal freshness and effectiveness. Every skincare service we provide is customized, corrective, and clinically founded, in order to ensure the very best skin care results.

We have watched the beauty industry market mass-produced skincare products to unsuspecting consumers, and turn to prescriptions, silicone, needles, and injections, rather than harnessing the transformative power of real, quality ingredients on our natural skin. Our commitment is to provide you with a wholesome skincare solution that treats, corrects, and enriches your skin, naturally. Because we truly care.

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Caim Wellness Center and Spa
Caim Wellness Center and Spa

Koru Wellness Aesthetics

Koru Wellness Aesthetics is a boutique medical spa incorporating minimally-invasive, results oriented, medical grade treatments for all skin colors under the guidance of licensed physicians in the peaceful atmosphere of a medspa. The word Koru is a New Zealand Maori word that represents a spiral motif based on an unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes renewal, strength, and peace.

Our goal is to safely produce excellent, natural-looking results in harmony with your personal aesthetic and with minimal down-time. Our working philosophy integrates personalized aesthetic and wellness medicine in an inclusive environment. Our focus is on maintaining youthfulness and well-being while balancing the effects of time. Dr. Chin wants to help you find the serenity of skin care excellence in the urban jungle.

Smooth Synergy

Our mission at Smooth Synergy Medical Spa & Laser Center is for all of our clients to receive more than just a treatment.

It’s our goal to build trust and long-lasting relationships with every client. We listen to your needs, educate you on the best options for your skin and are dedicated to providing real solutions.

Our carefully curated services, medical expertise and boutique setting ensure you feel at home, while getting superior results.

As one of the first and best medical spas in New York City, we continue to be leaders in bringing the best treatments and technologies to our clients. We do it all for you. Total beauty. All You.

Thurston's Institute of Massage and Esthetics

Thurston’s Institute of Massage and Esthetics is a dynamic career institute committed to empowering students to excel in the massage therapy and skincare field and to provide the latest continuing education to professional massage therapists and estheticians. We strive to provide an educational experience that maximizes value to our students in a professional, supportive, and ethical environment.

We build our continuing education programs around the premise that every certified massage therapist and esthetician, needs the most current courses available in their selected field to further promote and enhance their skills and business.

Simplicity Laser

We help people improve on the outside so they feel better on the inside by providing the most advanced non-invasive products and services geared around wellness and esthetics.

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Allure spa and skin health boutique
Allure Spa and Skin Health Boutique

Dermatology and Laser Center

The Dermatology and Laser Center of Canyon County (DCCC) was founded in August of 2004 by Dr. Gavin R. Powell with goal of becoming Canyon County’s choice for quality skincare. Our professional staff includes 2 board certified dermatologists Dr. Gavin Powell, M.D. and Ted Ryser, M.D., 3 dermatology specific trained physician assistants, Seth Permann PA-C, and Thea Heaton PA-C and Andrea Cortes Dobson, PA-C, Carissa Warner, our esthetician with dermatology specific laser and cosmetic treatment expertise, Alexandra Lazo Huffman, RN our nurse injector specializing in Dysport and Galderma filler products as well as Linda Vincent our certified dermatology coder/practice manager who oversees our knowledgeable, friendly front and back office staff to meet your skin care needs.

On a daily basis, DCCC provides a wide range of medical, surgical and cosmetic services including diagnosis and management of diseases of the skin, surgery for benign and cancerous conditions, phototherapy, and a wide range of cosmetic services including laser treatments for hair removal, vascular and pigmented skin lesions, resurfacing with Matrix Fractionated CO2 laser, body sculpting with Trusculpt, traditional and RF microneedling, injectable fillers and neurotoxins. DCCC also offers a range of cosmetic skin care products designed to help you and your skin achieve and maintain health and for you to look and feel your best.

On a day to day basis the staff of DCCC continues to strive for and deliver compassionate and professional care to its patients and we look forward to serving you.

DermaHealth Laser and Skin Care Clinic

Our mission at DermaHealth Laser and Skin Care Clinic is to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism, personal attention, and excellent medical and aesthetic care.

Caim Wellness Center and Spa

At Caim, Our mission is not only to create a beautiful outer shell but to nurture the entire spirit, mind and body. We strive to achieve excellence and constantly improve our artistry to enrich the clients total body experience. We believe that the actions of one, can impact and change the worlds of many.

RSVP Med Spa
RSVP Med Spa

Whole Beauty & Co.

Our mission is to aid the transformation of your skin from specifically tailored result-driven facials to in-depth aftercare education.

At Whole Beauty & Co, we strive to deliver advanced results while empowering the truest self through the beauty of facials and skincare targeted towards taking back your power by knowing how to take care of the skin you’re in.

Mitchell Refractive Surgery & Eye Center

Our mission is to provide and support high quality vision care in a warm, compassionate atmosphere. Our friendly, attentive staff delivers compassionate care in our state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with the most advanced technology.

Montana Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

We promise to take the time to find out about who you are, what you really want, and then, after a comprehensive evaluation and consultation, Dr. Hayes will give you an honest appraisal of what will provide you with the greatest, long lasting, natural looking results.

Allure Spa and Skin Health Boutique

We empower our clients to feel and look their best, feel amazing in their own skin & boost confidence & self love one client at a time! Our team will deliver treatments with proven results while simultaneously relaxing you!

Skin 2 Envy
Skin 2 Envy

RSVP Med Spa

RSVP Med Spa has a genuine desire to enhance your self-image and confidence at any age by delivering results-driven, quality care with state-of-the-art equipment through our highly trained staff.

Jacqueline Morgan Spa

Jacqueline Morgan Spa is a place to retreat from the stress of everyday life and rejuvenate your mind, body and beauty. It is our mission to provide our guests with incredible care by delivering personalized spa, beauty and wellness services in a peaceful, renewing environment. Our first priority is to honor you and your path to beauty and stress relief. We hope that you feel at home with us.

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology provides a comprehensive spectrum of dermatologic, cosmetic, and plastic surgery services. Our state of the art facility and Providers combine the finest in innovation, education, and research to offer our patients the highest quality of personalized and compassionate care to help you feel great in your own skin.

Skin Essentials
Skin Essentials

Skin 2 Envy

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere where beauty, comfort, knowledge and personalized attention combine to achieve Skin 2 Envy!

Maintaining healthy skin is about balance and consistency and our goal is to help you develop a plan where self care is made a priority.

Skin Essentials

Our mission is simple to deliver quality care with quality products. Staffed with medically trained and state-certified professionals we offer the most current and innovative approaches to cosmetic medical aesthetics and therapeutic spa treatments.

Spencer Haddy

Confidence is key, and feeling confident is easier when you have radiant, glowing skin. At Halo Esthetics, I will give you the skin that you’ve always wanted. I specialize in anti-aging and restorative treatments that will leave your skin feeling healthy, radiant, and hydrated; more importantly, however, my treatments will leave you feeling radiant and glowing from within. Whether you want to unwind and relax with a Classic European Facial or receive medical-grade treatments such as Microneedling and PRP, I am here as your experienced Esthetician and skincare specialist.

Blue Door Spa & Salon

It is the vision of The Blue Door Spa & Salon to bring first class service to the people within our local community and to provide a caring and respectful environment where our guests are appreciated and understood.

We strive to provide a professional and honorable team that aims to become more educated and knowledgeable in our field.


We believe in a progressive approach to skincare. This reduces trauma to the skin and allows it to adapt over time creating exceptional results. We are committed to providing results orientated skincare and do so by combining state of the art equipment along with superior products.

Harley Skinn Co

Harley Skinn Co will become widely known in our home towns, cities and states. Our current brand body will become mature in creating natural skin care regimes and selling retail items supporting different professional brands.

We will include skin care Specialist & esthetics to upscale our formulations & services. Harley Skinn Co will soon be available for in person shopping at one of our esthetician suits in the city of New York.


Hot Spring Resort & Spa

While utilizing as many of nature’s own renewable resources as possible, Mercey Hot Springs will be a full-service resort that is peaceful, tranquil, pollution and toxin free, that focuses on the natural, geo-thermally heated mineral-rich water that has been used by native visitors for thousands of years.


To share universally the essence of Caribbean beauty and exotica through solution based, eco-conscious, natural, organic, products and services, which provide holistic well-being from head to toe.

Allyn Aesthetics

To become Mt. Juliet's premier destination for non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, skin care, aesthetics, and mind/body wellness. To grow our brand as a name recognized for superior professionals who provide elite-level care and achieve dramatic, consistent results, while optimizing client safety and satisfaction.

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Writing an esthetician mission statement is just as hard as applicable. Without it, your communication with partners and staff members may always miss a necessary foundation for understanding each other. You may get lost in the hassle of administrative work or fail to get your message through to the clients.

We hope this brief guide will help you, and you'll find some inspiration in the esthetician mission examples we gathered in this post.



It's time to redraft your mission statement

The mission statement is a strategic tool: when used properly

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