Inspiring Ideas for Esthetician Business Names for 2023

Choosing unique esthetician business name can be a challenge, it's the essential part of the necessary marketing strategy to make your beauty and skincare business stand out from the competition

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  1. What Is a Good Name For An Aesthetic Business?
  2. How To Come Up With An Esthetician Business Name?
  3. Inspiring and Unique Esthetician Business Ideas for You
  4. Conclusion

What Is a Good Name For An Aesthetic Business?


Gives The Right Impression

A good name should give the right impression and reflect the clientele you're aiming your services at. A good esthetician name is something that ensures that your clients clearly understand your offering and can easily relate to it.


Business names shouldn't be too long, or they'll take up too much space on the shop front. Think about your esthetician logo.


Of course you would a creative and unique name for your business. Make sure you pick a different name than your competitors.


Make sure your skin aesthetic clinic name is easy to remember by your custoemrs. They should know how to spell and pronounce it. Otherwise people will not be able to look up your spa or feel uncomfortable when they need to pronounce the name.

Look Good

Create a mockup of the salon front, play with different fonts, colors and layouts. You might find that a name you love looks completely 'wrong' in print, or as you logo, on your website etc.

Underline Your Specialization

If your clinc is going to specialize in a particular aspect of skincare, such as botox, laser treatments, choose a name that points towards that speciality. This will remind customers of what you offer.

Using Your Name

Putting your name above the door can cause issues for the new owner, staff and clients as people are expecting you to be within the business, but can also be a very catchy and good choice if your name is your brand.

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What is a good name for an aesthetic business?
What Is a Good Name For An Aesthetic Business?

How To Come Up With An Esthetician Business Name?


Here are some key steps to go through when choosing a name for your skincare salon.

  • Start Early - Make sure you have the names down before you start your esthetician business.

  • Research Google - Search another city or town (even in another country), such as ‘catchy esthetician names for instagram’ , and browse through the Google results and get inspiration from that.

  • Check Your Own Town - Check what other salons in the area are called so that you don't inadvertently pick a name that might lead to your salon being confused with another.

  • Make Sure Your Domain Name is Available - Having a website for your skincare business is becoming more and more important as it is one of the first

  • Browse Social Media - With the thousands of skin aesthetic clinics in the USA, you need to search Facebook and Instagram to see which salons also have similar (or the same) to the ones on your shortlist.

  • Ask Your Friends and Family - invite your forns and over winem or tea pick their brains how to name your esthetician business.

  • Esthetician Business Name Generator - There are lots of free tools to help you pick a name. You can use a tool that's specifically for esthetician salon, or a general business name generator

  • Search Pinterest for Name Ideas - Check out Pinterest for suggestions. You'll find countless ideas to choose from or spark off ideas of your own.

Inspiring and Unique Esthetician Business Ideas for You


Below you will find our preselected list of classy, unique, cool, elegant and catchy Esthetician Business Names Ideas for your inspiration.

Catchy Esthetician Names For Instagram

  1. Catchy Esthetician Names For Instagram
  2. About Face Skin Care
  3. Absolute Precision
  4. New Look
  5. Beauty Lounge
  6. Divine Beauty
  7. Facial Zone
  8. Taste Plus
  9. Skin Haus
  10. Skinworks
  11. Body & Sole
  12. Merry
  13. Sue Hush
  14. Posh Tush
  15. Centro Beauty
  16. Lavish Glow

Aesthetic Names For Beauty Business

  1. Skinpeccable
  2. Better Beauty
  3. Slick Beauty
  4. Aesthetic Aura
  5. Luxe Lighting
  6. Cosmotique
  7. Coco Furr
  8. Esthetic Lover
  9. Inspire Academy of Cosmetology
  10. Courtyard Aesthetics
  11. Holistica
  12. Ageless Perfection
  13. Miraculous
  14. Euphoria

Short Esthetician Business Names

  1. Skincentives
  2. Reflections
  3. Infinity
  4. Good Look
  5. Beauty Spot
  6. Newberry
  7. Glow, Inc.
  8. Jade Salon
  9. Cleanskin
  10. Cryston
  11. Vinious
  12. Bounce
  13. Renew
  14. The Pretty Kitty
Esthetician Business Names Ideas List
Esthetician Business Names Ideas List

Esthetician Business Names In Spanish

  1. Espacio Belleza
  2. Vivie Beauty
  3. El efecto
  4. Valioso Amor
  5. Massada
  6. Icónica
  7. Divazza
  8. Encanto Perfecto
  9. Pigmentos
  10. Más que Divas
  11. Bella Utopía
  12. Lavichette
  13. Hola Belleza
  14. Diamantina
  15. Sol Antiguo

Botox Business Names

  1. Prime Beauty Fillers
  2. Botox Care
  3. Infinite Botox
  4. Aqua Skincare
  5. Bоtоx Соttаge
  6. Galderma
  7. Skin Shore
  8. Botox Empire
  9. Boardwalk Botox
  10. Venin Skincare
  11. Botox Bar
  12. Pandora’s Box
  13. Le Much
  14. Jozzby
  15. Botox Pin

Skin Aesthetic Clinic Names

  1. Skin Analytics
  2. Unity Skin Clinic
  3. Skin Magic
  4. Softsoap
  5. Facelogic
  6. Revision Skincare
  7. My Aesthetics
  8. Silk Touch
  9. Glisten Up
  10. Skin Lab
  11. Bio Beauty
  12. Dermary
  13. Beauty Hub
  14. Herbal Leader
  15. Innova Skin

Unique Esthetician Business Names

  1. Skinalicious
  2. Skin O’Clock
  3. Beauty Karma
  4. Skintastic
  5. Infinite Esthetics
  6. Bellus Academy
  7. Qubix
  8. Cosmotek
  9. Pearlville Spa
  10. Modern Trading
  11. Estheticslaza
  12. Hello Gorgeous!
  13. Mari Bailie
  14. Beauvia

Cute Esthetician Business Names

  1. Aesthetique
  2. Skin IQ
  3. Skin Glow
  4. Jolly Center
  5. Beautyview
  6. Taylor Made Esthetics
  7. Ocassia
  8. Dazzling
  9. The Honey Mist
  10. Vivid hexa
  11. Salon De Paris
  12. Bivety
  13. Beauty Bounty

Med Spa Name Ideas

  1. The Skin Lab
  2. Le Posh
  3. Harmony Health Spa
  4. Tranquil Oasis
  5. Joyspring
  6. Bella Serenity Spa
  7. Glow Skin Lab
  8. Dreams Body Spa
  9. HealthyVue
  10. PureVera
  11. Cool Sculpting Clinic
  12. Cloud Med Spa
  13. Bella Vida Spa
  14. Glory Maxim
  15. Soul 2 Soul Spa

Classy Esthetician Business Names

  1. Quench Skin Care
  2. Bella Beauté
  3. Cinema Makeup
  4. Ella’s Touch
  5. Lilly Esthetician
  6. Skinfinity
  7. NouVeau Skin Studio
  8. True Lookers
  9. Ideal Care
  10. The Skin Firm
  11. Majestic Beauty Salon
  12. Beauty Bloom
  13. Cosmo Queen
  14. For Love & Lemons

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How to come up with an esthetician business name?
How To Come Up With An Esthetician Business Name?

Creative Esthetician Business Names

  1. Apex Esthetics
  2. In-House Spa
  3. Luminance Aesthetics
  4. Skin Yoga
  5. Kalibrate Skin
  6. Spa Utopia
  7. Ediface
  8. Young Again
  9. Xpress
  10. AlwaysMore
  11. Easy Beauty
  12. Longevity
  13. Julep
  14. Skin Esteem

Natural Skin Care Business Names

  1. Mother Nature
  2. Organic Care
  3. The Face Shop
  4. Skinssence
  5. Skinfood
  6. Essences of Youth
  7. Natural Skincare Solutions
  8. Smile Esthetics
  9. Nature’s Best
  10. Fresh N Green
  11. Skin Deep
  12. Naturio Skincare
  13. Poreless
  14. Care Values
  15. Loft Organic Beauty

Whats the Difference Between Aesthetics and Esthetics?


Just in case you are confused, the only difference between Aesthetics and Estethics is the spelling. The term estethic is more commonly used in Americas, while Europe an other English speaking countries use aesthetic.



Deciding on a name for your business name should take time and effort. Don’t simply pick the first one you like, test a couple of ideas at least. Don't forget to do your market research and find inspirational esthetician business names that suit your target market.

Pick the one that will become synonymous with your brand and image, so make sure you feel proud of it.


Names and titles matter: The impact of linguistic fluency and the affect heuristic on aesthetic and value judgements of music.

Art-names and aesthetic judgments

On aesthetic and cultural issues in pragmatic translation: Based on the translation of brand names and brand slogans

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