Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas For 2023

With all of the eye catching salon space photos being shared online, finding great-looking low budget beauty salon interior design ideas might seem challenging… So we’re here to help.

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We’ll show you how to develop your salon’s interior design on a tight budget while still maintaining visual interest, and go over some salon design ideas to help inspire you.

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How to Design a Low Budget Beauty Salon?


A beauty salon’s interior design plays an essential role in the business’s success- attracting customers (and keeping them coming back) is easier if you have an appealing salon space with a comfortable waiting area.

Your decor affects your beauty salons mood and reflects your brand and clients, so it’s important to choose the right color scheme and furniture- of course, you don’t need to break the bank to do this.

Finding a cost effective design for your salon business can be easy and fun. Here’s how to start:


Your salon’s layout is arguably the most important aspect of the design, since it impacts everything else that you do.

Start by checking out any architectural features already in place, such as windows, narrow areas and high ceilings. You’ll want to keep these in mind, along with the needs of your salon staff. Every building is different, and what works well in one space might be difficult in another.

Simple low budget beauty salon interior design
Simple Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Some popular layouts for a salon business include:

  • An open salon layout- perfect for a small salon with limited space, this keeps inside walls to a minimum and uses mirrors on the walls plus double-sided workstations to create more room. It’s great whether you’re looking for a minimalist design or a more glamorous one.
  • A narrow layout- you can use either framed mirrors or wall-mounted floor-to-ceiling mirrors to diffuse lighting and open up a small area or a narrow salon. This style of layout focuses activity down the center of the salon for a modern style.
  • A multi-room layout- if your hair salon has the space, you can dedicate different rooms to different functions. If you’re hoping to do this in an existing space, you can save money by building half-walls or even setting plants throughout the room as elegant dividers for privacy.
  • A small salon layout- if you have limited space, try to choose one “statement piece” decor item as the focal point, such as a wall mural or piece of furniture. Add multifunctional salon equipment and storage trolleys with a small footprint and choose a lighter color theme to make the most of your lighting in a small salon design.
  • A suite layout- if your salons business involves renting space to other professionals, you can provide a “blank canvas” with bright, clean colors and give them the freedom to customize their new salon space. If you’re working in a suite, opt for movable storage trolleys and additional lighting that you can move or adjust easily.

Pro tip: investing in beauty salon software can help you to optimize your bookings, ordering and workflow to keep your salon busy (but not crowded) making it easier for staff and clients to move around even in less spacious salons.

Glamorous luxury beauty salon interior design
Glamorous Luxury Beauty Salon Interior Design


Shop around and choose the right lighting fixtures that suit your salon’s mood. You’ll want to make sure that your staff has enough light to do their job comfortably while also keeping your clients comfortable. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Natural light- make sure that your salon layout allows light to flow through without any obstructions in the way- not only is natural light from windows free, but it’s one of the most flattering kinds (and will give customers an idea of how their new look will appear once they leave).
  • Mirrors- these not only multiply the light available in a space, they also make an interior seem bigger and are an all-around great investment for a business. Placing mirrors on the wall will make any space seem bright.
  • Types of fixtures- when you shop for lighting options, you’ll need to choose between fixed and adjustable lights. Investing in some adjustable light fixtures is a great use of your money, especially in a small salon where one location serves many purposes.
Small low budget beauty salon interior design
Small Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Color Palette

Bright colors help to diffuse light and create the illusion that walls are farther apart (great in smaller spaces) while darker or warm-colored walls will give salons a cozy or intimate feel.

Some important things to consider are the way that color choices reflect your salon’s brand- you may want to choose colors that are already in your beauty salon logo, if possible. Of course, if you have a small salon and a dark logo, you may want to go with white walls or lighter colors overall.

You’ll also want to consider existing features you’d like to highlight such as wood floors or large windows- these will influence your color choices, too.

Pro tip: Darker colors can help hide stains and reduce the money you’ll spend on expensive cleaning jobs- this is essential in places like the waiting area or chairs where customers are likely to sit after having product or dye applied to their hair.

Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas to Impress Your Clientele


Here are some beauty salon interior ideas that you can wow your customers with, no matter your budget. If you have any suggestions or tips of your own, make sure to let us know.

Low budget modern beauty salon interior design
Low Budget Modern Beauty Salon Interior Design

Simple Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Sola Salon Studios in Seattle does a lot to create space by taking advantage of ample light from windows, using mobile chairs with a small footprint and multipurpose furniture, along with a shampoo station tucked right into the stylist’s station. Retail shelves double as room dividers.

Glamorous Luxury Beauty Salon Interior Design

Intermezzo Salon and Spa is a great example of the ways that a glamorous atmosphere can be achieved without breaking the bank. Adjustable task lighting divides each styling area while full-length mirrors separate the chairs and give customers privacy.Clean colors make the walls bright and lift the mood.

Best beauty salon interior design
Best Beauty Salon Interior Design

Small Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Roots Salon in Savannah is a great example of what can be done with limited space. Some small beauty salon interior design ideas you can see here include chairs with double-sided styling stations, white ceilings and walls to diffuse light, and a shampoo area with a creative retail display shelf right above it, encouraging customers to shop while they wait.

Low Budget Modern Beauty Salon Interior Design

The waiting area in Robert Leonard hair salon combines fresh, white walls with plants and vintage furniture for a modern and chic but cozy look, making this salon a place where customers can sit comfortably while they wait (they may never want to leave).

Best Beauty Salon Interior Design

Ten Salon is definitely a design winner in the beauty industry: they’ve planned their hair salon interior and furnishings around the space’s standout feature- just look at those amazing wood floors. The simplicity of their styling stations compliments the wood flooring and is easy to replicate- it would work well in any narrow salon.

Luxury beauty salon interior design
Luxury Beauty Salon Interior Design

Luxury Beauty Salon Interior Design

Whitehouse Salon lives up to its beauty salon name- from the chairs to the mirror frames, everything is white. Of course, you can do this with any color- going monochromatic is a great way to make a statement and wow your clients (and with a little paint, you can repurpose vintage or second hand furnishings to match).

Modern Beauty Salon Interior Design

Red Chair is not your average beauty parlor- one look at the statement wall will tell you that. The chairs and accessories are basic black, with everyday items like plain coat hooks and large tool boxes getting a new life as styling stations.

We recommend you to check out our post on beauty salon supplies.

Modern beauty salon interior design
Modern Beauty Salon Interior Design



We hope that our suggestions have helped to inspire you as you transform your new salon. Don’t forget to shop around and look at various options before making your final decision.

No matter what your chosen color scheme or your salon layout, low budget beauty salon interior design doesn’t have to be a headache- with the right planning and a little creativity, it can be a lot of fun. Make sure to take your time and enjoy the process.


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