101 Ideas for Beauty Salon Names for 2023 | Examples

So you're about to open your new beauty salon?


Before you welcome your first customer, there’s something that you need to do: come up with a name for your beauty salon. Finding the perfect name for your new business can be challenging.

You need to make sure it resonates well with your clientele, goes well with your logo, and looks nice on your website or your online booking page if you use beauty salon software.

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  1. How Important Is Your Beauty Salon Name?
  2. What Should a Good Beauty Salon Name Do?
  3. What Are Good Beauty Salon Names?
  4. How To Choose Your Beauty Salon Name?
  5. Beauty Salon Name Ideas
  6. Next Steps
  7. Conclusion

How Important Is Your Beauty Salon Name?


Unless your beauty salon is located in a village or tiny town, it’s likely that you'll have some competition from many other salons and spas or high-end beauty salons. This is why having a great name makes all the difference.

Although choosing the perfect name can be a challenge, it's an essential part of the necessary marketing strategy to make your beauty salon stand out from the competition.

Your beauty salon name is the center of your business's perception and growth. It will ultimately make or break your success.

We can’t stress enough how crucial name choice can be for a beauty salon.

Your business is your new baby, so take your time choosing its name. If everything goes well, you’ll live with this name for years.

What Should a Good Beauty Salon Name Do?


So, what’s in a name? Giving a good name to your beauty salon business is your biggest marketing tool - apart from giving your clients a great product and customer experience, of course. Your name will be the first thing that clients see, and what they’re most likely to remember about your salon. This is especially important when securing those all-important referrals and good reviews.

Keep reading to find out some important considerations when choosing the best beauty salon name.

Give the Right Impression

Unless you're deliberately trying for a campy or playful image, the name of your beauty salon should invariably suggest class and luxury.

How do you want to feel when you visit a beauty salon? Do you want to feel pampered and glamorous? Clients do, too. Try to pick a name that gives this impression. Think about words that you associate with beauty, luxury and feeling gorgeous. This is an excellent place to start.

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Think About Your Market

Who are your clientele? A good name should always reflect their sensibilities and overall “vibe”. You want to aim your services at them, starting with a name that creates your brand image.

If you're opening in a hip, up-and-coming district with lots of trendy businesses moving in, the name should be suitably cool.

If you’re looking to attract a more traditional or mature clientele, you might want to stick with something more traditional or ‘safe’.

Remember, your beauty salon name will also appeal to your potential new hires. It’s a great way to advertise your business image and bring in talent.

What Are Good Beauty Salon Names?



What are good beauty salon names
What are Good Beauty Salon Names?

Overall, the best beauty salon name is something that helps your clients easily understand what you're offering is relatable to them.

Less is often more in these cases. Try to be clear, direct and as simple as possible. If you can make your beauty salon name catchy, all the better- catchy names are easier for customers to recall (again, think referrals).

Think about your favorite brands- their names are clear, easy to remember and not too wordy. Good brand names don’t require too much explanation. If customers don’t understand your name at a quick glance, they’re not likely to remember it later on.

Beauty Salon Names Are Visual

Remember, your beauty salon’s name will be all over the premises. I mean literally.

It'll be on the shop front, your website, business cards, the leaflets you distribute … So before you decide on a name, study how it looks.

A good starting point is to create a mockup of the shop front in an online design tool like Canva.com and play with different fonts, colors and layouts. You might find that a name you love looks completely 'wrong' in print.

Bring friends any stylists in on this “brainstorming” session, as it’s always helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes go over everything.

Reflect the Business

So, what is your business about? Make sure that the name indicates this. A name that’s too obscure might not get you the advertising reach or walk-ins that you want to attract.

It doesn't have to be as blunt as 'Pretty Beauty Salon for Pretty Ladies', but it should at least imply that it's a beauty salon.

What are some adjectives that you think of when you imagine your ideal salon? Write them on a whiteboard or in a notebook as a starting point.

Don't Make Potential Customers Cringe

Make sure your beauty salon name doesn’t look outdated (unless you’re aiming at retro but then make sure that it’s obvious), keep your audience in mind, would they find it chic or too pretentious? Funny or embarrassing?

Try playing with some creative beauty salon names. Have fun, but don't go too far and make your customers cringe. Again, run a few by friends and family to get their initial reactions. These can be priceless.

Consider Your Niche

Will your beauty salon specialize in a particular aspect of beauty, such as nail art, facials or injectables? If that’s the case, try to choose a name that points towards that specialty.

You’ll want to remind customers of what you offer.

Using Your Name in the Name of Your Salon

A lot of beauty salon owners decide to use their own first or last name in order to make their beauty salon name unique.

This might seem like a good idea at first, but remember that it can cause problems if you ever decide to sell your business. Maybe the new owner doesn’t want to call herself “Sally”. Putting your own name above the door can cause issues for the new owner, staff and clients as people associate your name with the business and the industry.

Our best suggestion is that if you’re going to use the name try to find a way that it won’t relate only to the owner. One excellent example of this is Taylor Taylor London, which Bradley Taylor started. Although Bradley has nothing to do with the salon now, due to the wordplay of his surname, the salon’s brand continues to grow.

The Best Names are Clever, but Not Too Clever

Wordplay is fun, and coming up with a new business name is a great way to show some wit.

Just be careful that you don't take it too far, and make your potential customers groan and move on to the next beauty salon because your beauty salon name is so completely cheesy they don’t want to admit visiting it or telling their friends they’ve been there.

Less is More

Business names shouldn't be too long, or they'll take up too much space on the shop front. Think about your beauty salon logo.

How To Choose Your Beauty Salon Name?

How to choose your beauty salon name
How to Choose a Your Beauty Salon Name?

You’ve come this far. Here’s the exciting part: all of the steps that you’ll need when choosing the perfect name for your beauty salon.

Here are some key steps to go through when choosing a name:

Start Early

When you first think of opening a beauty salon, it’s time to start working on that name. After all, the name of your salon will shape its image, and this will impact the equipment, decor and “style” of your beauty salon. Essentially, the name can shape literally every other business decision you’ll make.

Once you've made a choice you've got time to reflect and decide if it's really the name you want. If you conclude that it's not really working, after all, you've still got plenty of time to pick another one.

Check out Google

Do your homework. Conduct research on other cities or towns (even in another country). Search ‘beauty salon names in New York’, and browse through the Google results. It’s a great starting point to get you inspired.

Check Your Own Town

Don’t get too attached to a name yet. As well as coming up with some of your own great ideas, you’ll need to eliminate any beauty salon names that are too similar or identical to those of your competitors.

Check what other beauty salons in the area are called. You want to avoid any names that could get your beauty salon confused with another establishment. Your goal is to be unique.

Make Sure that Your Domain Name Is Available

This is crucial, especially nowadays. Having a website for your beauty salon is becoming more and more important as it is one of the first things that people look at when booking.

Check Out Social Media

This is a valuable inspiration and research tool. After all, with thousands of beauty salons already in business in the USA, it’s important to search Facebook and Instagram and find out which beauty salons also have similar names to the ones on your shortlist. This might help to shape your choices.

If there are already too many, then reconsider your choice. Think about your clients when referring their friends to you and whether it is easy for them to find you and make that all-important first appointment.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Who doesn’t love free feedback? Get some of your friends together, open some bottles of wine, and get them to come up with beauty salon name ideas. Eat, drink and brainstorm. Make sure you're sober when you make a choice, though, or you could end up with a name you regret!

Use a Beauty Salon Names Generator

Still stuck? This is a good place to start. There are tons of free tools to help you pick a name. You can use a tool that's specifically for beauty salons or any other business name generator. After all, even if you don't see a name you like, the suggestions will give you some fresh ideas to play with.

Search Pinterest for Name Ideas

Aren’t you glad we have the internet? Check out Pinterest for suggestions. You'll find tons of ideas to choose from, plus some excellent inspiration for your salon style in general.

Beauty Salon Name Ideas


Below you will find our hand-picked list of chic beauty salon names to help you get inspired.

Catchy Beauty Salon Names

  1. Ciao Bella
  2. Mirror Mirror
  3. Antidote
  4. Head & Soul
  5. Cloud Nine
  6. Beauty Cares
  7. Skin Deep Beauty
  8. Charms Salon
  9. Hush and Wonder
  10. Sass and Class
  11. Innovations
  12. Ambiance
  13. Structures
  14. Bella Vita Salon
  15. Tangerine
  16. The Vanity
  17. Blush and Glow
  18. Bloom Beauty Secrets
  19. The Oasis
  20. Enhanced Esthetics
  21. The Closeup Salon

Cool Beauty Salon Names

  1. Raven & Rose
  2. The Beauty Methods
  3. Lavender Park
  4. Society salon
  5. Jubilee Makeup
  6. Beauty Garden
  7. Lost Gems Salon
  8. First Look
  9. Plush Beauty Bar
  10. Rose Gold Beauty Room
  11. Beauty Aesthetics
  12. Pearl Stone
  13. Light Magic
  14. The Sweet Touch Salon
  15. Elixir Salon
  16. Sitting Pretty Salon
  17. Shine Through
  18. Sweet Ones Salon
  19. Fine Wine Salon
  20. Fledgling beauty
  21. Sunny Street Salon

Creative Beauty Salon Names

  1. Beauty Bound
  2. Mystique Salon
  3. Under Her Spell
  4. Beautello
  5. Mia Bella
  6. Blushberry
  7. Pandora’s Box
  8. Baby Face
  9. Bella Chick
  10. 3Sixty
  11. Tres Beaux
  12. Chroma
  13. Moda
  14. Creato
  15. Bubble Trouble
  16. Metamorphosis Salon
  17. Headturners
  18. Cascada
  19. Ascentia

One Word Beauty Salon Names

  1. Avalon
  2. Cult
  3. Headshots
  4. Dayglow
  5. Taboo
  6. Expression
  7. Magnolia
  8. Era
  9. Starshine
  10. Muse
  11. Avenue
  12. Alcheme
  13. Sirens
  14. Habit
  15. Scene
  16. Code
  17. Delicious
  18. Edit
  19. Bloom
  20. Fab
  21. Signature

Unique Beauty Salon Name Ideas

  1. Lightform Makeup and Beauty
  2. Masterpieces Beauty Salon
  3. Salon Zephyr
  4. Precious Cargo
  5. Momentum
  6. Love Spell
  7. Beauty Edge
  8. Cleopatra’s Room
  9. Pixie’S Place
  10. Aria
  11. Deja Vous
  12. Sweet Clementine
  13. Allure
  14. Reflexion
  15. Focal Point
  16. Bombshell Shelter
  17. Cynergy
  18. Prettify
  19. Cheveux de Beaute

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Next Steps


You’re almost there. Now that you’ve picked top names for your beauty salon, you’ll need to have a good approach to reduce the shortlist down to your final choice. Think carefully, come up with a plan of attack, and maybe even hold a mini focus group with some friends to narrow down your choices.

Create a Shortlist

Finally, choose your top three unique beauty salon names. You want at least three, but not more than five at the most. You might even find that your second choice is actually the one that you prefer!

Once you have selected the three, test them out on your family and friends. It is a good idea to tell them your beauty salon's concept — this will allow them to make a better decision for you.

Please don’t stand over their shoulder asking them which one they like (first of all, nobody likes it when people do that), just simply send it to them along with your concept and let them decide on their own time. It can help to include some images that reflect your salon’s brand, so that they can see what you’re aiming for.

Take Your Time

You want your beauty salon to be a success, which means that you and this name could be together for a long time.

You really need to pick a name you're happy with, it’s just like choosing a name for your child!

Rebranding is expensive, stressful, and confusing for customers, so you don't want to regret your choice of beauty salon name.

Above all, enjoy the process. Choosing a beauty salon name is vital for your business, but it’s not something that you should stress over. You’ll be much happier with the end result if you take the time to enjoy getting there.



Picking the right name for a beauty salon takes time and effort- it’s not something most people can do over their lunch break. At the very least, try out a couple of ideas before you choose. Do your market research and find a classy, trendy or eye-catching name that suits your target clientele.

Your beauty salon’s brand and image will become intertwined with your beauty salon name, especially if you pick a good one. Trust your instincts, but also test whether you enjoy working with it and how others react to it. Make sure that lots of other beauty salons don’t have the same name. Have fun trying out your logos and don’t rush yourself.

Remember, a good beauty salon name goes hand in hand with a successful business, so choose carefully.


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