How to Create Your Beauty Salon Logo in 2023?

Like any company, your beauty business needs an excellent beauty salon logo. Add an image that stands out, speaks to your clientele, and sends a clear, easy-to-remember message about your beauty salon name and brand. Don’t worry - we will help you get there.

What You Will Learn

We’ll go over some essential details to consider when creating a new logo for your beauty salon.

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  1. Why Is A Beauty Salon Logo Important?
  2. What Makes A Beauty Salon Logo Successful?
  3. What To Consider When Designing Your Beauty Salon Logo?
  4. Things to Avoid When Designing Beauty Salon Logo?
  5. How To Make A Good Beauty Salon Logo
  6. Beauty Salon Logo Ideas For You
  7. Conclusion

Why Is A Beauty Salon Logo Important?


A beauty salon logo represents your vision for your business. A good logo instantly gets associated with your beauty brand, becoming the first thing your customers will see and the one thing (besides your beauty salon’s service) that stays in their minds and makes you stand out.

A successful beauty salon logo also helps to increase brand loyalty. It can appear on your marketing materials, beauty salon business cards, and your beauty salon’s website and social media.

A logo design needs the right colors that look polished and professional. Think of it as a way to promote your beauty services, all before customers even meet your beauticians.

What Is Beauty Salon Logo PSD?

A beauty salon logo PSD (PSD meaning Photoshop Document) is an image file format for Photoshop Application. It's an image editing-friendly format that supports multiple image layers and imaging options.

What Makes A Beauty Salon Logo Successful?


Logos have the power to grab people’s attention quickly. Think carefully about the concepts and style you want your beauty salon logo to add “at first glance”. Is your beauty salon more “traditional” or “modern” in style? Consider these things when choosing a logo design.

A good salon beauty logo has a lot of power to communicate your brand and its energy instantly. You’ll need to know where you want to position your beauty business within the industry at large.

A good start is a salon brainstorming session with some of your beauticians. Ask for feedback about your shop from clients ahead of time. Write down some key adjectives you like and a few goals, then add these to a few “mood boards” to visually represent your branding, name, and vision.

You can add everything from online images to adjectives and even a specific color. This is a great place to start and will give you a full-color aesthetic for a later graphic design or an illustration. It can help to add some life to your new logo.

The right beauty salon logo design will help your business to look professional and stand out from the competition.

What to consider when designing your beauty salon logo?
What To Consider When Designing Your Beauty Salon Logo?

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Your Beauty Brand

Your beauty salon’s reputation is everything from each beauty tech, to your decor, products, the services you offer, and so much more. Your logo design should reflect these things.

Your Target Clientele

You need to know to who you’re marketing your beauty salon services. What are their needs? What do you add to the market? Your beauty salon logo should reach out to them.

Start With A Mood Board

Browse some magazines, and get images that resonate with your beauty salon brand, think about color and add any adjectives that reflect your beauty business image. How would you like to be remembered as a beauty salon?

Select The Type of Logo

There are several different types of logo design to choose from like word marks, brand marks, combination marks, abstract logo marks and more.

Choose Your Design Style

A simple and clean design should be the goal. Browse the internet for different colors, shapes and fonts that catch your eye.

Think Where And How You’ll Use Your Logo

Would you add it to your beauty salon business sign? What about your social media or website? The design has to look good in each of these settings.

Check Other People Opinions

Add it to your website and mock it up in color on your marketing materials. Please get the opinions of your friends and beauty technicians - this is free feedback.

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Make sure to avoid anything that’s too cliche or unoriginal - you want to add something new and fresh to your brand. Avoid anything difficult to understand. Customers won’t remember it. Your beauty salon logo shouldn’t be something that’s only trendy right now - fashion changes quickly. Finally, don’t be tempted to add a low-price, low-quality logo. Choose something that you can be proud of.


There are many ways to add a great logo design to your beauty salon business.

  • Work With Your Staff and Clients - This can be a special event and have a prize (add some free services, a beautycut, or cash) for the winner. They might surprise you with their creative logos and great brainstorming.
  • Try A Beauty Salon Logo Generator - You can use a logo maker like to generate or customize a design.
  • Hire A Desinger - You can use a site like or to hire a designer. Add your details and any related files, then you’re ready to go.
  • Crowdsource Frineds and Family - You can ask friends and family if they know a designer locally to you. This can also help you find the right price.
  • Use A Special Site Or Software - Use or something similar to search and create your own. This can cut down on prices significantly.
  • Start With A Simple Template - Search for what you want, and simply buy a logo template on websites like You can add to it, changing colors and details until you’ve designed something you like. You can also look for free templates to get started.

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Beauty Salon Logo Ideas For You


We have looked for some beauty salon logo inspirations for you, to help you start your process. You could go for one of the following types of logos:

Gold Beauty Salon Logo

Gold Beauty Salon Logo
Gold Beauty Salon Logo

Royal Beauty Salon Logo Design

Royal Beauty Salon Logo
Royal Beauty Salon Logo

Ladies Beauty Salon Logo

Ladies Beauty Salon Logo
Ladies Beauty Salon Logo

Vintage Beauty Salon Logo

Vintage Beauty Salon Logo
Vintage Beauty Salon Logo

Elegant Beauty Salon Logo

Elegant Beauty Salon Logo
Elegant Beauty Salon Logo



Designing the best beauty salon logo is a process. Do not rush it. Business logos can add a lot of information, whether it’s a shop, a fashion company, or a beauty salon.

Feel free to try out different colors, a new illustration, or add different fonts along the way. The end result should be something that you like as well as something that represents your salon.

Having a great logo can make your salon a cut above the rest. But before you start worrying about what your beauty salon looks like on the outside, you need to make sure that it’s running smoothly internally.

Zolmi Beauty Salon Software will help with all your business management needs. We will help you to get on the right track with appointment scheduling, client records management, staff scheduling, online booking and payments, mobile support and so much more. Sign up for a free today!


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