What Is the Best Barber Shop Software of 2023?

It’s not easy to track down the best barber shop software for you and your clients, so we’ve decided to give you a hand. Here are our recommendations based on versatility, user-friendliness and overall features.



Zolmi barber shop software comes in a free version as well as a paid one with more advanced options. They offer easy online booking, scheduling, automated booking confirmations and client reminders, as well as payment processing and marketing tools.

Zolmi's app works on both iOS and Android devices, so you don’t need to worry about whether your staff or clients will be able to use it.

A couple of things that set Zolmi apart from the competition are its reputation management tools that let you view and respond to feedback first, tailor communications to your clients, and share great reviews on your shop’s website, social media and Google mybusiness.

Also, Zolmi’s user-friendly website builder can help you get going with a fast and optimized barbershop website in just ten minutes.

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For barbershops that are already on Facebook, Instagram or Yelp, it’s no problem to add Vagaro and integrate it into these- it’s been designed to work with Quickbooks, too.

Vagaro lets barbers and managers process payments, set up schedules and make changes easily, and clients will appreciate the convenience of online booking. If you like, you can set up the booking process to require a credit card or deposit ahead of time.

To save time, Vagao’s drag-and-drop tools make scheduling and calendar changes quick and easy, and they also provide the option to automate your marketing via email and text messages.



Created as an all-in-one tool for barbershops, Uzeli offers barbers appointment bookings, payment processing, loyalty programs, scheduling tools and more.

You can use it to send out confirmations and client reminders, and set up recurring appointments for your regulars.

It’s suitable for multiple locations and includes inventory management tools and the ability to create and save detailed client profiles for later reference.

Although Uzeli does not come in a free version, they do give you the option to sign up for a free trial.

The Cut


Specifically designed for barbers, barbershops and their clients, The Cut offers appointment booking, mobile payments, client reviews and barber portfolios all in one place.

You can add preference notes and comments to client appointments to make visits smooth and convenient. The Cut also feature in-app payments for bookings and services, and the option to add cancellation and no-show fees.

They offer barbers a free Lite version of their software as well as a Pro version with additional features.



Fresha can help barbers manage schedules, take appointment bookings, process client payments and maintain an up-to-date database of client info.

Fresha’s software for barbers is avialable as a free version, but you can also upgrade to their paid version if you need more tools and advanced options. It’s compatible with your shop’s social media and website, too.

Their mobile app makes it easy for clients to book appointments (either one-off or recurring), make changes to upcoming bookings, and even add methods of payment. Fresha’s Activity Dashboard makes viewing your clients’ data and calendar quick and easy.



MindBody is a detail-oriented booking system for barbershop managers that assists with inventory, attendance tracking, scheduling, automated marketing messages and storing client’s data.

Mostly marketed towards small and medium-sized businesses, MindBody includes an AI receptionist to help your clients during the booking process as well as being able to answer simple questions.

You can integrate MindBody with your current barbershop website, choosing between various color themes. Finally, their software has an automated upselling option that gives custom recommendations to your clients according to their history.



Squire markets itself as a complete tool for barbershop business management. Some of the things they provide include staff management, POS features, appointment booking and loyalty programs.

It can be used at multiple locations and also features an automated waiting list for high-volume or busy shops.

Using Squire, barbers and managers can set schedules, complete payroll tasks and send out mass communications to staff and clients.

Zolmi Salon Software
Zolmi Salon Software



Booksy is a very versatile tool for barbers- depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose either their Lite or Pro version.

Lite is a good option for smaller shops that want some basic functions such as a calendar, payment processing or marketing tools. Pro, on the other hand, is helpful if you’re a growing or busy shop that needs advanced tools like the ability to manage multiple schedules or view detailed performance data.

Using Booksy, you’re able to set up your schedules, copy and edit staff shifts and adjust things like availability, breaks and opening hours. Their website’s FAQ section is helpful and easy to use, too.



Designed for appointment-based businesses, Boulevard can help barbershop professionals automate tasks like scheduling, email marketing, and appointment confirmations/reminders.

They feature a built-in messenger service to communicate with clients quickly and conveniently, and also provides your team with a detailed record of client requests, concerns and any issues. Clients can book online for added convenience.

You can use Boulevard to manage purchase orders, view reports and store detailed client records and contact information.



Square works to assist barbershop owners and managers with daily tasks like appointment booking, staff scheduling, sales and inventory tracking.

It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices, making it easy to get started without worrying about whether or not you’ll need to get a new phone first.

You can use Square to set up multiple services during the same booking (helpful if someone wants a haircut and a hot shave, but with different staff members), and you can easily track your shop’s inventory levels and sales numbers, too.

If you’re just getting to know their features, Square’s website has a bunch of helpful video tutorials to assist you.

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After seeing what’s out there, you’re now ready to decide. Choosing the right tools to help run your barbershop can seem a bit daunting, but discussing your shop’s needs with your team and getting some feedback helps a lot.

We definitely recommend Zolmi as the best barber shop software for your business. They provide barbers, managers and their clients with a flexible range of solutions in a user-friendly format. Since they even have a free version, why not check it out?


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