9 Vagaro Salon Software Alternatives & Competitors June 2023

Have you been looking for Vagaro alternatives to help in running your salon? Salon applications came as a game-changer in the beauty industry, and people don't have to handle everything manually, which can be tiring and time-consuming.

While Vagaro is a valuable salon application, there are some features you might be in need of that are not present in the application. Salon apps have different features, and as a business owner, you have to choose the most valuable for your business to make daily activities easy and increase profitability.

Below is a list of the best Vagaro alternatives you can adopt to streamline your services and enhance customer satisfaction.

What You Will Learn?

The article highlights the best Vagaro alternatives for salons. It also discusses their features to make it easy for salon owners to select the most valuable one for their businesses.

Top Alternatives For Vagaro

  1. Zolmi
  2. Mindbody
  3. Booksy
  4. DaySmart Salon
  5. Rosy Salon
  6. Fresha
  7. Phorest
  8. Square
  9. Acuity
  10. Conclusion

Compare Sites Like Vagaro



Zolmi Salon Optimization Software and mobile app, is one of a top software like Vagaro and it's wide range of features make it so easy to run your salon on the go.

If you are a one-person salon, you will find Zolmi’s free version meeting most of your requirements with its unlimited features like:

  • streamline salon scheduling with its one-click checkout and super quick rebook functions
  • inventory management and salon POS
  • free (yes!) unlimited email appointment reminders
  • staff rostering

To bring your salon business forward, you will love Zolmi’s very affordable advanced features such as:

  • automated solutions for boosting your positive customer reviews on your Google My Business
  • SMS reminders
  • robust inventory management with automated ordering, minimum stock level alerts, stock count features
  • back bar management enabling you to bring your margins up
  • custom made salon marketing solutions from emails to SMS
  • online payments allowing your clients to pay during booking, make deposits, or charge no-show fees
  • a full reporting suite with staff commissions and performance

Zolmi also provides you with very reliable, friendly, and available support; willing to invest time to meet your individual requirements. Whether you need assistance with importing your client database or a custom-made report for your salon business.



Mindbody is a cloud-based salon and fitness studio appointment and management app suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It also offers other features such as email and text campaigns, marketing management, staff management, and payment processing.

Clients can easily find your business with ease using the application.

Keeping track of crucial business insights such as sales, client retention, revenue and attendance is easy with Mindbody. This will help in bringing back inactive clients, organizing, marketing campaigns and coming up with business strategies driven towards profitability increase.

The application allows you to showcase your services by posting images, giving prospective clients a glimpse of what you do and what they would benefit from if they chose your services. Clients can also buy gift cards and redeem them using the app.



Booksy is a valuable tool that will keep you far ahead of your competitors, just like Vagaro. It is a reliable tool for salon owners who want to streamline their management and scheduling processes.

Another incredible thing about Booksy is that it allows you to provide services to clients from other locations, not just from your salon. As the salon owner, you dictate how much to get paid as travel fees and the location. This is a good option for clients who can't manage to come to you, but you can go to them.

With Booksy, booking appointments is very easy. The salon booking software allows clients to make advance bookings, even months before.

Clients can give you tips as they make bookings, and you can also give them e-gifts for marketing purposes. Other features found in Booksy include social media integration, customer service and inventory management.

DaySmart Salon


DaySmart Salon is another fully functional salon application that will push you a step further from your competitors. You can choose to be paying per month or go for the one-time subscription option.

DaySmart Salon enhances hairstylists and barbers' services with its incredible features, including stock control, staff management, and salon POS. This application can be tailored to suit your business’s needs, and it has text and email notifications, as well as online booking features.

The application is accessible using Android and iOS mobile devices and also through the web browser. It has a reporting feature that gives you crucial information about your business's performance so that you can take the necessary steps.

DaySmart Salon is simple to use since its structure is logical. This salon booking app will store essential details of clients, which you can analyze from time to time and keep track of trends.

Rosy Salon


Rosy Salon is one of the best Vagaro alternatives for salons. The cloud-based application has amazing features for any salon owner.

It comes in two packages, the standard and the premium; you have the option to choose between the two, although the premium package has more and better features than the standard.

Rosy Salon has a scheduling feature where clients can make bookings from any place in the world. It also lets you send salon appointment reminders to clients and reside missed appointments.

Rosy Salon is one of the easiest salon booking apps to use, and even as a first-time user, feeding clients details and other business information is very easy and is accessible from both android and iOS mobile devices.

Apart from making bookings using the salon booking software, Rosy Salon allows clients to make bookings through a salon's Facebook page, enhancing convenience further.

With features like text and email marketing, salon POS, and inventory management, Rosy Salon helps in business management. It makes scheduling easy.



Fresha is another cloud-based salon scheduling software and an alternative to Vagaro. Clients can easily find your salon, make bookings, reschedule or cancel them remotely. It can be accessed through the web browser or mobile app.

Fresha lets you remind clients of their appointment day when it nears by sending sms appointment reminders, which, in turn, greatly reduces no-shows. This application will always keep you updated about your daily business happenings through its dashboard.

On top of making booking simple and managing appointments, Fresha has other incredible features such as marketing promotions, invoice management, contact detail storage, and future bookings.

The salon booking app also offers payment processing services, which makes it even more convenient for both salon owners and clients.



Phorest is another awesome salon scheduling software, just like Vagaro. This business management software allows you to store clients' information and access it anytime you want.

Your staff can take photos of their clients to showcase their capabilities, create a portfolio one the application and store the photos. You can also access them and share them on your social media channels for marketing purposes and user reviews.

Getting important information about your business's performance when using Phorest is an option since it generates these reports. This can help you analyze the performance of each employee.

Its stock management feature allows you to keep track of your inventory, which is crucial for every business setup. Phorest is an easy-to-use salon software, and its support team is always ready to guide you on any concerns you might have.



Square is one of the best Vagaro alternatives and suitable for transaction purposes; it is a simple-to-use app. You won't experience technical problems even when it's your first time using salon software. The cloud-based application is free for one-person businesses, and if a salon owner has employees, they pay according to their number.

Square is a reliable appointment management app and has other features like team management, credit card payment, and salon payroll management. It also sends notifications to clients and employees about their appointments to make sure that none misses them and is best for both large and small businesses.

It is a good application for growing businesses since it accommodates changes easily and can handle more complex tasks that come with business growth. That means if your business expands in the future, you will continue using this application instead of switching to another one.



With acuity, clients will first view your availability before making their appointments, and is an excellent alternative to Vagaro. The salon booking software is available in two versions, the free and the paid versions. The paid version is much better since it has more and better features.

Clients can make their bookings and make their payments at the same time, from any location. They can also make changes to their schedules, such as canceling or postponing with much ease.

With Acuity, getting clients' information is much easier, since you can ask them to fill a certain form when they are making bookings, and you can store the information for future uses. The application is best for small and large businesses and will surely put salon owners ahead of their competitors and make their processes easy.

Top Salon Apps Like Vagaro & Their Cost

Factors like the type of application you choose, size of your salon, and location play a big role in determining how much you will pay for an application. Some applications have free versions but with lesser features than the paid versions. The applications also have different payment methods. Some are paid per month, some per year, a one-time subscription, and others offer a free trial prior to purchase.



There are many Vagaro alternatives a salon owner can take advantage of and take their business to another level. These applications smooth line everyday business activities like handling appointments and running a salon. Going through each application's features will help you make a sound decision on which one will be the best for your business and put you ahead of your competitors.

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