9 StyleSeat Salon Software Alternatives & Competitors October 2023

Have you been searching for StyleSeat alternatives? You don't have to worry anymore. StyleSeat is salon software with unique features, but other similar applications can provide different or better services. StyleSeat lacks some features found in other programs. These features reinforce the marketing strategies for your salon business hence increasing profits.

However, it can be a tedious job to look for the perfect salon booking software that meets your spa or salon needs. Below is a list of StyleSeat alternatives for salons you can also use to satisfy your salon business's needs and requirements. This list is a simple way of comparing and identifying the salon software that best suits your business needs.

What You Will Learn?

This article outlines the StyleSeat alternatives for salons. It discusses the software features to give you a clear picture to identify the best app for your salon services quickly.

Top Alternatives For Styleseat

  1. Zolmi
  2. Vagaro
  3. Booksy
  4. Salon Iris
  5. Rosy
  6. Fresha
  7. Phorest
  8. Square
  9. Acuity

Compare Sites Like Styleseat



Zolmi Salon Management Software and mobile app, is one of a top software like Styleseat, with a wide range of features to efficiently run your salon on the go.

If you run a one-person salon, Zolmi’s free version will meet most of your requirements with its unlimited features such as:

  • streamline salon scheduling, powered by one-click checkout and super fast rebook functions
  • inventory management and salon Point of Sale
  • free (totally!) unlimited email appointment reminders
  • staff rostering

To lead your salon business forward, you will enjoy Zolmi’s very well priced advanced features like:

  • automated solutions for amplifying positive customer reviews on your Google My Business
  • packages of SMS reminders
  • powerful inventory management with ability to automate ordering, minimum stock level alerts, stock take features
  • back bar management enabling you to boost your margins
  • tailored salon email and SMS marketing solutions
  • online payments allowing your clients to pay or make deposits during booking, or charge no-show fees
  • a full reporting suite with staff commissions and performance
  • a fully integrated salon website builder that will help you create your own fast and SEO optimized salon website

Zolmi also offers very reliable, friendly, and available support; willing to deote time to meet your individual needs. Whether you require assistance with importing your client database or need a custom-made report for your salon business.



Vagaro is a platform that allows customers to find salons, fitness studios, and spas in their localities. This salon booking software lets them make bookings and pay in advance.

Clients can reschedule or cancel their appointments with much ease using Vagaro. Vagaro also makes it easy for salon owners to manage appointments and their daily calendars effectively.

This application is a good option for salon and spa owners who want to boost their productivity since it has automated reminders and SOAP notes features.

Another incredible thing about Vagaro is that it's accessible via iOS and Android devices. This means that there are no accessibility limitations, no matter the type of device in use.

This system is very useful in giving useful insights, such as customer retention reports. The salon software is customizable to suit your business’s needs and is very adaptable.



Booksy is a StyleSeat alternative that will keep you ahead of your competitors through customer experience enhancements. The application has an easy way of making schedules and business management.

This software helps spa owners to attend to various clients at different locations without necessarily visiting your salon. The salon owners can easily set their transport costs after identifying the clients' location. This is an appropriate app for mobile salon owners or hairstylists. Also, it is the best app for clients who require services at their homes.

Booksy has an online booking hub for clients. Besides, clients make appointments in advance or after some months too. The clients can offer tips to the spa owners as they make bookings, and you can give them e-gifts as an enticement for them to make more bookings. Additionally, Booksy has other more advanced features, including inventory, social media integration, and customer service.

Salon Iris


Salon Iris is a salon scheduling software that can help you be more competitive. This management software gives you the chance to choose between paying for a one-time subscription or per monthly subscription. It is a salon app with extraordinary features for salons and hair stylists, such as staff management, salon POS, and sock controls. Additional features of this salon software include online booking features and email and text notifications. The tool is also changeable to meet the needs of individual salons.

This app is accessible through a browser and by the use of iOS and Android devices. It also has a reporting feature that allows salon owners to keep track of employees' performance and overall business management.

Salon Iris is a straightforward alternative to StyleSeat because it has an excellent logical and statistics structure. Another outstanding feature of the Salon Iris app is that it keeps the clients' information; hence you can analyze from time to time to keep up with the upcoming trends.



Rosy is cloud-based salon software with amazing features, and with this salon scheduling software, you can either choose to use a standard or a premium package. Nevertheless, the premium package has more promising features than the other packages. It has a scheduling portion that enables clients to make bookings for appointments, send clients booking reminders, and access their history.

The Rosy mobile app is accessible on Android or iOS, and its website is mobile-friendly. It is hassle-free to put in business information and other crucial details as a first-time user, but it is straightforward to use this salon booking app. Clients can make bookings through a spa or salon Facebook page, making this software more convenient. The software also sends reminders to clients to make sure they do not miss their appointments.

Rosy has other outstanding features such as email and text marketing campaigns, salon POS, and inventory management. This makes it an excellent app for salon business management.



Fresha is appointment salon software and cloud-based salon management that allows clients to cancel or reschedule bookings using the browser and the mobile app. Like StyleSeat, the app enables salon owners to send emails or SMS appointment reminders to clients to avoid no-shows. The app keeps you updated about your business activities on the activity dashboard.

Fresha is the best management mobile app alternatives to StyleSeat that will keep you a step forward from your competitors and increase your profit margins. This application has incredible features, which include contact details, future bookings, and marketing promotions. Also, it is more convenient because it allows secure payment processing.



Phorest is one of the best alternatives for StyleSeat, with excellent features that allow salon owners to manage their business more efficiently. Additionally, it enables users to access it via iOS or Android devices.

It is a management software that stores the clients' information, which the salon owners can easily access to learn about the clients' trends. The staff can upload the photos on their portfolios using the mobile app to showcase their clients' capabilities. You can access the images and share them on social media platforms for user reviews and marketing campaigns.

Amazingly, Phorest generates vital reports that help gauge your business performance, leading to better decision-making. Also, the information helps you in rating employees' capabilities. This mobile app saves time using its stock management feature, allowing you to keep track of your inventory much more effortlessly. The application is easy to use and very efficient.

This salon booking app has a very reliable support team that is always there to assist you whenever you're stuck. The team responds to the clients' questions, as well.



Square, one of the StyleSeat alternatives, is a cloud-based salon software that is very easy to use and the most appropriate for salon transactions. You can use this salon booking app for free if you own a salon individually. Salon owners pay per month for this app depending on the number of employees they have.

The software has extraordinary features such as credit card payment, team management, and payroll salon management. Another incredible thing about this app is its salon appointment management.

Square easily adapts your business trends; hence you do not have to look for another program after upgrading your business. It can work with small or large size businesses. Moreover, it sends employees and clients appointment notifications to avoid no-shows.



Acuity is a StyleSeat alternative for salons business that allows users to view your availability before making appointments. Furthermore, the app will enable clients to make payments in advance from any location. It has a free version and paid versions with a 7-day free trial. However, the paid version has excellent features that add value to your business.

Another impressive thing about Acuity is an auto-adjust time zone that makes it simple for clients to make bookings in different time zones. Additionally, the app sends appointment reminders to clients promptly, thus reducing no-shows in your business. Also, it has a form that clients can fill when making bookings to provide salon owners with important information.

Acuity can be used by any business size, whether small or large and gives salon owners a competitive advantage in the salon business. It has other fantastic features, including scheduling services, payment processing, and communication with clients through a video conference. The mobile app is customizable to meet any business requirements.

Top Salon Apps Like Styleseat & Their Cost

The costs of salon applications vary depending on the app's features and the size of your business. Some salon apps have free versions with fewer minor features, free trial periods, and premium versions with outstanding features and attributes that reinforce your salon business's success.



The applications mentioned above are some of the best StyleSeat alternatives that any salon owner can use to add value to his/her business. Salon application features vary depending on the needs they satisfy and offer different solutions. Understanding your business's needs will help you identify the simple app to use and render you the best service to put your business ahead of your competitors. It would be best to strictly consider client support and pricing before purchasing any salon application.

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