9 Fresha Salon Software Alternatives & Competitors June 2023

If you've been looking for Fresha alternatives to run your salon efficiently, we have several options for you. No one can deny that Fresha has many useful features suitable for salons, and it greatly streamlines processes. However, there are other applications with different, similar, or better features than Fresha, which you can try out.

The advancement in technology has allowed the innovation of these applications. Salon and other business owners in the beauty industry no longer have to handle things manually. Actually, if you decided to go the manual way, your competitors might knock you out of business.

Nowadays, clients don't have to walk to your salon or make phone calls to book or adjust appointments. They can do that using these applications. You also don't have to write everything on paper which can be time-consuming. You can store crucial information concerning your business in these apps and retrieve it any time you want, with much ease.

Those are not the only uses of salon applications. They also help in proper business management. Here are some of the best salon application alternatives to Fresha.

What You Will Learn?

This article discusses some applications you can use to run your business instead of Fresha. It highlights every app's features to make it easy for you to select the most suitable for your salon.

Top Alternatives For Fresha

  1. Zolmi
  2. Booksy
  3. Mindbody
  4. Salon Iris
  5. Rosy
  6. Phorest
  7. Acuity
  8. Square
  9. Vagaro
  10. Conclusion

Compare Sites Like Fresha



Zolmi is a cloud-based free salon software and one of the top Mindbody alternatives. Zolmi’s mobile app offers a wide range of features to run your salon on the go.

If you run a one-person salon, Zolmi’s free version will meet most of your requirements with its unlimited features such as:

  • streamline salon booking with its one-click checkout and super quick rebook button
  • inventory management and salon point of sale
  • free (yes!) unlimited email appointment reminders
  • staff scheduling

To bring your salon business forward, you will love Zolmi’s very affordable advanced features such as:

  • automated solutions for boosting your positive customer reviews on your Google My Business
  • SMS reminders
  • robust inventory management with automated ordering, minimum stock level alerts, stock count features
  • back bar management enabling you to bring your margins up
  • custom made salon marketing solutions from emails to SMS
  • online payments allowing your clients to pay during booking, make deposits, or charge no-show fees
  • a full reporting suite with staff commissions and performance
  • a fully integrated salon website builder that will help you create your own fast and SEO optimized salon website

Zolmi also provides you with very reliable, friendly, and available support; willing to invest time to meet your individual requirements. Whether you need assistance with importing your client database or a custom-made report for your salon business.



Just like Fresha, Booksy has incredible features that will see you steps far ahead of your competitors. Booksy is useful in making and managing schedules and other business processes to ensure they are running efficiently.

If you are that salon owner who is comfortable traveling to where your clients are instead of them visiting your premises, this will be an ideal app for you since you can set travel fees and choose a location. With Booksy, clients will easily make bookings and even give you tips as they make them. They can also make the bookings several months earlier, and if they want to make some adjustments, they can do so easily using the application.

Apart from scheduling and business management features, Booksy has social media integration, inventory management, and customer management features.



Mindbody is another salon online scheduling app which offers much value to salon owners. It can be used for both large and small salons and fitness studios. The cloud-based application makes it easy for clients to find your business.

The application is also ideal in keeping track of crucial business information since it gives reports on client retention, employee attendance, and sales. This information is useful since you can analyze whether the business is progressing as you expect and bring back clients who have gone missing using their contact details.

You can post images of your services and products for clients to view. You can also sell gift cards to clients, which are redeemable online using the salon booking software. Mindbody's other features include marketing management, payment processing, staff management, email campaigns, and text campaigns.

Salon Iris


Salon Iris is another awesome software alternative to Fresha. When utilized fully, it will win you more clients and push you ahead of your competitors. The salon booking app can be accessed through iOS and Android mobile devices and can be custom-made to suit your business.

Like Booksy, Salon Iris has a reporting feature that gives you important information about your business which you can use to evaluate your progress and take the necessary actions.

This application has email and SMS notifications. It's been designed in an easy way. You will not experience problems when using it. It also has other features such as salon POS, stock management, online booking, notifications, staff management, and text and email salon reminder.



Rosy is a cloud-based salon software and is one of the best Fresha alternatives for salon. It has an appointment-booking feature for clients, and they can also make necessary adjustments when they want to.

It comes in a standard and premium version, with the standard having more and better features, though more expensive. If you have never used this application before, you don't have to worry since it is straightforward and easy to use.

After clients book their appointments, you can send them SMS appointment reminders when the appointment day comes to a close to prevent no-shows. It's an excellent app when it comes to salon management with features like inventory management, email marketing, and salon POS. With Rosy, clients can also make their bookings using your Facebook page, not only from the application, offering more convenience.



Phorest is one of the best alternatives to Fresha. You can store your clients' details and access them anytime you need to in this salon booking software. Your hairstylists and other employees can create portfolios in the application, save images for clients to view. You also have access to photos and can share them to your social media channels for marketing purposes.

Phorest has a stock management feature that keeps you aware of what you have so that you can make purchasing decisions and avoid business interruption and imbalanced cash flow. It is very easy to use this application, and in case you're stuck, you can always reach out to their support team and ask for help. On top of that, Phorest provides your business reports which you can use to make decisions driven towards more efficiency and profitability.



Acuity is another alternative to Fresha, where clients first look at your availability before making bookings. This means that it will be very hard for you to cancel their appointments due to too much workload, which can be very inconvenient to the clients. After confirming your availability, they proceed to make the appointments and can even pay at this point.

Acuity is available in a free version and a paid version. The paid version is more preferable since it has better features. The free one is also ideal for businesses operating on a tight budget and don't handle very complex tasks.

You'll get clients' information without much hassle when using acuity since they usually fill a form when making bookings. This app is ideal for small, medium-sized, and large businesses, and when utilized fully, it will give you an advantage over your competitors.



Square salon booking app is suitable for salon owners who transact using Square. The application is on the list of the best alternatives for Fresha, thanks to its incredible features.

It is a cloud-based application and is very easy to use. If you operate your salon all by yourself, you don't have to pay subscription charges when using Square. If you are a team, you pay according to the number of people using the application.

Square has other features that include credit card payment, salon payroll management, and team management, which come in handy in salon management. The applications will also notify the employees of their appointments to make sure they don't miss them. Square is awesome in adapting to changes. If your business expands or has any changes in the future, Square will easily accommodate them and remain useful. You will not have to switch to another application.



Vagaro is an incredible salon appointment app that lets clients find fitness studios and salons from their locality. Clients will easily make appointments and adjust them if they want to.

As a professional, it helps in managing your calendar and appointment schedules. It's also useful in boosting productivity with its SOAP notes features. You can remind clients about their appointments using its SMS appointment reminders to reduce no-shows. Vagaro is accessible on both iOS and Android devices and can be custom-made to suit any business's needs, no matter its size. The application gives you reports on client retention rate and other useful insights for managing your business.

Top Salon Apps Like Fresha & Their Cost

The cost of a salon application depends on which one you use and the complexity of your business. These applications might also have different versions such as free, standard, and premium, the premium one being the most expensive since it has more and better features.



There are several Fresha alternatives that you can introduce to your business to streamline everyday processes and how clients book and manage their appointments. You only have to list down what you expect to get in a salon application and get one that meets your needs. If you get the right one, getting ahead of your competitors will be easy. You don't have to operate a business manually or use an app that doesn't meet your expectations.

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