Unique Ideas For Tanning Salon Names for 2023

Coming up with unique and catchy ideas for tanning salon names for your new business is important for your brand future success. You want the name to represent your tanning salon business, stand out from the competition and be memorable for clients.

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After reading this article, you will know how to come up with the best tanning salon name for your business. We will also give you a list of tanning salon name ideas for inspiration.

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What Should A Good Tanning Salon Name Do?


What should a good tanning sSalon name do
What Should A Good Tanning Salon Name Do?

A good tanning salon name will instantly inform your clients about your brand and your services. It should be something simple to pronounce and easy to recognise.

Give Right Impression

Make sure you choose a tanning salon name that gives off the right impression. Your clients want to feel looked after when they walk through your tanning salon doors.


Your tanning salon name will be all over your branding and marketing materials: your signage, website, social media pages, leaflets, etc. — so it also needs to look amazing in a graphic design. Before you make the final decision, use a free tool like Canva and create a mock-up of your salon logo and signage.

Reflect the Market

It would help if you had your tanning salon name to describe the services you're offering. While you don't need to call it a tanning salon exactly , it should allude to the fact that you cut hair, for example.

Don't Confuse Potential Clients

Don't overcomplicate things. Keep the name easy, simple, and not cringeworthy. Today's customers are savvy and knowledgeable. Choose a name that intrigues them.

Consider Your Specialization

If you are working with a niche, make your tanning salon name reflect that, e.g., hair extensions. Make your specialisation stand out, especially to new and potential clients.

Using Your Own Name

New tanning salon owners, might get tempted to include your first or last name in your business name. Clients will expect to see you in the tanning salon when your name is above the door. If you want to sell your tanning salon business to someone else, this could halt the process. Keep things simple and leave your name out of it, unless your goal is to build a vrand out of your name.

Smart, But Not Too Smart

While it's tempting to choose a clever name that no one else has thought of, people won't remember it if it's too clever. You don't want a name that will make clients feel uncomfortable when they book or tell their friends where they have been.

The Shorter, the Better

A long business name would be expensive to paint on a sign and harder to remember. Choose a name that doesn't take too much space on your promotional designs.

How to Choose a Name for Your Tanning Salon?


How to choose a name for yYour tanning salon
How to Choose a Name for Your Tanning Salon?

When deciding on a name for your tanning salon, consider the following steps:

Start Early

Choosing the hair salon name should be one of the first things when opening a new tanning salon. You want to try different things and make changes before your tanning salon opens.

Search on Google

If coming up with the name of your tanning salon gives you hard time, google some tanning salon in XXX (Berlin, Paris. etc) for example and get inspired.

Check Out Your City

Check out other tanning salons in your local area and choose a very different name. You don't want your clients getting confused and booking in with them instead!

Check Domain Name

Your tanning salon business needs a website. Once you have your name, make sure you can get a domain that can include it.

Look at Social Media

Browse through Facebook and Instagram for spray tan business names. See which tanning salons are close in name to the names on your shortlist.

If there are many comparable names, you might look for a different one.

Ask Family and Friends

Ask your friends and family for their ideas. See what they come up with! You can learn a lot from the people around you.

Using a Tanning Salon Name Generator

Online business names generator can be used specifically for tanning business names, and even if you don't choose precisely what they offer, you might get a bit of inspiration.

Build a Shortlist

Choose your three best tanning salon names. Play with and consider them for a while — don't rush. You might even discover that your second option is the one you prefer!

Take Your Time

Avoiding an expensive rebranding is a priority. Take your time, and consider your final choice. Make sure you pick a tanning salon name that you won't get bored of or won't go out of style.

Tanning Salon Names Ideas


We have prepared a list of tanning salon names for your inspiration. Feel free to use them as you wish.

Classy Tanning Salon Names

  • Miami Tan
  • Top of The Line Tans
  • Get Sun Kissed!
  • Bronze Me Now
  • Tanningverse
  • Bronze Bliss Salon
  • Glo Sun Spa
  • Tanfastic
  • Zoom Tanning Salon
  • Malibu Tan

Unique Tanning Salon Names

  • Urban Tan
  • Tansio
  • Sun Tan Tanning
  • Rays Of Sunshine
  • Pro Glo
  • Kissed Studio
  • Tan Bella
  • Elegance Tanning
  • Tannhut
  • Babes Beach Tanning

Best Tanning Salon Names

  • Yellowspot
  • Pre Sunbathing
  • Tropical Posh
  • Color Me Cocoa
  • Fun Tan
  • Hollywood Tans
  • Tina's Tanning
  • Body Bronze
  • Must B Tan
  • Tantastic Skin

Catchy Tanning Salon Names

  • Planet Beach
  • In The Mist Tanning
  • Sunshine Village
  • Glow Queen
  • Tantopia Salon
  • SunMax
  • Soleil
  • Aruba Tan
  • Bronzed Boss
  • Beach Dreamy

Cute Tanning Salon Names

  • Bronzing Collective
  • Goldy
  • Tannoryx
  • Tiki Tanning
  • Tan Tonic
  • The Tanning Co.
  • Pretty Tan
  • Purelux Salon
  • Wow Wow Tan
  • Boudoir

Funny Tanning Salon Names

  • Sun Chics
  • The Afterglow
  • Custom Airbrush
  • Sunbathroom
  • BronzeMe
  • Sunkiss Co.
  • Tan & Glam
  • A Spray of Sun
  • Tanporium
  • Tannery Spot

Cool Tanning Salon Names

  • The Bronze Bonanza
  • Tanning Time
  • Twilight Tans
  • Olivetan
  • Go n' Glow Salon
  • Oasis Tanning
  • Exotic Tanning
  • Platinum Glow
  • Bali Bronze
  • Platinum Salon And Tanning

Clever Tanning Salon Names

  • Bliss Tanning Bar
  • Cuticle Tanning Salon
  • Poli-Tan Spa
  • Tan Enable
  • Sweet Tanning Boutique
  • Golden Glow Salon
  • Endless Summer Salon
  • The Tan Place
  • Tanteous
  • Dazzling Tan

Worst Tanning Salon Names

  • Totally Tan!
  • Sandy Tans
  • Chocolate Tan
  • Sun-Kissed
  • SunSpa
  • TrueView Tan
  • Ozone Tan
  • House of Tans
  • Sweet Tan Studio
  • Mineral Bronzing

Spray Tan Business Names

  • Bronz Body Tan
  • Hush Tan
  • Boca Tanning Club
  • Sunburst Tan
  • Natural Blush Spray Tans
  • Otown Tan
  • Magnum Glow
  • Spray La Vie
  • Hamofy Spray Tan House
  • Cool Spray Tan

Mobile Spray Tan Business Names

  • Tans to Go
  • Bronze Me Beautiful
  • Anytime Tan
  • Tanimals
  • Oh My Spray
  • Tandaze
  • Fly Spray Tan
  • Paint Mixer
  • Tan For Life
  • On Call Tans

Catchy Spray Tan Business Names

  • Dolce Spray Tan
  • Ultramax Tans
  • Sun-o-mania
  • Rio Tan
  • Sunbelievable
  • Beauty Mark
  • A Perfect Tan
  • Shine Spray
  • Sun Hut
  • Glo Tanning



Choosing on a tanning salon name should take time and effort. Don't just go with the first thing you like. Play with a couple of ideas, at least. Do your market research and find a unique and classy name that suits your target clientele and will represent your tanning salon brand well.


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