What Is the Best Spa Management System of 2023?

It’s not easy to find the best spa management service, so we’ve done our best to help. Here are our top picks for their value and flexible features to help fit your spa’s needs.



Zolmi is a free to use and super versatile spa management system. You can set up online bookings, manage your staff schedule, keep track of inventory, send out marketing materials and take online payments easily.

Zolmi also helps you cut down on no-shows using automated reminders and appointment conformations.

A few things that make Zolmi really special are their fast and easy to use website builder, which can get you up and running in as little as 10 minutes, and their reputation management tools to help you take control of your feedback process and increase your five-star reviews.

Zolmi's app works on both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to manage things on the go.

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Acuity helps to keep spa managers organized throughout the online booking, scheduling, appointment and payment process. They provide automated email confirmations for client appointments, as well as a database for client info.

You can integrate Acuity with third-party apps like Google analytics or PayPal, which is helpful if your spa already uses these. Acuity is also helpful when it comes to setting up and managing group reservations or specialized appointments like multiple treatments.

As for Acuity’s customer database, it’s user-friendly and can store both client contact details and important information, as well as SOAP notes or consultation forms.



Booksy comes in two versions: Lite and Pro. These are both very useful tools- it just depends on a spa manager’s needs (and the size of the spa).

Lite is most useful for smaller spas looking for some basic tools like payment processing, marketing features and a booking calendar, whereas Pro has a lot more advanced features available such as the ability to manage multiple schedules and view detailed performance data.

Using Booksy’s software for spas, you can create and edit staff schedules, set regular shifts and adjust breaks, availability and spa business hours.

Booksy’s website also has a helpful and detailed FAQ section that’s easy to navigate if you have any issues.



Vagaro has a lot of great features to help spas reach out to clients with marketing and automated reminders, process payments and stay organized.

You can use Vagaro to help with scheduling, clients record keeping and taking online bookings. It’s easy to integrate it with your spa’s current Facebook and Instagram pages, and it also works with Yelp and quickbooks.

If you’re looking for payment processing services, Vagaro also offers this for a fee. Vagaro lets spa managers choose to take deposits before a booking or even require a credit card to secure appointments.

It comes in both a free version and a Pro one, which also includes a one-month free trial.



Fresha has a lot of versatile features to help spa professionals stay on top of things by managing appointments, taking online bookings, maintaining a detailed client database and processing payments.

It’s available as both a free version and a paid one with more advanced tools- you can select the one that best fits your needs.

Fresha’s mobile app lets your clients book recurring appointments (you can set these up, too), add payment methods and even make changes to bookings when necessary. Their Activity Dashboard displays your calendar and all your data in one convenient place.

Finally, Fresha is compatible with your existing spa website and social media pages, so it’s easy to integrate everything.

DaySmart Salon


DaySmart Salon can help spas with a variety of different tasks including managing inventory levels, scheduling appointments, processing payments, and keeping up with payroll or commissions.

It isn’t available as a free version, but they do offer a free trial period and free data migration from several other software programs, depending on your needs.

DaySmart Salon is user-friendly and is suitable for spas that have more than one location. They provide a mobile app for payment processing, but you can also use their software with a card reader.

Zolmispas Salon Software
Zolmispas Salon Software



Timely gives spa managers several options to choose from when it comes to setting staff availability and scheduling appointments.

They provide customizable rosters that you can set up for each staff member, right down to which spa services they’re able to perform and when. You can also assign different equipment or treatment rooms to bookings, to avoid any confusion later on.

Timely can notify staff automatically when a schedule change or cancellation happens, and you can set customized logins and access permissions for each team member.



Phorest can help your growing spa business and its clients in several different ways. Some of the things they offer include scheduling, online booking, a detailed client database and automated marketing assistance.

They provide a loyalty program and rewards system for you to use on current clients, plus discount management tools that make it easier to give slower-moving retail items or appointment times a much-needed boost.

Phorest doesn’t provide a free trial of their software, but they do offer a free demo that you can sign up for to check things out.



To get started using Versum, your spa just needs a device with reliable internet access. Some of the useful features that Versum offers include online booking, email marketing, inventory tracking and automated scheduling.

Using Versum, you can view your calendar in weekly, monthly or daily formats, and can also cross-reference multiple locations by viewing them side-by-side. Versum’s reporting features are equally detailed, letting you view earnings and commissions for spa techs on an individual basis.

Finally, you can create and store client records for suture appointments and access them easily.

Versum offers a free trial that you can use to get to know it before committing.

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Now that you’ve had a chance to take a look at what’s available, you’re ready to go. No two spas are alike- each one has its own unique staff, services and client base. That’s why finding the right spa POS system to meet your needs is more important than ever.

We still recommend Zolmispas as the best spa management system for your growing business. Overall, they offer spa owners and their staff the best value and a very versatile toolkit that’s designed to take the hassle and muman error out of daily tasks. Why not try it out today?


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