What You Should Look for in a Salon Software?

When you want to automate most of your salon’s processes, you might wonder what you should look for in salon software>/a>.

The best salon software for you should make it easy to run everyday tasks and improve customer experience, too.

What You Will Learn In This Article?

The article discusses the features a salon business management software should have. It also shows salon owners the benefits the program offers to their business.

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  1. Quick & Easy Scheduling
  2. Online Booking For Your Clients
  3. Lower No-Shows With SMS Reminders
  4. Salon App Everything At Your Fingertips
  5. Improve Profitability With Reporting
  6. Marketing To Drive Retention
  7. Increase Retail Using Point Of Sale
  8. Gain Customer Insight Using Surveys
  9. Don’t Hold Dead & Unsold Stock
  10. Improve Online Reputation
  11. Improve Staff Experience
  12. Conclusion

Quick & Easy Scheduling


With a salon appointment system, managing your online bookings will be much easier. You’ll easily know the available slots on the appointment software and allocate duties to employees more easily.

Managing resources will also be easy since you can take advantage of the free time to spruce up your shop.

Online Booking For Your Clients


A salon appointment app should make booking appointments easy.

You no longer have to use a salon appointment book.

Clients should be able to make online bookings by accessing your salon booking page from their phones, tablets, and computers.

Lower No-Shows With SMS Reminders


Top 5 Benefits of Salon Appointment Reminders
Top 5 Benefits of Salon Appointment Reminders

A top-rated salon software solution should allow you to send appointment reminders via SMS to each client to reduce no-shows.

It should also have a client management system where they can cancel their appointments so that their slots can be allocated to others.

Salon App Everything At Your Fingertips


As the owner, you should be able to access the salon or spa management software from different devices, such as iOS and Android.

You should be able to run the business from anywhere.

Improve Profitability With Reporting


Reporting increases profitability since you can keep track of different aspects, such as salon record keeping and referral program information.

You can use this information to make the right decisions that’ll help you grow your business.

Marketing To Drive Retention


A salon marketing software enables utilization of SMS and email marketing by sending crucial information such as special offers and discounts to clients.

It also lets you send personalized messages to avoid spamming your clientele with irrelevant messages.

Increase Retail Using Point Of Sale


Get a software that can be integrated with the best salon POS system to manage client data, salon till system and marketing strategies.

It should also have a secure salon point of sale credit card processing feature for completing transactions.

Gain Customer Insight Using Surveys


Your must have software program should let customers give their feedback concerning your services to help you improve their experience.

Don’t Hold Dead & Unsold Stock


A good, easy to use cloud-based app lets you know what stock you have.

This helps you make informed decisions on when to order more stock and how to get rid of dead stock for your business.

Improve Online Reputation


Whether it’s a paid or free salon software for Mac or Windows, it should allow clients to leave their reviews on social media, google and yelp.

Zolmi helps you with this by notifying you of any negative review early enough to respond to them promptly.

Improve Staff Experience


A good software should let your staff know about employee scheduling via an app installed on their phones to avoid inconveniencing customers.

How much does a salon software cost?

The price of a salon management software varies from one software company to another and depends on several factors, such as software features and the business’ complexity. A software with many features costs more than the one with fewer features. Similarly, for a complex salon, the price is higher than that of a simple one.



The best software salon should have features that make everyday tasks easy and increase profitability.

Knowing what you should look for in a software system helps you choose the most suitable one for salon and spa management.

And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you’ve used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share them with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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