What is the Best Salon Software for Small Business of 2023?

Finding the best salon software for small business needs isn’t easy, but we’re here to help. Our top pick is Zolmi Salon Software for Small Business needs - its user-friendly tools are a great value. We’ve also covered a few other options.

1. Zolmi

As part of its free software for salons, Zolmi Salon Software for Small Business offers easy online booking options, appointment scheduling, integrated online payments and SMS confirmations and reminders to make things easy for staff and clients.

Zolmi also boosts an easy-to-use and versatile website builder that can help you create a speedy, optimized and professional salon website in just ten minutes. As an added bonus, you can use Zolmi’s reputation management feature to reach out to clients, take control of your online reviews process and boost that five-star feedback.

Their app is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, making it easy to manage your bust salon on the go from wherever you happen to be. For salon owners who want to take optimization to the next level, Zolmi offers a premium plan with advanced features.

2. Acuity

Acuity is a scheduling and management software for salons that lets you deal with appointments and staff schedules across multiple locations. They have a simple-looking interface with some templates for you to choose from on their website.

It’s integrated with PayPal and Google analytics and allows you to send out automated appointment reminders as well as give clients permission to cancel or rebook their own appointments as needed.

Clients can view real-time availability info and meet you for online consultations using integrated video conferencing.

3. Schedulicity

Schedulicity’s salon and small business software provides you with an appointment calendar, online booking and scheduling tools and payment processing services called “Schedulicity Pay” which allows you to customize payments by adding tips or discounts.

Salon owners can add a “Book Now” button to their business’s webpage, enable next-day payments for services as needed and even block people from automatically booking if they have a record of multiple “no shows.”

Lastly, Schedulicity’s features include the ability to send out automated email marketing to help you reach clients and boost your bookings.

4. Square

Square’s salon software offers users booking, scheduling and selling tools, along with a POS system which is set up to process multiple payment methods including debit, credit and e-gift cards.

Salon owners and managers can use Square to send out invoices and estimates to clients. These documents can be customized using a variety of different options. Square’s staff management and online booking features are mobile-friendly, and you can customize their booking website by choosing the layout and colors that you like best.

You’re able to create pages for team members to manage their own schedules and bookings as well as set different permissions for each staff member to control what they can view and change.

5. MyTime

MyTime is a software and appointment management system for salons with multiple features including automated email reminders, reputation management, business reporting and analytics. It works with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Salon owners can send clients automated text messages about upcoming appointments as well as customized promo codes and marketing messages using their booking and purchase history.

You’re also able to create flash sales, promotion alerts and push notifications which can be sent using your salon’s social media to help fill up empty appointment slots or give slow days a boost.

6. Schedulista

Schedulista’s software for salons and spas offers a customizable scheduling page which works in English, French, German, Portunege and Norwegian. You can adapt its look to match your salon’s style by adding your own themes, colors and images.

Their schedule management tool can either be used alone or integrated with your salon’s website or Facebook page for greater flexibility. You can sync Schedulicity’s own calendar with your Android, iPhone, Outlook or Google Calendars.

Its features also include the ability to send automatic push notifications to staff members letting your team know as soon as a booking is made, changed or canceled.

Best salon software for small business mobile
Best Salon Software for Small Business

7. MindBody

MindBody salon’s software provides staff scheduling, appointment booking and automated marketing features. Their cloud-based system focuses on meeting the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

They offer a booking schedule that you can display on your salon’s own webpage in a variety of different colors. You can also enable automatic upselling to encourage customers to book additional services and use their smart lists to pick out promotions tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

MindBody also has an AI receptionist feature that can assist your clients with bookings and is able to answer simple questions, saving you and your staff time.



Choosing the best software to boost your salon business and give staff and clients a great experience is crucial. After all, having the right tools makes any job that much easier.

Now that we’ve gone over the options, our number one pick is still Zolmi salon software for small business needs because it offers so many great features for optimizing your salon and it’s an amazing value. Why not give it a try and sign up today?


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