What is the Best Salon Management Software of 2023?

Finding the best salon management software for your business may take longer. Or recommendation would be Zolmi Salon Management Software due to its comprehensive approach focus on optimizing managing a salon business, free and premium plans. However, we’ve included some others for comparison.

1. Zolmi

Zolmi management software for salons comes in two plans:

  • Manage - unlimited free plan - giving you the basic functionalities like online booking, calendar, some reporting - everything you need for a start;
  • Grow - premium paid plan - with SMS appointment confirmations and reminders, salon digital marketing tools, online payment, recurring appointments, robust salon reporting suite, and more.

Zolmi also offers a salon website builder, a pretty unique functionality, making it stand out from the competition. Their reputation management automation will make it easier to improve your online presence and get those 5-star reviews to bring in more clients.

Zolmi also provides a mobile app, so you can to manage your salon business no matter where you are, using your iOS or Android mobile device.

2. Square

Square’s salon and spa management software offers numerous management tools, including booking, scheduling and selling.

Their staff management functions let you set different permissions for each employee, controlling what they can access and which changes they can make. You can also enable them to develop and alter their schedules.

They provide a secure POS system that can process credit, debit and e-gift card payments, and you can create and send out invoices to clients.

Lastly, Square’s online booking website works on mobile devices as well as computers and is customizable, so you can select the layout and color scheme that fits your salon best.

4. Booksy

Booksy offers users the option to choose between two different software versions for salon management: Lite and Pro.

While Lite is geared towards smaller businesses and features a basic calendar as well as some marketing tools and an app for making purchases, Pro offers more complex features for salon owners who need to manage busy schedules, multiple salons or want detailed information about their performance.

Booksy’s scheduling tool allows you to copy or edit your staff’s shifts, adjust business hours, set default shift hours or create customized schedules for special events.

Their website is a bit complex but features an FAQ page to help you find answers to individual questions.

4. Schedulicity

Another versatile option for managing your salon, Schedulicity combines online booking software, marketing tools, and payment processing in one place.

They provide manual or email marketing options for salon owners and a “Book Now” button that you can add to your business’s webpage. They have their payment-processing system that you can use called “Schedulicity Pay” which also offers the option to take next-day payments.

One unique thing about Schedulicity is the feature that allows you to block repeated “no shows” from booking.

5. MyTime

MyTime salon’s management tool provides several different features for growing businesses, including built-in credit card processing, an email template editor, and reputation management. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

You can send out automated text messages, email reminders to clients, custom promo codes, and marketing that uses their previous purchase and appointment history.

Salon owners can create flash sales, push notifications and deal alerts on their social media pages to help fill empty appointments more quickly, and you can take advantage of business reporting and analytics as well as viewing clients history.

6. Vagaro

Vagaro is a salon and spa appointment software that works with multiple platforms, including Facebook, Yelp, Instagram and quickbooks. They offer online booking, scheduling and payment processing in one place.

Vagaro’s features include an automated email and text message marketing tool that helps you to reach clients and remind them of upcoming bookings, promotions or other salon events.

Finally, their easy-to-use drag and drop tools can help you to make quick changes and reschedule bookings as needed. You can set their booking options to require a deposit or credit card when booking. Vagaro offers salon owners a POS system with merchant services for an additional fee.

Best salon management software mobile
Best Salon Management Software

7. Timely

Timely offers salon managers and staff several options for setting team members’ availability using customized rosters (you can even specify availability for different services).

Some other salon management features that Timely provides include automatic staff notifications whenever there are any schedule changes or cancellations, and the ability to assign specific resources (such as rooms or equipment) to appointment booking times.

You can set different logins and staff permissions to keep control of what each team member can access or change.



Managing a busy salon and multiple schedules is not easy and having the right tools makes all the difference. The best salon POS software solutions are designed to take human error and additional time out of daily tasks so that you have time to focus more on your team and your clients.

When you’re looking for the right software tools, the best thing to do is often just to start with a free trial of one that you like. Our favorite is still Zolmi salon management software; you can try it out for free. This lets you take some time to get to know its features and decide whether it’s right for you.


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