Why Salon Software Free Downloads Do Not Work

Looking for a salon software free download for your hair salon, spa or barbershop?

We will tell you why you shouldn't download software for your salon and outline the risks to your business if you choose to still download some software.


What You Will Learn In This Article

In this article you will learn the reason you need get a free salon management software for your salon.

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  1. Why Search For a Salon Software Free Download?
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Why Search For a Salon Software Free Download?


There are now many free salon management software cloud based solution that are available on the market stopping the need for you to gain a crack or download it.

When Zolmi Salon Software is FREE


You are able to get your free salon software from Zolmi today.

....BUT if you still want to download salon software for free then here are 9 reasons why it could be wrong for your salon, spa or barbershop.

  • 1. You Could Be Downloading a Virus!

    What would happen to your hair salon if you downloaded a virus to your laptop or desktop computer?

    How could you cope without you being able to manage your salon?

    Well this could happen if you downloaded what might seem like a free download.

    One of the biggest worries when downloading free salon software is that you may not know if it is from a trusted source. Therefore you may be unwittingly downloading a virus onto your computer.

    This will have devastating consequences for your business. It is best to stay away from hair salon software free download offers.

  • 2. You need to to manage the upgrades

    This is a lot of extra work to take on board when you have a busy salon to run, meaning you will have to delegate the job to another person or take on the job yourself.

    When you use a freeware programme for your salon, you need to constantly manage your upgrades.

    One such download to avoid we have found is is Sally Salon free download full version for pc, which needs regular updating.

  • 3. You Can't Use It Everywhere

    One of the major negatives about salon software free downloads is the fact that it is not available everywhere. You can only use it in the salon or the computer which you downloaded it to....

    NOT much use really is it?

    The same is true if you run a spa and looking for a spa management software free download. This software cannot be used on a tablet, smartphone or when you need to work from home.

    So you carefully need to consider where you wish to use your scheduling software before you choose which type of software to download, if you are happy to have it in one location then downloading software could be for you.

  • 4. You May Not Be Able to Take Online Bookings

    When using freeware such as beauty parlor management software you will soon realise that you cannot take bookings online, and this is true for all free salon downloads.

    This is because this type of software will not work on the cloud.

    This will have a huge impact upon your business, as most top salons and boutiques now rely upon online bookings for the majority of their business.

    Some hair salons, spas and barbershops have reported that once they have started using online booking, the majority of bookings are made by this solution.

  • 5. Do You Do A Daily Back-up of Your Data?

    If the answer is NO then freeware is most definitely not for you...

    ...so step away.

    Most salons will choose to back up their data as a precaution in case the system fails or there is a power cut.

    The problem with free download software is that it does not come with the ability to back up your data - and this is a huge disadvantage.

  • 6. Security, Is Data Secure on Your PC or Mac?

    One problem when you choose to use a salon software free download is that there is a huge risk that your data will not be secure.

    This means that your computer is at risk from hackers which could ultimately have huge implications for the running of your business.

    As a business you also have a duty of care towards your customers and need to keep all personal information, such as phone numbers safely stored and secured.

  • 7. Not accessible for all your staff

    The concept of salon software is to make your life, and that of your staff easier.

    When you choose to download hair salon software free downloads you are actually making it more difficult for everyone involved in your hair salon, spa or nail salon.

    This is because the software can only be used on the PC or Mac that is in the salon. It cannot be accessed by anyone else's computer, tablet or mobile device and this is becoming more important in todays mobile world.

    Therefore, only one person at a time can work on the data.

    This is highly restrictive and not at all productive to the running of your business.

  • 8. Downloading Cracked Software is Illegal

    Cracked software is copied software and it is illegal for you to download and use this type of software.

    Therefore do not do it - it could seriously damage your business and reputation. Avoid all cracked software such as Agnitech beauty salon software crack and instead go with a reputable supplier and always a cloud based salon POS system.

  • 9. How Do You Know If It is The Full Version?

    When you use a free salon management software download you have absolutely no idea if you are getting the full version. Downloading this type of software is simply a waste of your precious time.

    It is also worth noting that most free downloads are only partial downloads which then need further paid components to be fully accessed - so stay away from them.

Watch Our Guide to What You Should Look For When Choosing Salon Software


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