What is the Best Hair Salon Software of 2023?

Finding the best software for your busy hair salon can be a challenge- we recommend Zolmi Hair Salon Software for its value and excellent features, but we’ve also listed a few other options to look over.

1. Zolmi Hair Salon Software

Zolmi hair salon software is a great free option for hair salons looking to optimize their performance, get the most out of staff scheduling, provide clients with easy online booking options and send out automated confirmations and appointment reminders using SMS.

They also offer integrated online payments and a very user-friendly, professional-looking website builder that can have your salon’s website up and running in just ten minutes.

Another of Zolmi’s features that sets it apart from other companies is its reputation management tools that can help you reach out to clients, encourage feedback and boost those all-important five-star reviews that secure your new bookings.

If you’re looking for even more amazing tools to make your salon all it can be, Zolmi also provides a premium plan with more advanced options and features.

Their salon management software works on both Android and iOS devices too, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting up and running as fast as possible.

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2. MindBody

MindBody’s software for hair salon and spa management is a good option for scheduling appointments, managing staff and doing email marketing. Their system is cloud-based and focuses on the needs of smaller businesses.

Some of MindBody’s features are an AI receptionist that can assist clients with bookings or answer basic questions, and a smart lists tool that sends out automated promotional emails tailored towards each client’s preferences and history.

Their booking schedule offers different colors that you can choose from if you want to match it to your salon’s webpage, and they offer automatic upselling options to tempt clients to book additional services.

3. Square

Square’s software system for salons offers both product selling and appointment booking options. They provide an automated SMS and email assistant that can send clients booking reminders to cut down on no-shows, as well as offering recurring booking options for salon regulars.

You can set fees for no-shows or late appointments and cancellations, and the software will work with your salon’s website, Instagram and Google.

Finally, Square lets you link different salon resources to specific bookings (think treatment rooms or specialized equipment) so that you won’t run into scheduling issues or confusion later on.

4. Acuity

Acuity’s software for hair salons has a user-friendly interface and a very simple design that offers some different options.

Salon managers can adjust time zones automatically so that multiple businesses, staff or clients with different schedules will; find it easy to view the calendar. You can also separate the schedules for different salons (if you run more than one) or view them all together. Your calendar can be shared via Instagram, Facebook or your salon’s website.

The appointment booking tool can be set to allow clients to book or cancel appointments on their own if you prefer, and you can control the information that they see using the privacy settings.

Lastly, Acuity’s payment processing tool is compatible with PayPal, Square and Stripe. This allows you to offer clients multiple payment options.

5. Schedulista

Schedulista’s software for hair salons and spas works with your salon website, your business’s Facebook page, or on its own.

They offer salon managers and owners some customizable options- you can adjust the scheduling page that your team views as well as what your clients will see by adding your own images, themes and colors to their template.

Finally, you can automatically send out push notifications to let your staff know when an appointment is booked, as well as when any appointments are canceled. You’re also able to sync your appointment calendars and schedules with your iPhone, Android, Google or Outlook calendars.

6. Timely

This is a hair salon’s software company that lets you create custom rosters based on team members' availability and the services that they perform. You can also send out automated notifications to your team about appointment changes, cancellations or scheduling changes as needed.

Another great feature is the ability to book specific equipment, rooms or tools and assign them to clients’ bookings to save time and avoid mix-ups or double-bookings.

You can also control what your staff is able to access or change by creating different logins and levels of permission for each team member.

Best hair salon software mobile
Best Hair Salon Software

7. MyTime

MyTime’s management and booking software for hair salons helps you to send clients custom promo codes and emails that are designed specifically based on their booking history.

They also provide an automated email and text message system to help customers keep track of upcoming bookings and cut down on last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Using their system, you can create split-time bookings and also view every client’s booking history.

This company’s salon software is compatible with your Android and iPhone devices, and uses cloud-based data storage. They have reporting features to provide you with data and analytics.



It’s not easy to be in charge of a busy hair salon with multiple schedules and a lot of client bookings, and that’s why it helps to have the right tools.

Our top pick is still Zolmi hair salon software- it’s designed to make all of the day-to-day tasks a bit easier so that you and your team have more time to focus on your clients. When you’re trying to find the best POS salon system, why not sign up and try it out?


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