What Should I Name My Salon?

One of the most important questions all new salon owners should ask themselves is: what should I name my salon?

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In this article you will learn why is a good salon name essential and how to choose the best one for your business.

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  1. Why Salon Name is Essential?
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Why Salon Name is Essential?


A good salon name is essential to the health of your business. It will influence all your future branding and how clients view your salon. A bad name will instantly turn people off.

With many other businesses around, you want to stand out from the crowded market. A classy salon name is the first thing that will catch a potential client’s attention.

A successful salon name needs to:

  • Give the right impression: Are you a classy salon or a super trendy one?

  • Attract your target clientele: Consider the people who live in the area where you’re opening up and pick something that will appeal to the demographic.

A good salon name will immediately let your clients know what it is you sell. There should be no confusion as to the treatments you offer. It should also be something simple to pronounce and easy to recognize. An excellent salon name will never need explanation.

You also want it to roll off the tongue easily and you want it to be as catchy and memorable as possible. If clients look at the name and feel confused, they won’t remember it when looking for a salon online to book an appointment.

Your salon name will be on all your marketing (leaflets, your website, your social media pages) and on the physical signage in your hair salon, so it’s important that you love it!

Consider your specialization, maybe you are going to specialize in hair extensions or other niche services, and your name needs to reflect that.

If you’re a new salon owner, you might be tempted to include your first or last name in your business name. While this is a cute idea, if you ever sell your salon to someone else, this could halt the process. When your name is above the door, clients will expect to see you in the salon. Keep things simple and leave your name out of it.

The shorter, the better. A huge long business name is a) expensive to paint on a sign and b) harder to remember.

When deciding on a name for your salon, consider the following steps:

  • Get started early - before your salon actually opens

  • Search on Google - get some solid inspiration

  • Check out your city - you don’t want to repeat your competition

  • Make sure you domain name is secure

  • Look at social media - you can find thousands of hair salons on Facebook and Instagram

  • Ask for family and friends

  • Checkout Pinterest for unique salon names

You can also find some inspiration from our salon names post, where we give you s list of hundreds of options.

Check out our post on salon names and get over 500 examples of salon names for your inspiration.



In summary, your salon name should, first of all, give the right impression. A good salon name allows your clients to clearly understand the services you are offering and be relatable for them.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep the name easy, simple and not cringeworthy.


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