Best Tanning Salon Names Ideas for 2023

Choosing unique tanning salon names can be a challenge, it's the essential part of the necessary marketing strategy to make your beauty and skincare business stand out from the competition.

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  1. What Is a Good Name For A Tanning Salon?
  2. How To Come Up With An Tanning Business Name?
  3. Inspiring Tanning Salon Names Examples For You
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What Is a Good Name For A Tanning Salon?


Gives The Right Impression

A good tanning salon name should give the right impression and reflect the clientele you're aiming your services at. A good esthetician name ensures that your clients clearly understand your offering and can easily relate to it.


Business names needs to be shorter than longer, or they'll take up too much space on the shop front. Think about your esthetician logo.


Of course you would a creative and unique name for your business. Make sure you pick a different name than your competitors.

Easy to Remember

Make sure your customers easily remember your skin aesthetic clinic name. They should know how to spell and pronounce it. Otherwise, people will not be able to look up your spa or feel uncomfortable when they need to pronounce the name.

Look Good

Create a mockup of the salon front, play with different fonts, colors and layouts. You might find that a name you love looks completely 'wrong' in print, or as you logo, on your website etc.

Underline Your Specialization

If your tanning salon will specialize in a particular aspect, such as spray tan, choose a name that points towards that specialty. This will remind customers of what you offer.

Using Your Name

Putting your name above the door can be a good idea, especially if it’s catchy and your name is your brand.

What is a good name for a tanning salon?
What Is a Good Name For A Tanning Salon?

How To Come Up With An Tanning Business Name?


Here are some key steps when choosing a name for your tanning salon.

  • Don’t Wait - Make sure you have the names down before you start your tanning salon.
  • Research Google - Search different phrases like as ‘catchy tanning salon names’, and browse through the Google results and get inspiration from that.
  • Check Your Own Town - Check what other tanning places in the area are called so that you don't inadvertently pick a name that might lead to your salon being confused with another.
  • Available Domain Name - Having a website for your tanning business is becoming more and more important as it is one of the first.
  • Browse Social Media - With the thousands of tanning places in the USA, you need to search Facebook and Instagram to see which salons also have similar (or the same) to the ones on your shortlist.
  • Ask Your Friends and Family - invite your forms and over wine or tea, pick their brains on how to name your tanning salon.
  • Tanning Salon Name Generator - There are lots of free tools to help you pick a name. You can use a tool that's specifically for tanning salons or a general business name generator.
  • Search Pinterest for Name Ideas - Check out Pinterest for suggestions. You'll find countless ideas to choose from or spark off ideas of your own.

How to come up with an tanning business name?
How To Come Up With An Tanning Business Name?

Inspiring Tanning Salon Names Examples For You


Below you will find our preselected list of exciting, unique, cool, catchy,, best and worst tanning salon names Ideas for your inspiration.

Catchy Tanning Salon Names

  1. Tropic Touch
  2. Sun Time Tan
  3. Bronze Babe
  4. Jasmine Glow Salon & Spa
  5. Get Sun Kissed!
  6. Sandy Tans
  7. Sunscape
  8. Sunnyside Up
  9. The Tan Bar
  10. You Glow Girl
  11. City Sun Tanning
  12. Fun Tan
  13. Bronzeify
  14. Tantastic!
  15. Cooltan

Classy Tanning Salon Names

  1. Sun Couture
  2. Sunroom
  3. Basically Bronze
  4. A Tropical Kiss
  5. Sunsation
  6. Goldy
  7. Tropical Wander
  8. Tan & Go
  9. Sun Club
  10. Solara Tanning
  11. Platinum Salon And Tanning
  12. Bodyglo Tanning
  13. Pro Glo
  14. Bondi Bronze

Cute Tanning Salon Names

  1. Darkmagic
  2. Mango Tan
  3. Tan and Daze
  4. Sunn
  5. Tan Line
  6. Tanology
  7. Tanny Days
  8. Pebble Salon
  9. Fox Tanning
  10. UV Glo
  11. Cactus Sun
  12. SunMax
  13. Sun Haus
  14. Glowing Goddess

Funny Tanning Salon Names

  1. Aloha Tanning
  2. Suntan Suzy
  3. Tan O’Clock
  4. Tan-o-holic
  5. Sunomaxx
  6. Blissful Skin
  7. Lust For Tan
  8. Tanitum
  9. Bunny Bees
  10. Tanner
  11. Glow Up
  12. Sun City
  13. Tanbiscuit
  14. Five Star Tan
  15. Tan Minute

Exotic Lash Business Names

  1. Bat-A-lash Beauty Bar
  2. Dakota Lashes
  3. Wololo’s Lash Lounge
  4. Centro Beauty
  5. Chico Lash
  6. Lash Play
  7. BlueWave Lash
  8. Pink Lash
  9. Pretty Eyes
  10. The Lash Dollz
  11. Highlighter
  12. Inky Dinky Doo
  13. Luxurious Lashes

Spray Tan Salon Names

  1. Totally Tan!
  2. Hush Tan
  3. Spray Nation
  4. Forever Tan
  5. Tiki Tanning
  6. Sun-o-mania
  7. Glowing Splash
  8. The Apoplexy
  9. Milk
  10. Brown
  11. Prestige
  12. Sun Chics
  13. H2O Tan
  14. Tan Bella
  15. Tantopia

Unique Tanning Salon Names

  1. Addicted-2-Tans
  2. SoHo Tan Spa
  3. Tan-De-La-Tan
  4. Sun-Glo
  5. Maxxyn Tan
  6. Ozone Tan
  7. Waikiki Beach
  8. Tanorexic
  9. Hawaiian Tan Co.
  10. Sun Suntanning
  11. SoftTannery
  12. Yellowspot
  13. Sunlux
  14. Space Tan
  15. Tanning Guide

Worst Tanning Salon Names

  1. Tans In Your Pants
  2. Tan Area
  3. Tantuni
  4. Beach Bums
  5. Tan-possible
  6. Color Me Cocoa
  7. My Sun
  8. Tan-talizing Tans
  9. Loompa Doompa
  10. Tance
  11. Teens & Tanning
  12. Sun at your Door
  13. Tropical Bodies
  14. Tropic Blast
  15. Tanimals

Cool Tanning Salon Names

  1. Sun, Sand, and Scrubs
  2. Smart Tan
  3. Ultramax Tans
  4. Tantasy
  5. TanGo
  6. Executive Tans
  7. Natural SunTan
  8. Good Times&Tan lines
  9. Go & Glow
  10. Solaria

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What's the Difference Between Aesthetics and Esthetics?

Just in case you are confused, the only difference between Aesthetics and Esthetics is the spelling. The term aesthetic is more commonly used in the Americas, while Europe an other English-speaking countries use aesthetic.

Your free tanning salon names ideas list will look like this.

Best tanning salon names ideas list
Best Tanning Salon Names Ideas List



Deciding on a name for your business name should take time and effort. Don’t simply pick the first one you like, test a couple of ideas at least. Don't forget to do your market research and find inspirational tanning salon names that suit your target market.

Pick the one that will become synonymous with your brand and image, so make sure you feel proud of it.


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