41 Organic & Natural Salon Name Ideas for 2023

Want to show your clients you use only organic and natural products?

Coming up with the perfect natural salon name for your business may not always be organic...

So you're opening your new hair salon. Congratulations! But there's one incredibly important step to take before you unlock the doors to greet your very first customer - coming up with a name for your salon.

What You Will Learn In This Article?

After reading this article, you will be able to put together a list of names for your new salon.

Unless you're setting up in a village or very small town, chances are that you'll be competing with several other salons. So although choosing a unique salon name can be a challenge, it's part of the necessary marketing strategy to make your establishment stand out from the competition.

This means you've got quite a challenging task ahead of you! How can you arrive at a great salon name? Try these tips:

Look for unique names. Pick a town or city and browse through the list of hair salons in their Yellow Pages.

Natural Salon Names Ideas


If you are looking for the best organic and natural salon names then we have put together 40 of the best names to inspire you.

Natural Salon Names List

  1. ImproveMood Salon
  2. Pure Organic
  3. Salon Pure
  4. Salon Life
  5. Natures Salon
  6. Organic Cove
  7. Salon Natural
  8. Organic Gorgeous
  9. Organic Love
  10. Organic Advantage
  11. Salon Natura
  12. Natura Hair
  13. Salon Naturaliter
  14. Salon Naturalis
  15. Simple Hair
  16. Simplex Salon
  17. Organic Goddess
  18. Salon Sincerus
  19. All Natural Salon
  20. Organic Fab
  21. Naturally Yours
  22. Natural Passion
  23. Love Organic
  24. Totally Organic
  25. Organic Glamor
  26. Wild Hair Salon
  27. Organic Magic
  28. Fabulously Organic
  29. Earth Salon
  30. Unisexsalon
  31. Permination Hair
  32. Wild Hairz
  33. Today’s Shear
  34. Looks Good
  35. Nature's Own
  36. Gratefully Organic
  37. Purely Natural
  38. Visibly Organic
  39. Styland Bee
  40. Feel Your Oats
  41. Honey Bee Hair

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Keep it short. Business names shouldn't be too long, or they'll take up too much space on the shop front. Signs are expensive!

Classy hair salon names give the right impression. Unless you're running a cheap & cheerful barber shop-type salon, the name of your salon should suggest class and a touch of luxury. Female customers want to feel pampered when they get their hair cut, colored or blow-dried, so pick a name that gives the right impression.

The same goes for beauty salon name ideas. Heading to the beauty salon is all about pampering, so pick a name that suggests luxury and relaxation. It needs to sound soothing and calming.

Run a focus group. Get some of your friends together, open some bottles of wine, and get them to come up with salon name ideas. Make sure you're sober when you actually make the choice though, or you could end up with a name you regret!

Great names don't make customers cringe. The days are gone when the likes of Curl Up & Dye would appeal to customers. Today's women are more sophisticated and will immediately see this type of name as dated and belonging to the 1980s. Play with creative salon names, but don't go too far and make your customers cringe.

Browse beauty salon names lists. Look online for suggestions. You'll find countless ideas to choose from or spark off ideas of your own.

Consider your focus. If your salon is going to specialize in a particular aspect of hair care, such as extensions, choose a name that points towards that speciality. This will remind customers of what you offer.

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