53 Cool Salon Name Ideas For 2023

It can be difficult to come up with cool salon name ideas for your new business...

So you you're opening your cool new salon, then?

Oh, congratulations!</>

But before you open the doors to meet your very first client, there's one extremely important step to take - coming up with a name for a salon.

What You Will Learn In This Article?

After reading this article, you will be able to put together a cool list of names for your new salon.

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  2. What Does The Name of a Successful Salon Do?
  3. What Are Appropriate Salon Names?
  4. How to pick a name for your salon?
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How Important Is Your Salon Name?


If you don't set up in a village or very small town, you're likely to compete with several other salons and spas.

While it can be a challenge to choose a unique name, it is the vital component of the required marketing campaign to make your establishment stand out from the competition.

Your name for salons plays a monumental role in the perception and development of a market, meaning it can make or break your salon entirely.

Just how important your choice of name can be is brilliant.

Take time to choose the right name for your venture, as for years to come, it is something that will be with you.

What Does The Name of a Successful Salon Do?


good salon names
Good Salon Names

As described previously, giving your company a good reputation should be your main marketing weapon - apart from giving your customers a great product and customer experience.

Here are some of the main considerations in selecting the name of the best hair salon:

  • Offer The Correct Impression

    The name of your salon should imply class and a touch of luxury, unless you're running a cheap & cheerful barber shop-type salon.

    Today, consumers (of both sexes and non-genders) want to feel pampered when they get their hair cut, colored or blow-dried, so choose a name that gives the correct impression.

  • Find The Market of Your Salon

    A name should reflect the clientele to which your services are directed.

    The name should be suitably cool if you're opening in a new, up-and-coming district with many trendy businesses moving in.

    However, choose something more conventional and 'healthy' if your consumers are likely to be more mature.

What Are Appropriate Salon Names?


how choose salon name
How to Choose a Salon Name

A successful salon name is something that makes sure your customers understand your offer clearly and can relate to it easily.

It ought to be something that is straightforward, easy, and direct. You should also consider making it catchy, since it is easier for clients to remember catchy names.

If, at a brief glance, clients don't understand your name, they are unlikely to recall it later on.

Not too much clarification is needed for good brand names.

Names of The Salon Are Visual

The name of your salon - literally - will be all over the premises.

It's going to be on the store front, the website, the leaflets you're distributing... so research how it looks before you settle on a tag.

In an online design platform like Canva.com, build a mockup of the shop front and play with various fonts, colors and layouts.

You might find that in print, a name you love looks totally 'wrong'.

Reflects The Market

The name must show what the organization is for.

It doesn't have to be as blunt as 'Hayley's Hair Salon' (which we don't endorse when you name your hair salon), but it's a salon that needs to be suggested.

Don't Make Future Clients Cringe

The days when the likes of Curl Up & Dye will appeal to clients are gone.

The consumers of today are more knowledgeable and will see this sort of name instantly as dated and belonging to the 1980s.

Play with the names of imaginative salons, just don't go too far and make your clients cringe.

Consider Your Specialization

Choose a name that points to that speciality if your salon is going to specialize in a specific area of hair care, such as extensions or braids.

This will remind clients of what you are offering.

Use Your Name In Your Salon Name

For their business, many salon owners use their own first or last name.

Initially, this might seem like a good concept, but if you ever come to sell your company, it can cause problems.

Putting your name above the door will create problems for the new owner, workers and customers, as individuals expect you to be in the company.

If you are going to choose a name, we always recommend that you select a surname that may not be related to the owner.

A good example of this is Taylor Taylor London, which was started by Bradly Taylor, and while Bradley no longer has anything to do with the salon, the salon continues to go from strength to strength because of his surname's word play.

Clever, But Not Too Clever, Are The Best Names

It's fun and unforgettable to play with words to build a cool business name.

But be careful not to take it too far and make your prospective clients groan and move on to the next salon, because at the Hair Care Bunch they can't bear to have their hair cut.

Shorter The Better

Business names shouldn't be too long, or on the shop front, they'll take up too much space. The signs are pricey!

How to pick a name for your salon?


We're now getting to the fun part and taking action to select the best name for your salon.

When choosing a name, here are some main steps to go through:

Get Started Early

When you first think about opening a salon, the moment to begin working on a name is. Then you have time to think and decide if it is really the name you want, once you have made a decision.

If you decide that, after all, it's not really working, you have time to choose another one.

Search On Google

Study another town or city (even in another country), such as 'London salon names' and browse the results of Google and get inspiration from that.

Checkout Your City

You need to delete hair salon names that are too close or identical to those of your rivals, as well as come up with ideas.

Check what other salons are named in the city, so that you don't unintentionally select a name that could lead to misunderstanding between your salon and another.

Make Sure Your Domain Name is Secure

It is becoming increasingly important to have a website for your salon as it is one of the first to.

Look at Social Media

You need to check Facebook and Instagram for the thousands of hair salons in the USA to see which salons are close (or the same) to those on your shortlist as well.

If there are so many, then when referring their friends to you, think of your clients and whether it is easy to find you to make the all-important first appointment.

Ask Your Family And Friends

Bring together some of your friends, open some wine bottles, and get them to come up with ideas for the salon name. Make sure that when you really make the choice, you're sober, or you could end up with a name you regret!

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Using a Generator of Company Names

To help you choose a name, there are plenty of free resources. You may use a tool or a general business name generator that is specifically for hair salons. But even if you don't see a name you want, you may be given ideas of your own by the suggestions.

Checkout Pinterest For Cool Names For Salons

For ideas, checkout Pinterest. You'll find endless ideas to choose from or spark off your own ideas.

Cool Salon Names Ideas


Cool Salon Names List

  1. Urban Forward
  2. Future Salon
  3. Salon Nation
  4. Hair Nation
  5. Capillus
  6. United Hair
  7. Fluid Salon
  8. Vision Salon
  9. Salon Fusion
  10. Hair Dock
  11. Balanced Hair
  12. Bright Future
  13. Salon Glow
  14. Futurum Salon
  15. Pretty Parlour
  16. Curly Girl
  17. Fringe
  18. Lilly Beauty
  19. Consilia
  20. Futurae
  21. Capillum
  22. Ornator
  23. Oh Boy Hair
  24. Mon Petit Hair
  25. Hair Repair
  26. Prolixus
  27. Bliss
  28. Coco
  29. Cute Cut
  30. Simplicity
  31. Bubbles
  32. Tingle
  33. Girl Hair
  34. Seras
  35. Cogito
  36. Flaunt
  37. Pixie
  38. Honey
  39. Salon Posterus
  40. Futuro
  41. Porro
  42. Reliquum
  43. Chopz
  44. Scizzors Whiz
  45. Stylish Flow
  46. Color, Cut, and More
  47. To Dye Or Not To Dye
  48. Sassy Said Hair Salon
  49. Kool Kuts
  50. Hair Mecca
  51. Head Case
  52. The Price is Cut
  53. Bossy Goddess

Find more name inspirations for your salon from Zolmi.

Next Steps Here


You should have an organized plan to minimize the shortlist down to your final option once you have chosen your shortlist of names for your salon.

Build a Shortlist

Choose the three exclusive names of a salon you want. You can discover that your second option is really the one you prefer.

Then try them out on your family and friends once you have picked the 3. It's a good idea to tell them the concept of your salons, which will allow them to make a better choice for you.

Don't stand over their shoulder asking them which one, just give it to them along with your suggestion and let them decide free of stress.

Take Your Time With You

You want your salon to be a success, so you're going to use the name for a long time, hopefully.

This means that, just like picking a name for your kids, you need to choose a name you're happy with!

For consumers, rebranding is costly and frustrating, so you don't want to regret your choice of name for the salon.



Deciding on a name for your salon should take time and effort. Don’t just pick the first thing you like, play with a couple of ideas at least. Do your market research and find a classy name that suits your target market.

A good salon name will become synonymous with your brand and image, so make sure you feel proud of it. Test whether you enjoy working with it and how people react to it. Test your logos out and check that lots of salons don’t have the same name.

A good salon name could signal a successful business, so make sure you choose wisely.

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