51 Classy Salon Names Inspiration For 2023

You might think it’s easy to come up with chic and classy salon name ideas for your new salon, but in actuality, it can be a tricky thing to decide on. Opening up a salon is a huge deal, you should feel proud that you’re taking such a huge step forward. And just like naming a baby (maybe your business is your baby!), naming your salon should be a priority.

Before you’ve opened the doors to your first ever client, you’ll want to have a classy name for your salon in place.

What You Will Learn In This Article?

After reading this article, you will be able to create a list of classy hair salon names.

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  1. How Important Is Your Salon Name?
  2. What Does The Name Of a Successful Salon Do?
  3. What Are Appropriate Salon Names?
  4. How to Pick a Name For Your Salon?
  5. Classy Salon Names Ideas
  6. Next Steps
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How Important Is Your Salon Name?


Unless you’re setting up your salon or spa in the middle of nowhere, it’s unlikely you’ll be the only type of establishment of offer. With many other businesses around, it’s important you differentiate yourself from the crowded market. A classy salon name is the first thing that will catch a potential client’s attention.

Of course, with lots of competition around, it can be hard to choose classy names which hasn’t been used a million times before. But remember, a good name is essential to the health of your business. It will influence all your future branding and how people view your business. A bad name will instantly turn people off.

It’s ok to take time choosing a good name. Hopefully, if your business is a success, it will be something you keep and nurture for many years.

What Does The Name of a Successful Salon Do?


what are good classy salon names
Good Salon Name

If you want your salon to thrive (and of course you do), you need to work on establishing a good reputation. Alongside excellent customer service it’s what will attract new clients and keep your loyal clients interested.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas that will help you name the best hair salon:

  • Give The Correct Impression

    If you want your salon to have a classy, classic feel, you need to choose a name that won’t go out of style quickly, Make it too trendy and it will quickly sound dated. You also don’t want it to sound like it’s a cheaper barber-type salon.

    More often than not, clients want to feel pampered and cards for when they walk through your salon doors. Make sure you choose a classy name that gives off the right impression.

  • Find The Market of Your Salon

    For your sakon to be a success, you want your name to draw the attention of your target market. It should represent the clientele you want to attract.

    Choose an easy, classy name. Consider the people who live in the area where you’re opening up and pick something that will appeal to the demographic. If you’re aiming to entice a more mature clientele, pick a name that’s elegant and not too ‘out there’.

What Are Appropriate Salon Names?

good classy salon names
How to Choose a Salon Name

A good salon name will immediately let your clients know what it is you sell. There should be no confusion as to the treatments you offer. It should also be something that resonates with them.

It should be something simple to pronounce and easy to recognise. You also want it to roll off the tongue easily and you want it to be as catchy and memorable as possible. If someone quickly looks at the name and feels confused, they won’t remember it when they come to book an appointment. An excellent salon or spa name will never need explanation.

Names of The Salon Are Visual

Your salon name will be all over your marketing collateral and physical establishment, so it’s important that you love it!

It will be the focal point of your leaflets, your website, your social media pages — so it’s really important you love how it looks in a graphic design. Rather than spending a lot of money on a designer, use a free online resource like Canva to create a mock-up of your logo and shop front. You’ll be able to play with colors, textures, layouts and fonts.

Doing this can also give you insight into how you really feel about the name. Once you see it in a design, you might decide you don’t like it after all!

Reflect The Market

You need your salon name to represent the treatments you’re offering. While you don’t need to bluntly call it a hair salon, it should allude to the fact that you cut hair, for example.

Don’t Make Future Clients Cringe

Cringey, tacky names just don’t work anymore. No one wants to visit Curl Up & Dye anymore — it’s not 1984! Today’s clients are savvy and knowledgeable. Choose a name that intrigues them. The name could also hint at a backstory? Or maybe it’s simply just chic and classy.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep the name easy, simple and not cringeworthy.

Consider Your Specialization

Maybe your salon is going to specialize in nail art or hair extensions. If you are working with a niche, make your salon name reflect that. This will remind clients why they’re deciding to book in with you.

If you’re a new salon owner, you might be tempted to include your first or last name in your business name. While this is a cute idea, if you ever sell your salon to someone else, this could halt the process. When your name is above the door, clients will expect to see you in the salon. Keep things simple and leave your name out of it.

Of course, there are some exceptions. Taylor Taylor London proves that using a surname can be ambiguous, classy and easy to remember. Though the original Taylor is no longer associated with the business, the name continues because it doesn't point to one specific person.

Names That are Clever But Not Too Clever are The Best

While it’s tempting to choose a really clever name that no one else has thought of, if it’s too clever, people won’t remember it. You don’t want a name that’s going to make clients feel uncomfortable when they book or tell their friends where they have been. You want a name that they’re proud to say out loud. Think classy, not cheesy.

The Shorter The Better

A huge long business name is a) expensive to paint on a sign and b) harder to remember. Choose a name that doesn’t take up too much space on your promotional designs.

How to Pick a Name For Your Salon?


Finally, we’re getting to the fun part — choosing the salon name ideas! When deciding on a name for your salon, consider the following steps:

  • Get Started Early

    Choosing the salon name should be one of the very first things you do. It’s also one of the most creative and personal things you can do! If you tackle this job early, you still have time to change your mind before your salon actually opens.

  • Search on Google

    If you’re completely stumped and don’t know what name to choose, you could get inspiration from other parts of the world. Google ‘New York City salon names’ for example and see what ideas come up. You ‘re likely to get some inspiration.

  • Checkout Your City

    One thing you want to do is forget about using a name that’s really similar to one of your competitors.

    Check out what other salons are in your local area and choose a name that is very different. You don’t want your clients getting confused and booking in with them instead!

  • Make Sure Your Domain Name is Secure

    It’s 2022, so of course you need your salon to have a fresh, up-to-date and accessible website. If your website looks clunky or old-fashion, it will quickly turn new clients off. Once you have your name, grab the website domain for it.

  • Look at Social Media

    Check Facebook and Instagram for the thousands of hair salons in the USA to see which salons are close (or the same) in name to the names on your shortlist.

    If there are lots of similar names, it might be tricky for your clients to recommend and refer their friends to your salon by name alone, If you have a similar name to another salon, it might be hard for someone new to find you and book for that all-important first appointment.

  • Ask For Family And Friends

    All business and no play will make starting up a new salon pretty boring. When choosing a name for your business, why not get your family and friends involved. Gather everyone around food and wine and start to throw out some name suggestions. See what they come up with! You can learn a lot from the people around you.

  • Using a Generator of Company Names

    If you’re still getting stuck, you could always try an online name generator. These tools can be tailored specifically towards names for your salon and even if you don’t like what they offer, you might get a bit of inspiration.

  • Checkout Pinterest For Unique Names For Salons

    Pinterest is a great source of inspiration — especially when it comes to your salon’s name! Scour the endless posts and shee what words stand out to you. Choose something existing or choose something completely different. The possibilities are endless!

Classy Salon Names Ideas


Classy Salon Names List

  1. Salon Divine
  2. Color Lab
  3. Hair Grande
  4. Adore
  5. Lux
  6. The one
  7. Limerence
  8. Platinum Salon
  9. Rettro Beauty Salon
  10. Styllete
  11. Renewed Salon
  12. Majesty Hair
  13. Remedy Bar
  14. Sunny Street Salon
  15. Amber
  16. Hair Ritual
  17. Color Lab
  18. Ambiance
  19. Avalon
  20. Noir
  21. Blanc
  22. Simple Style Salon
  23. Divine
  24. Just Say Hair Salon
  25. United Hair Salon
  26. Grace
  27. Hair & Beauty Lounge
  28. Hair Spa
  29. Glamorous Hair
  30. Just Say Hair Salon
  31. Natural Girls Boutique
  32. Sharp Look
  33. Salon De Style
  34. Luscious Hair
  35. Goodness Glamour
  36. Best Cuts Salon
  37. Sanctuary Salon
  38. Diamond Hair Boutique
  39. Mastercuts
  40. Sunshine Salon
  41. Nouveau Salon
  42. Highlight Your Style
  43. Stand from the Crowd
  44. Love Your Hair
  45. Pamper and Shine
  46. Unique Style
  47. Hair Studio
  48. Makeover Paradise
  49. Red Carpet Cuts
  50. Braids And Strands
  51. Hair Max
  52. Your Beautiful Self

Find more name inspirations for your salon from Zolmi.

Next Steps


If you suddenly have a long list of salon names in front of you, it’s probably a good time to shorten the list down a bit. From there, keeping whittling you list down until you’re left with three names only.

Build a Shortlist

Choose three names for your salon. Play with and consider the names for a while — don’t rush. You might even discover that your second option is really the one you prefer!

Give your friends and family time to think the names over, If you’re standing over their shoulder, waiting for them to decide, you might not get their true opinion. Tell them the image you want your salon to portray to help them make the best decision.

Take Your Time

Hopefully, if your salon is a success, you’ll be working with the name for many years to come. That’s why it’s so important you really think about the name. Picture it outside your establishment and an on email header. Make sure you pick a name that you won’t get bored of or won’t go out of style.

Avoiding a costly rebrand is a priority. Take your time when choosing a name and don’t feel forced into a decision.



Deciding on a name for your salon should take time and effort. Don’t just pick the first thing you like, play with a couple of ideas at least. Do your market research and find classy salon names that suit your target market.

A good salon name will become synonymous with your brand and image, so make sure you feel proud of it. Test whether you enjoy working with it and how people react to it. Test your logos out and check that lots of salons don’t have the same name.

A good salon name could signal a successful business, so make sure you choose wisely.

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