Hair Colorist Duties for 2023

Hair colorist duties focus mostly on changing the color of clients' hair using reactive chemicals. A hair colorist has extensive knowledge of the technicalities of hair color, depth, and tone. They must take into account the client’s hair type and style and any previous treatments. A good colorist may also need to fix hair color issues and correct mistakes from a subtle shade mismatch to removing a color. Color technicians must be excellent communicators in order to reach an understanding of the desired outcomes and looks for their clients.

Hair Colorist Duties


  • Welcome clients to the hair salon
  • Consult with clients and hair stylists about achieving the requested color-treated hairstyles
  • Blend own color formulas or pick the right color dye from the shelf
  • Time the dying process to obtain the desired results
  • Ensure the client is comfortable with the hair color products used
  • Apply the right color mix, specific to hair texture and desired results
  • Fix hair color problems, correct mistakes from a subtle shade mismatch to completely removing a color
  • Know how to bleach, dye hair, or add highlights to lighten sections of hair or lowlights to darken certain sections
  • Color correction for dye jobs gone bad
  • Colour individual client’s hair and hair extensions
  • Achieve hair color options in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent forms
  • Use application tools like brushes or wands
  • Wear protective gloves and sometimes aprons to shield themselves from the dyes and bleach
  • Work long shifts and spend almost their entire work period on their feet
  • Stay up to date on the latest equipment, coloring products, techniques, and hairstyle trends
  • Come up with creative colorwork for clients who want to do something radically different with their hair
  • Help clients mask/cover gray hair
  • Work with permanent and temporary dyes
  • Explain to customers sometimes several coloring sessions are required to achieve the end result act on customer complaints and to ensure they are dealt with to the mutual satisfaction
  • Wash, rinse, and dry clients’ hair using appropriate shampoos and conditioners
  • Apply hair treatment products, as needed (e.g. color protection creams and hydrating masks)
  • Consult clients and advise them of home hair color care needs
  • Watch out for the safety and health of clients by applying standards of the hair salon
  • Record color formulas in clients records in salon software
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the salon (e.g. sterilize tools)
  • Schedules clients, cancel by the request of clients, and assures customers that they will receive adequate service on time
  • Assist with salon inventory management
  • Proactively develop new clients

Hair colorist duties template
Hair Colorist Duties Template


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