Best Salon Appointment Book for 2023

Salon owners know how important it is to stay organized, and having the right salon appointment book makes everything easier. We’ve done our best to find one for every salon business.

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  2. Best Barber Appointment Book
  3. Best Nail Salon Appointment Book
  4. Best Spa Appointment Book
  5. Best Massage Therapist Appointment Book
  6. How to Choose the Best Appointment Booking System?
  7. Best Online Appointment Booking
  8. Conclusion

Best Hair Salon Appointment Book


Best Hair Salon Appointment Book
Best Hair Salon Appointment Book

With 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon’s customer review section, this daily planner has a lot to recommend it, including a quick reference calendar for both 2022 and 2023, plus appointment slots organized into 15-minute intervals.

This is a great planner for salon owners looking to keep track of schedules for multiple stylists, or for solo hairdressers with a lot of client appointments. It also includes pages where you can save client lists and detailed information about clients and services.

The open spread design can fit a week’s worth of appointments, from 8am to 8pm, and the planner has enough space for the whole year. Plus, the fun yet professional cover design makes this a great option for any salon owner or hair stylist.

Best Barber Appointment Book


Best Barber Appointment Book
Best Barber Appointment Book

As far as salon appointment books go, this one is both practical and good-looking.

Along with a helpful yearly overview, this planner will make it easy for any barber to track and schedule daily appointments throughout the week.

You can use the yearly overviews for 2022-2023 to save important dates, and in the daily section there’s a 4 column salon appointment book with 15-minute intervals for customers’ timeslots.

Along with the contacts pages for clients’ info (handy to have in one place), the book has a dedicated section at the back for important notes or additional information.

Last but not least, it’s designed to be easy on the eyes, with large 8.5” x 11” pages. What’s not to like?

Best Nail Salon Appointment Book


Best Nail Salon Appointment Book
Best Nail Salon Appointment Book

With 5 out of 5 stars in reviews, this 3 column salon appointment book is an excellent option for a nail salon owner or independent nail technician looking to stay on top of their appointments.

One of its notable features is its flexibility- since the pages are undated, you can use it any time throughout the year and well into the next one. Along with the schedule section, the planner includes 2022 and 2023 yearly pages for a quick review of what you’ve got planned.

With 114 pages to save customers’ bookings and 3 dedicated pages for contact info, this is one of the more spacious planners we’ve found.

Its minimal cover design is matte paperback, with large pages inside laid out in clean and easy to see sections.

Best Spa Appointment Book


Best Spa Appointment Book
Best Spa Appointment Book

Spa owners and professionals can keep everything organized in one book using this detailed and well-laid-out planner.

Along with the standard features of a spa or salon appointment book, 2 column contact lists are included on the first few pages to make it easy to find details for clients or vendors quickly.

There’s also space for a to-do list or notes, as well as a page with important holidays already listed. This book comes in both hard and softcover versions, for a very reasonable price.

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Best Massage Therapist Appointment Book


Best Massage Therapist Appointment Book
Best Massage Therapist Appointment Book

This sturdy and spacious schedule tracker for massage therapists is beautifully designed and features 120 pages, including space for daily and hourly appointments for services.

Useful for a single therapist rather than a large massage spa, it includes a section for detailed notes about customers and a place to set and review important dates for the coming year.

It’s easy to view different schedules and add details for upcoming appointments on the large pages which include tons of space.

How to Choose the Best Appointment Booking System?


Ultimately, the system you use to manage appointments and stay on top of your busy schedule depends a lot on your business itself.

If you’re a small establishment and like to keep everything simple, a 2 column salon appointment book might be enough. On the other hand, you’ll still need something with enough space to record any no shows of schedule changes, plus client’s contact info.

Start by making a list of the features you’re looking for- this will make it easier to narrow down the list of appointment books that are right for you.

In today’s busy world, many salons, barber shops and spas use an online salon booking software to make things easier for their staff and their clients.

With different color options, a place to save and review client data, as well as the ability to take payments for an online booking (plus the fact that clients can book online 24/7 without needing to call first). Online booking is making appointment books a thing of the past.

Let’s take a closer look.

Best Online Appointment Booking



We know that salon appointment books seem like a simple solution, but they can actually complicate things and even be counterproductive.

Imagine, for example, the hassle of having to look everything up in a single book (even when you’re on the go), nevermind what you’d need to do if it gets lost or damaged.

Why not take your hair salon appointment book online?

With Zolmi’s easy-to-use salon software, you can take care of everything using one account, including online booking, staff scheduling, payment processing and even inventory management to track orders and the prices/ costs of backbar products. No need for any new hardware, since it works on both your laptop and your phone.

Clients can book online at their convenience and even prepay for services ahead of time. Detailed client account data lets you add info or notes, plus you can send automated reminders to reduce no-shows or late arrivals.

Finally, Zolmi’s website builder and reputation management tools will give you that edge and boost your business’s online presence. It’s free to get started- you can give it a try today.



Managing a busy salon (or any business in the beauty industry) is a big job. That’s why having the right tools has never been more important.

Whether you’re currently using a personalized salon appointment book or (I hope not) taking notes on your phone, it might be time to consider taking the next step to grow your business. Salon software can take the hassle out of tracking appointments and leave you free to focus on what you love.

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